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How to Grow Your 4C Natural Hair Faster in ONE MONTH!

By July 30th, 2021No Comments

How to Grow Your 4C Natural Hair Faster in ONE MONTH!

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How to See More Growth in Your 4c Natural Hair in One Month

4C Natural Hair Length Retention is Easy with these tips:

Our unique curls and kinks are oh so beautiful ’til we get to that awkward phase where it looks like our hair growth has plateaued and we can’t seem to get past a particular length.  A lot of us seem to get stuck at collar bone or even chin length hair and find ourselves wondering how we can promote healthier hair growth, hang on to said growth, and finally see some hang time!

Don’t worry. We wrote this article just for you, and we came ready to help!

How to Grow your 4C Natural Hair Faster in ONE MONTH!

Massage your Scalp
Scalp massages do more than just make you feel calm and relaxed. They can also help stretch your hair follicles. Your hair follicles are the life force of your hair strands; stretching them will stimulate the growth of thicker and longer strands. Scalp massages also help dilate your blood vessels beneath your scalp, which also encourages hair growth.

Now, the big question is: How can you properly perform a scalp massage? Using the pads of your fingers only — not your finger-nails — or a scalp massager, gently massage your scalp in a circular motion for 4-5 minutes every day.

A scalp massage is one of the many natural hair growth tips that can increase your hair’s thickness and length. So, if you haven’t already, get to it! Make it a habit from today to massage your scalp everyday for 4-5 minutes, especially around your problem areas. There’s nothing to lose aside from frail, thin, and unhealthy hair.

Use Products with Growth-stimulating Ingredients
It’s not enough to use just any hair care product, especially on your edges and nape. We advise that you use products with growth-stimulating ingredients — like tea tree and peppermint oils — and apply them directly to your scalp.

These ingredients will help promote growth by dilating the blood vessels beneath your scalp, causing them to stimulate your hair follicles. The result? More and thicker growth!

So, before you purchase that growth oil, shampoo, or scalp cream, make sure it has a growth-stimulating ingredient or two — the more, the hairier!

Clean your Scalp
Let’s start by debunking the myth that dirty hair grows faster than clean hair. The truth is leaving your hair dirty can lead to an irritated and bacteria-infested scalp, which can further cause scalp diseases.

These diseases can then put a pause on your hair growth or cause your hair to fall out! So, if you’re pushing your wash day forward because you think the dirt will help grow out your hair, this is your sign to go wash your hair ASAP!

Keep your scalp clean by either washing your scalp and hair or cleaning your scalp regularly, especially if you installed a protective style. With a clean scalp, you can expect to have healthy, luscious, growing 4C natural hair!

Install Protective Styles
How do you install a protective style, and how does it protect your hair? The trick is to leave your hair in a state that encourages very minimal manipulation, which helps protect the fragile and sensitive parts of your hair, like your edges and ends.
Styles like box braids, cornrows, twists, etc., that don’t either cause tension to your scalp or weigh your hair down can save you a lot of growth!

With protective styles, your hands won’t always be in your hair, and you’ll be able to let your hair breathe for about 1-2 months or however long you plan to keep your protective style. This will help limit the level of breakage and damage to your hair, leading to length retention and, ultimately, hair growth!

Our Final Thoughts
If you want to further improve your hair growth, watch your diet. There are specific foods for hair growth. If you’d like to discover them, we have an article for you here.

There will always be hope for your 4C hair. It’s not “too thick,” “too coarse,” or “too difficult;” it’s just the right amount of unique and perfect.

So, have fun growing out your hair and smashing your hair goals with these natural hair growth tips! 4C Natural Hair 4C Natural Hair 4C Natural Hair 4C Natural Hair 4C Natural Hair 4C Natural Hair 4C Natural Hair 4C Natural Hair 4C Natural Hair 4C Natural Hair 

What are your top tips for maintaining and retaining length?! 

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