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Finding Freedom by Letting Go of Everything – Selena Sage’s Journey to Self

By March 18th, 2021No Comments

Finding Freedom by Letting Go of Everything CurlyNikki life hack

Finding Freedom By Letting Go of Everything

HERjouney with Selena Sage

Tell us about yourself! 

Selena Sage, Zen Author and host of “Live Free with Selena Sage” Podcast (, lives on the island of Santo Antão in Cabo Verde, Africa with her rescued dog, Naoya.

How long have you been on a self-healing or spiritual journey?

It feels like my whole life, but solidly 3, out of the almost 4, decades of it.

What event, situation, or life circumstance sparked your journey?

Not agreeing with a statement a Catholic priest made that messages/prayers go through the Pope to reach God. Even at age 8, I felt that my prayers were received directly by God.

Finding Freedom Selena Sage CurlyNikki

What’s your primary practice?

Remaining as Unborn Awareness (Zen + Advaita inspired).

How has it benefited you mentally, physically/materially, and/or spiritually?

The benefit is peace. My lived reality is freedom.

Have you faced any challenges since beginning? How did you overcome?

The biggest perceived challenge was not fully understanding what seemed to be basic guidance from masters. For a while, it technically made sense, but my experience was not in alignment with their described experiences.

I overcame by continuing to read and learn from other masters. Personally meeting Advaita Master (Sri) Mooji was the greatest blessing that made it all make sense.

Share one of the biggest winks or nods from God/The Universe that let you know you’re on the right path!

I left my successful, and lucrative, corporate career and moved to a remote island with no plan. But in the 5 years since that move, somehow things just kept working out. I remain immensely thankful.

Finding Freedom CurlyNikki

Advice or counsel for those looking to get started on the journey!

Recognize that the journey is not a distance, but a depth. Experiment with new teachers and practices…always starting from (as) a blank slate.

When you can answer, “Who am I?” without reference to your personal identity, you’ll already know you’ve arrived. Full love and blessings to you!

Also: Thanks CurlyNikki for making space for these beautiful conversations! Going natural gave me the freedom to move abroad without worrying about my hair. I love you! Namasté.

Keep up with Selena on IG and on Amazon– she’s authored three books!

How are you finding freedom where you are? Tell us below!


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