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The Power of Surrendering & Praying without Ceasing – Tiffany Young’s Journey to Best Life Living

By March 22nd, 2021No Comments

The Power of Surrendering and Continual Prayer - Tiffany Young's Journey

photo credit: Barry Eugene

Tiffany Young on The Power of Surrendering & Praying without Ceasing


“If I am not in that Peace I have simply forgotten to surrender. As a silly, anxious human I often forget that life is teaching me the overwhelming importance of remembering! The chaos leads me back to surrender over and again.” – Tiffany Young

Tiffany Young is a registered nurse, a wife (8 years), and mom (a son) living in Georgia, but hailing from Louisiana.

This is HERjourney.

How long have you been on a self-healing or spiritual journey?

Low key, my whole life. LOL I came to an awareness around 2013 while having intense panic attacks seemingly for no reason. During that time I was working 12-14 hour shifts on a busy bone marrow transplant unit, transitioning after moving from Louisiana, leaning into my new role as a newlywed wife while trying to be present for my loved ones back home in Louisiana.

What event, situation, or life circumstance sparked your journey?

Other than anxiety and panic attacks, I had a miscarriage in 2017 during the holiday season. I look back on this time as one of my lowest lows, deeply depressed and just wondering about the WHY of it all. I actually reached out to Nikki for recommendations on texts to read and study (I love to read) and she lovingly and patiently answered some questions and pointed me in different directions from 2017 even until now!

What is your primary practice?

Continual prayer! My current work/life balance is so out of whack. Continual prayer is the easiest, most direct connection to God I can get in the moment. Currently my prayer is “God I surrender it all to you.” Otherwise, I feel closest to God in quiet moments and oddly enough, when I work out at 100% effort. Something about moving my body makes me more appreciative in the moment.

Top 3 favorite books?

Hard to choose just 3, I LOVE books!

The Contemplative Life – Joel Goldsmith
The Language of Letting Go – Melody Beattie
The Perfume of Silence Francis Lucille

How has it benefited you mentally, physically/materially, and/or spiritually?

As a practice, reading texts and continual prayer benefit me by reminding me that even when life is chaotic, I can seek God and have that peace that surpasses all understanding.

If I am not in that Peace I have simply forgotten to surrender. As a silly, anxious human I often forget that life is teaching me the overwhelming importance of remembering! The chaos leads me back to surrender over and again.

Have you faced any challenges since beginning? How did you overcome?

So. Many. Challenges!!! The challenges always come, this is life. I think my lesson is in remembering. So many wild things have been happening as of late from coronavirus, myself and my spouse working from home, “teaching” my 4 year old at home, a death in the family; I defaulted to the anxiety I became comfortable with in previous chaotic life moments. Personally, I feel I will always be “overcoming” whatever life brings my way. I remain surrendered, at the throne.

Share one of the biggest winks or nods from God/The Universe that let you know you’re on the right path.

Just today in writing this, looking through my favorite books I came across 2 references to “surrendering” right upon opening. I know these are nods from God because nothing, and I mean NO THING, has gone to plan over these last few months. I often wondered what the lesson was, why is life so hard for me? Then one day when I had done all I could do in my current circumstances, I heard that tiny voice say, are you ready to give it up now?

Surrendering is HARD sis, I am reminded daily that everything I need will be ready when the time comes. I have to continually release the idea of how my plans are supposed to go and let God make the way for me.

The biggest wink for me thus far however, is how I came into my current employment. I just remember being fresh off maternity leave, working in a busy clinic and telling God, hey I wanna sit down and just work more by myself in a little office just tapping away on the keyboard. I didn’t just ask, I asked and I moved. I found an obscure listing for some company wanting a nurse with bone marrow transplant experience that was 13 minutes from my house. The funniest thing is that this company is loosely affiliated with the clinic I was currently employed with which was an hour commute in ATL traffic. It really was a match made in heaven!

Long story short, God gave me what I asked for along with the realization that what I am looking for is also looking for me. My boss is super flexible and family first and it is his demeanor, along with my work ethic, that has allowed for an easy transition to working from home.

Advice or counsel for those looking to get started on the journey.

I shudder to give advice, I stumbled upon this path. My close relationship with my sister and Nikki’s openness and generosity helped me along the way. Of note, this thing called life is certainly a journey. I think if you start your search knowing this, you will be prepared, in some ways, for the ride.

Love to you Nikki!
You have been an angel in my life

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