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Bantu Knot Outs on Super Fine, Blow Dried Natural Hair With Pictures!

By August 6th, 20217 Comments

Bantu Knot Outs on Fine Natural Hair

Bantu Knot Outs on My Fine, Blown-Out Natural Hair

Hey hey!

After nearly 2 weeks of rocking turbans (they’re my new thing), I had to actually do my hurr.  I have a Dr. Oz appearance later this week, so I needed to henna my sparklahs away and practice my bantu knot-outs… I get rusty with the execution sometimes lol!  I thought I’d throw it back to the Fotki days with some bathroom shots!  As you can see above, I don’t do straight parts… or any parts for that matter.  I just grab, knot, and go! I usually end up with about 8-10 slightly damp knots that I sleep in (HELL!) and release in the morning.

My products:

I tension blow dry clean, 90% dry hair after applying a bit of Jane Carter Leave-in for heat protection and moisture.

bantu knot jane carter

And then add 1-2 pumps of Nairobi’s foam to each section prior to knotting.  I don’t use any pins to secure, I just wrap the ends and make sure they are saturated with the foam for a less frizzy look.

I sleep on the finished knots under a scarf, and immediately in the morning, I release them in case there is any dampness that needs to dry-

Bantu Knot Outs on Fine Natural Hair

Once all the roots are dry (they usually are and there’s no need to wait before this next step), I separate a little, fluff a lot, and pull my hair down into two low ponies to stretch the curls.  I use small banana clips to prevent any dents in the curls or ruining them altogether.  They provide tension at the roots without flattening the texture.

Bantu Knot Outs on Fine Natural Hair

Final Result! bantu knot outs bantu knot outs 

Bantu Knot Outs on Fine Natural Hair

Bantu Knot Outs on Fine Natural Hair

curlynikki bantu knot

Off to my day of Zoom calls. I love you!

What’s your bantu knot out regimen?!


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