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How to Use Flexi Rods On Natural Hair for Best Results – 10 Answers

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flexi rods on natural hair

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How to Use Flexi Rods On Natural Hair for Best Results – 10 Answers

By Jacqueline Samaroo

Soft, bendy, and one of the best things to happen to natural hair since … sebum! Flexi rods are a great no-heat way to create smooth curls with plenty of bounce in natural hair. You can add it to the other heat-free natural hairstyles you use to show off your curly tresses.

Read on for answers to some of the most popular questions about using flexi rods on natural hair. As far as the actual technique for adding products and rolling your hair onto the rods, I share a few links at the end of this article to tutorial videos I REALLY like.

1. What’s the best hair type for flexi rods?

All of them! That’s one of the neat things about flexi rods – they work on all types of hair. You can use them whether you have coily, straight, wavy, kinky, or curly hair.

2. What size flexi rods to use?

The size flexi rods you use will ultimately depend on the curl style you are hoping to achieve. Thinner rods give tighter curls and larger rods give looser, bouncier curls. Plus, you may find you need (or want) to use different-sized rods in different sections of your hair.

3. How many flexi rods should you use?

It is best to err on the side of caution and have more than you think you’ll need. Expect to use in excess of 20 rods. It’s a good idea to get your flexi rods in different sizes, too, for the reasons we mentioned above.

4. What basic equipment is needed for a flexi rod set?

  • Spray bottle of water to spritz as you go.
  • Detangling brush or wide-tooth comb.
  • Clips for keeping sections of your hair separated.
  • Wrapping papers, especially for the ends of coilier hair patterns.
  • Flexi rods, naturally!
  • Blow dryer or hooded dryer (both optional).

5. Which products are usually used with a flexi rod set?

Each of us will have our own preferred kinds of natural haircare products to use in our hair. There are, however, a few that will help you get the most out of your flexi rod style.

6. How do you roll your hair on flexi rods?

You have two options:

  1. Place the rod at the base of your hair against your scalp. Loop your hair around it once or twice and bend the end of the rod inward to hold your hair in place. Continue looping your hair around the rod from the bottom up. Add a little conditioner or gel to the ends of your hair before smoothing it down on the rod. Bend the rod inward to hold your hair in place.
  2. Start at the tip of your hair. Smooth the ends with a bit of conditioner or gel and lay them flat on the rod. Spin the rod to wrap more hair around it, directly on top of your ends to hold them down. Continue spinning the rod, working your way down to the roots. Bend both ends of the rod inward to hold your hair in place.

Be sure to check out the video links below to see exactly how it’s done!

7. How do you dry hair with flexi rods?

You will definitely want to ensure that your hair is completely dry before you take the rods out and style your luscious curls. Air drying is best – if you have the time. It’s the all-natural way to go and perfectly safe for your hair. Otherwise use a blow dryer or a hooded dryer. They will give you smoother, better-defined curls with less frizz. Remember, though to use heat on your natural hair with care as high heat can be quite damaging.

8. How to unroll flexi rods and separate your curls?

Go slowly. Oil your hands first to limit frizziness then twirl the rod out of your hair. Use your fingers to separate each curl, if you wish. Depending on the style, you may choose to leave them intact. Be sure to go through the videos linked below for tips on how to ensure your curls separate with the greatest of ease while still maintaining their definition.

9. Should you do a flexi rod set on wet or dry hair?

A flexi rod set can be done on wet or dry hair. Wet (damp) hair will produce smoother, tighter curls than if you start out with hair that’s dry. Of course, whether wet or dry, you should make sure your hair is clean and fully detangled, if you want it to look its best from a flexi rod set,

10. How do you protect a flexi rod style?

Your flexi rod set can last a week or two with a little extra night-time attention from you. That means sleeping on a silk pillowcase that won’t suck moisture from your hair and leave it frizzy. Also, wrap a silk scarf around your edges and push it up a bit. Be sure to put your hair up in a pineapple first if it is long enough.

Two other things you can do:

  • Re-set any section of your hair that has lost its definition. Let the flexi rods stay in overnight then take them out in the morning.
  • Use your favorite hair oil to help get rid of frizz and add some sheen to your curls.

The Videos

Flexi rods on natural hair - Bubs Bee


Bubs Bee shows three variations of how she gets her impressive flexi rod styles. She covers freshly washed, stretched, and blown-out hair – a must-see for hair types 4B and 4C.



Flexi rods on natural hair - Natasha Camile


Natasha Camile walks you through doing a flexi rod set on wet hair. She also shares some important points from her night-time routine to protect her curls and her morning routine to refresh them.



Flexi rods on natural hair - Janae Mason


Janae Mason’s tutorial is for a flexi rod set on tension stretched hair. She walks you through how she stretches, sets, and separates her hair for maximum volume and bounce.


We’re sure you have a ton of flexi rod tips to share. Let’s hear them!

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