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11 Fabulous Benefits of Leave-In Conditioner for Natural Hair

By June 29th, 2021No Comments
benefits of leave-in conditioner for natural hair

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11 Fabulous Benefits of Leave-In Conditioner for Natural Hair

By Jacqueline Samaroo

Ever wondered why you need to use a leave-in conditioner for natural hair? After all, it does pretty much the same job as a traditional conditioner, right?

True, but whereas you wash traditional conditioners out of your hair, you allow leave-in conditioners to stay in. That gives your hair much more time to enjoy the benefits of leave-in conditioners. Keep reading! We’re going to explore those benefits of leave-in conditioners.

If you don’t already use leave-in conditioner for natural hair, you’ll find plenty of reasons to give them a try. Or, do you already have a leave-in conditioner as part of your natural haircare routine?  If so, this article with help you to understand why the best leave-in conditioners for natural hair are sooo good!

1.      Restores moisture

Leave-in or no-rinse conditioners pack more moisture for your natural hair – much more than traditional conditioners do. This is one of the main benefits of leave-in conditioner and it leads to many of the other benefits, too

2.      Improves hair health.

For it to be healthy, hair has to maintain its protein-moisture balance. Hair that is lacking moisture and has too much protein will be stiff, dry, and brittle – a recipe for breakage, for sure. The best leave-in conditioners help to hydrate hair, getting moisture into the strands.

3.      Preps hair for styling.

Think of your no-rinse conditioner as a primer for styling your natural hair. The moisture it gives to your hair helps to add body and bounce, as well as serves a base for your other natural hair care products to be layered on top on.

4.      Works best on dry, frizzy, over-processed hair.

A leave-in conditioner is like TLC for damaged hair. So, it is ideal for:

  • Hair that is dry.
  • Hair that has split ends.
  • Hair that is prone to breakage.

Hair that is suffering the consequences of too much heat processing or chemical processing will benefit greatly from leave-in conditioners, too.

This is because of the moisture the leave-in pumps into your hair and how its formula coats each strand to protect it. Both of these actions also help a leave-in conditioner take on the role of frizz tamer.

5.      Good for all types of hair.

The best leave-in conditioners for natural hair are actually good for all types of hair! After all, all types of hair are prone to the conditions we just looked at – dryness, split ends, breakage, and damage from processing. While these conditions may not be chronic in your hair, it’s good to know a leave-in can help you prevent it from becoming that way.

6.      Comes in different convenient forms.

Do you prefer using creams, sprays, balms, or oils? Well, whichever you choose, there is a leave-in conditioner for you! It’s one of the best things about leave-in conditioners as natural hair products – they come in many different forms to suit different tastes.

Some naturalistas find that foam and spray leave-in conditioners work best as they tend to be lightweight. Others like the way heavier cream leave-in conditioners will help to add some body to their curls. Creams also tend to have more nutrient-rich formulas to help nourish your hair and scalp.

7.      Some can be used on dry hair between washes.

No, you wouldn’t think of using a traditional conditioner on your dry hair. A leave-in, however, gives you that option. You can apply it to hair that is not wet between washes. In fact, a spritz from your leave-in conditioner every now and then can help to refresh your curls.

Remember, though that you will get the best results from your leave-in conditioner when you use it on clean, damp hair.

Want to find out about co-washing with cleansing conditioners? Read: Natural Hair Care 10 Amazing Cleansing Conditioners for Curly Hair.

8.      Softens hair and aids detangling.

The best leave-in conditioners for natural hair are great at softening hair, adding slip, and helping with gentle detangling of knots. It’s another way in which leave-in conditioners protect hair from breakage. And, who doesn’t just LOVE soft, silky curls you can run your fingers right through?!

9.      Protects hair from external stresses.

External stresses such as dry air, humid air, UV rays, and pollution can really do a number on your hair. The best leave-in conditioners can help. For instance, they can

  • Protect your hair from chlorine in pool water. Just layer a generous amount over your hair before you dive in.
  • Protect your hair from sun damage, as well as from the harmful effects of harsh environmental conditions.
  • Keep hair hydrated in dry weather so your hair is less likely to become brittle and break.
  • Block pollutants from affecting your strands and your scalp.

10. Can act as a heat protectant.

Did you know that some leave-in conditioners can double as heat protectants? Yes, they can. Heat styling can cause real damage to your curls. While some naturalistas stay away from heat styling tools completely, others feel quite OK using them. They just don’t use them too often; they practice using a blow dryer the correct way; and they protect their hair with heat protectant or a leave-in conditioner that can do the job.

Be sure to check the label, though to be sure your leave-in conditioner can be used as heat protectant. If in doubt, just go ahead and use your regular heat protectant, as well.

11. Improves the look of color-treated hair.

Whether you use commercial box dyes or you prefer coloring your hair the natural way, a leave-in conditioner can add luster to your color. It helps to refresh and brighten your color between dye jobs. Also, color-treated hair can become fragile and your leave-in can help to strengthen, nourish, and protect it.

Do you use a leave-in conditioner? What’s your favorite thing about it? Share!

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