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Curly Nikki

Peaceful Life Hack #2 – The Easiest Way to Let Go and Let God

By March 9th, 2021No Comments

Peaceful life hack - let go

Peaceful Life Hack #2 : Let Go.

As you read these words, quickly scan your body and ask yourself, ‘can I let go of this tension in my _________?’ The tension could be a contracted tummy, tight shoulders, or a clenched jaw.

In addition to the ‘yes’ response from your mind, you’ll notice some inner stillness and an immediate releasing of the previously unconscious resistance.

Ego = Resistance

The contraction or tightness is how the ego manifests! It’s the familiar and mildly uncomfortable way of being and feeling like ‘you’. But when you transcend ego, even for a second (like after asking the question above), you are being a truer version of your Self.

Continuously LETTING GO, is ‘allowing’, it is ‘surrendering’, it is ‘acceptance’, it is ‘detachment’, it is ‘letting go and letting God’, it is the door to the inner Kingdom, it is #AbrahamHicks ‘ ‘vortex’ and ‘the path of least resistance’, it is Kinslow’s ‘eufeeling’, it is Tolle’s ‘inner body’, it is ‘seeing present perfection’, it is the silence after Ramana Maharshi’s question ‘who am I?’, it is what Hindu’s call samadhi, it is mouna, it is the ‘bare present moment’ with no story. It is ego death. It is enlightenment.

Stay there. Stay there so that __________ (your name) can express purely and abundantly. Stay there so that you can be HER. #BeHerNow #KeepLettingGo

With you in and AS the surrendering,

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