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Curly Nikki

What Does “Freedom from Your Mind” Look Like?

By February 24th, 2021No Comments

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But what does ‘freedom from your mind’ look like? How do you stop the worry? The self-doubt, the criticism, the fear? That’s the thing— you don’t, you can’t. Think of your mind the way you think of your heartbeat… expect that ish until your last moment. The mind is just a process that is experienced, like your breath. Just let it be.

All you ever have to do is notice the silence those habitual, negative thoughts are happening in. Before, after, during, and completely surrounding and pervading every thought, is a loud quiet… space… silence. Listen for It. And in that silence is a Peace, a Joy, a Love. Feel for It. You don’t have to manufacture or generate this Go(o)d feeling— just keep noticing that it is always, already there, even in your lowest moments.

This Peace you find in the silence calms the mind, It comforts you, and that inner Peace quickly manifests as outer Peace.

That divine Love you find within becomes the loving people, and abundant circumstances out here.

IT is the solution to your racing mind. IT is the remedy for every ‘problem’.

Cling to this Love like your best life depends on It. Keep turning to It. Stay focused, friends. #BeHerNow

With you in and AS this Love,

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