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1 of the Best Microwavable Deep Conditioning Caps for Natural Hair

By March 23rd, 2021One Comment

One of the Best Microwavable Deep Conditioning Caps!

HOT HEAD – Thermal Hair Care

One of the Best Microwavable Deep Conditioning Cap

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Over the years, I’ve owned more microwavable deep conditioning caps than I can count.  I mostly use them for my henna treatments, but sometimes for actual deep conditioning treatments when I’m on my game (which is rarely).  But most of the caps I bought were filled with those little plastic, jelly beads or gel packs made of God knows what, that would burst or ooze after too many heatings.  I hadn’t used one in like 5 years when I was recently gifted one from Hot Head : Thermal Hair Care. It’s so nice, I had to get one for my mom! Here’s what the product insert says:

Whether you have 2B waves or 4C coils, the hot head mask helps prevent split ends, minimizes frizz, and protects brittle dry strands. Like a warm soothing hug for your head, the warming tool enhances conditioning by using heat to open the hair cuticle allowing you deeply moisturize dry strands. Simply pop the natural flaxseed cap in the microwave to warm it up, apply your favorite deep conditioner, hair masque, oil, or other hair treatment and then slip it on and let it get to work. Used weekly as a self-care ritual, this treatment nourishes the hair shaft from the inside out to hydrate hair – resulting in strong hair and beautiful bouncy curls, with less frizz and damage.

When I take it out of the microwave it feels like a soft, warm towel that I took out of the dryer! No stiff gel packs, no jelly beads… just like a toasty blanket for my head! It stays warm for about 15 minutes, and then I have to re-heat. I’ve used it twice for my henna treatments so I can’t review its performance and durability over time, but for right now, I’m impressed! deep conditioning deep conditioning deep conditioning deep conditioning 

Do you own a microwavable heat cap? Which one? What has been your experience? 

One Comment

  • Debra says:

    I have one of these – with the flaxseeds – and have used it for years. I love it! It does just what a heating cap is supposed to do and it’s all natural.

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