A Powerful Way to Heal From Heartbreak

A Powerful Way to Heal From Heartbreak

Journaling to Heal From Heartbreak – #HERjourney with La’Toya Hart

Tell us about yourself! 
My name is La’Toya Hart. I have two amazing children: Ryan and Kennedy; I am a wife and Founder of Heartbreak Clinic which has been featured in Yahoo and on NBC. Growing up, my parents were in the military; we moved quite frequently; I spent a good part of my childhood in Pennsylvania and Delaware. I have recently relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina, warm weather, and sunny days resonate with my soul.

I enjoy reading, writing, traveling, and spending time with family.

How long have you been on a self-healing or spiritual journey?
My healing journey began after walking away from a toxic relationship – I experienced a tremendous amount of sadness. I could not get out of bed and began to withdraw from my loved ones and life; writing became my escape. The pages of my journal allowed me to release the healthy and unhealthy thoughts without judgment.

Journaling has allowed me to capture my overall mindset for a moment and continue to reflect on my progress. It’s pretty common for toxic relationships to leave emotional wounds. When healing from heartbreak, it can be challenging to see the progress. Capturing every thought, feeling, and emotion in written form became the tool to help me overcome and ultimately heal from heartbreak.

A Powerful Way to Heal From Heartbreak - Journaling

What event, situation, or life circumstance sparked your journey?
When we give love, we never expect the one we love to hurt us. Heartbreak is an emotion we all can relate to; it’s a journey that so many have traveled, and some lose their way.

I continued a relationship for many years because I didn’t know how to leave; I felt responsible for it. While pursuing my undergraduate degree, I gained the courage to walk away. Although it was my choice, I experienced significant emotional pain. This life event sparked my journey to self-love and healing.

What’s your primary practice?
Since my heartbreak many years ago, I have become obsessed with writing. Although I am not in the space, I have discovered the power of journaling and learned that writing allows you to gather thoughts to record the good ones and dump the excess baggage.

A Powerful Way to Heal From Heartbreak

What’s your top three favorite books?
Sassy, Single, and Satisfied by Michelle McKinney Hammond
Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis
People Can’t Drive You Crazy If You Don’t Give Them the Keys by Dr. Mike Bechtle

How has it benefited you mentally, physically/materially, and/or spiritually?
I spent a good part of my life seeking inner peace and happiness via people, places, and things. I have learned that peace comes from having a sense of calm within; we must discover ourselves.

Doing the self-work has given me an unshakable sense of peace and freedom. The reality is life happens, and sometimes things will feel heavy; we must decide want we can manage and when to let go and allow God to handle it.

Have you faced any challenges since beginning? How did you overcome it?
It would be fantastic if life were filled with glitter and rainbows. But this is not my truth; I have faced challenges since beginning my journey. The most recent challenge has impacted my health. After having a lumpectomy, I experience a significant amount of hair loss. I soon learned that Alopecia Areata was the cause. I turned to Google for answers, and my heart sank, I decided to let it go, and I began to write. Taking time to unpack every thought and emotion; allowed me to process my feelings and adopt a solutions mindset.

You can attract far better outcomes with optimism. Shortly after a mindset shift and leading with optimism, I attracted a team of medical professionals and hair loss experts who have helped me heal.

I have learned that we cannot avoid the storm, but with optimism, faith, and a positive mindset, we can have more remarkable outcomes.

Share one of the biggest winks or nods from God/The Universe that let you know you’re on the right path!
The most significant nod that lets me know that I am on the right path is inner peace. Being on the right paths give me a sense of confidence, and my soul feels at ease.

Advice or counsel for those looking to get started on the journey!
The long-term benefits of becoming your best self are endless; you will begin to see the result in every area of your life. The most important thing you can do is start with the end in mind, take some time to think about your future self, who are they, how you can start showing up for them today? Taking the first step can be challenging, but you can achieve tremendous results by taking one small step each day.

Keep up with La’Toya on IG! Also, fun fact, La’Toya and I appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, together!

How did you heal from heartbreak?