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Natural Hair Styles – 25 Badass Bantu Knots Inspiration Pics

By September 20th, 2021No Comments
Bantu knots header photo

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Natural Hair Styles: 25 Badass Bantu Knots Inspiration Pics

Here’s a shout-out to one of the most well-known but, perhaps, underestimated natural hairstyles – Bantu knots. Plus, they give you an added benefit – you can transform them into a flawless Bantu knot out! Find out how in: Perfecting and Maintaining the Bantu Knot Out – 14 Fantastic Tips.

Enjoy these 25 Bantu knot photos that show just how versatile and glamorous this protective hairstyle can be.

Perfect knots and edges

Bantu knots - Perfect knots and edges

Slayed edges and immaculate knots really do make a perfect combination. And, it’s an awesome way to kick off our look at just how stylin’ Bantu knots can be!

IG@thebaemagazine #blackqueen


Knots and long braids

Bantu knots - knots and long braidsPNG

Long braids pair beautifully with these braided knots. Add some chunky beads to complete the look and… it’s everything!




IG@prestigious_hair_ #braidedhairstyles



Undercut and Bantu knots

Bantu knots - undercut and knots

This natural hairstyle has got it going on – on all levels, literally! From the undercut sides to the pony in the back and those sweet knots in between, it has so much style to offer.



IG@katrinaxkreates @ #NaturalHairStyles



Green knots

Bantu knots - braids and knots

Whether you decide to really go green or just tweak the lighting a bit – these big knots and chunky braids will get you noticed. Just add that look of confidence and work it, girl!



IG@naynayplus #bantuknots





Orange knots

Bantu knots - orange knots


Forget highlights! We’re simply loving these knots done completely and boldly in vibrant orange hues.


IG@ms_os_beauty_ #coloredlocs





Bantu knots and beads

Bantu knots - knots and beads

Cornrow tendrils with dangling beads add a touch of sophistication to this protective hairstyle. If it’s making you think of a fauxhawk, don’t worry – we’ve got one coming up just for you!

And, those earrings tell us it’s time to remind ourselves of a little bit of history:Bantu” is a Zulu word for “people.” Over 100 million people from about 500 ethnic groups in Africa make up the Bantu peoples. They speak roughly 600 distinct Bantu languages.

IG@thatfunkywater #healthyhair



Bantu knots - Half up Half down

Go ahead – let your confidence shine right through with braided knots in the front and your luscious curls framing them in the back.


IG@tanesaluvluv #loveyourcurls




Pink and blonde knots

Bantu knots - pink and blonde knots


Who says baby pink is only for babies? It’s for beautiful knots on big girls, too. We love these!


IG@kays.lensesphotography #bantuknots



Rope twist knots

Bantu knots - Rope twists Bantu knots

Bantu knots can be made in a number of ways and how you do them is really up to you. These rope twist knots have a mesmerizing quality, making you feel like you could get lost in those coils!



IG@sheluvs2_crochet #ropetwistbantuknots





Knots with orange highlights

Bantu knots - orange highlights knots

If you’re not the kind to hold back or shy away from standing out, then these knots with orange highlights are definitely for you.



IG@ differenthairshop #bantuknots





Small knots

Bantu knots - small knots

Many curly girls do their knots with extensions to add more volume to the style. That’s awesome but – bigger isn’t always better. These small, neat, and spikey knots are all the proof you need!


IG@chi_nation101 #bantuknots



Emerald Bantu knots

Bantu knots - emerald knots


Shades of green give these small Bantu knots a big style boost. If you’re considering coloring your hair, too, be sure to read Caring for Your Natural Hair Before and After a Dye Job – 11 Tips.


IG@makedoteo  #bantuknots


Medium knots

Bantu knots - medium knots

Accessorizing your knots is one way to show off your personal sense of style. Of course, the accessories don’t actually have to be in your hair. We’re loving how this African choker and pearl necklace combo pairs with these super-neat knots – regal!!


IG@naturalbeauti25 #blackqueen



Big knots

Bantu knots - big knots

If you’re in a hurry and need a natural hairstyle that’s both simple and stylish – this is it!



IG@zantobe #bantuknots




Big and tall knots

Bantu knots - big and tall knots

Plan on going big with your knots? Get some inspo from this natural beauty. These big and tall knots rock!


IG@starletshair #protectivehairstyle


Want more inspiration that best suits your hair type? See our recent feature: 12 Natural Hair Influencers to Follow (According to Hair Type)


Brown and fuzzy Bantu knots

Bantu knots - brown and fuzzy knots

These natural and naturally beautiful knots are giving us all the feels. We can’t stop staring at them!



Dreamy pink Bantu knots

Bantu knots - dreamy pink knots

This color is off the charts! Want your own dreamy pink knots but you’re a little wary of using commercial hair dyes? We’ve got you covered, girl! Read all about natural dyes for natural hair.



IG@delamaracademy #bantuknots



Zigzags and Bantu knots

Bantu knots - zigzags and knots

Not sure whether to call these knots or buns? No worries – the “knot bun” is a thing!



IG@hairbeauty_vibe #knotbun



Twisted zigzags and knots

Bantu knots - twisted zigzags and knots


Continuing on our zigzag theme… Here’s a chic and creative way to incorporate your twists into your Bantu knots style.


IG@nubiessebox #4chair



Fauxhawk Bantu knots

Bantu knots - fauxhawk knots

Here’s that fauxhawk we promised you earlier. It’s delicately decorated and the look is rounded off with sublime edges.




IG@modernsalon #protectivestyles



Knots and hoops

Bantu knots - knots and hoops

We have to keep highlighting the accessories. ‘Cause when you dress up your knots the right way, then you can bask in that African queen vibe – enjoy!.

IG@naturalstylestory #blackqueen





Gray-haired knots

Bantu knots - gray-haired Bantu knots


It’s important to enjoy your hair at every stage of your life. These gray Bantu knots have ‘Happy Hair” written all over them!


IG@runtowardyourlife #naturalhair


Red Bantu knots

Bantu knots -red knots


You may not be a natural redhead, but don’t let that stop you from rocking red hair (and these sweet red knots) at least once in your life.” —- Pretty sure somebody famous once said that!


IG@beautybyzhaniece #bantuknots



Pink Bantu knots

Bantu knots - pink knots

Looking to make a statement with your hair? Go with these pink-wrapped Bantu knots. They definitely and confidently scream “pink hair don’t care!”




IG@itsgugu #bantuknots


Curly knots

Bantu knots - curly knots

Textured hair – gotta love it! Let your curls do the talking by showing them off in your knots, bangs, and all over!


IG@lynnswayxx #TeamNatural_




Want to see more beautiful natural hairstyle pics? Check out our recent post: 27 Really Gorgeous No-Heat Natural Hair Styles

Do you do Bantu knots as part of your natural hair styles lineup? Let’s hear about it!

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