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Dear Akilah – Black Lives Matter Member Considers Interracial Dating

By June 17th, 20212 Comments
Dear Akilah Black Lives Matter

Photo by JD Mason on Unsplash

Dear Akilah – Black Lives Matter Member Considers Interracial Dating

by Akilah Peynado of

Dear Akilah

I am a 36-year-old woman who has had her run-ins with love. You name it, I am SURE that I have a story to tell about it. I’ve been hurt, I’ve done the hurting, and everything else in-between. However, what I haven’t (I mean NEVER, EVER) done is date someone outside of my African-American heritage.

Well, there is this new man in my apartment building who just moved in and I am strangely attracted to him. He is of the Caucasian persuasion. I’m thinking about asking him for his number. LOL.  Up until this point, I would never consider dating a white man. Hell, I am considering doing a whole lot more with him too. Akilah, he is fine.

Here is my dilemma: I am a local chapter member of Black Lives Matter. Yes, I know, there are all colors of the rainbow that support the BLM Movement; but, I am afraid of letting my “people” down. I almost feel like I would be a traitor and would be unable to speak my rhetoric without offending my potential non-black partner.

Is this something that I should even be concerned about or should I just go for mine and let the chips fall where they may?

Ready for Some Cream in my Coffee

Dear Ready for Some Cream in my Coffee

First of all, your pseudo name is hilarious.  Listen, girl GO FOR YOURS – okay?

Now that we have gotten that out the way….

Do not get me wrong I completely understand your dilemma. Yes, we live in a way more evolved world than that of our forefathers; but, there are many stigmas that plague both sides of the racial divide. Many of these issues will not change until we continue to have conversations about its fallacies. There is nothing wrong with dating someone because you like them regardless of their race. I feel like you might possibly be surprised. He is probably as pro-black as you. Or even better, OPEN to learning more about the BLM Movement. That would be beautiful.

Before you get all excited…

I must advise you, if you are not in a place to be mature about dating someone non-black… please don’t do it to yourself or him. That would not be fair. This is no fault to you, especially considering this would be your first rodeo; there might be some adjustments you have to make. However, if you are ready to go forward, I say drop something in his way so he can pick it up, show him your pearly whites and see if he will ask you out. If that doesn’t work, knock on his door and see if he can spare a cup of sugar. Wink.

With Love,

Keep me posted.

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Akilah Peynado is an Intuitive Guide who runs Slaytheclutter where she discusses all things about the practice of Intentional Gratitude, healing through the contemplation of God, and living a clutter-free life with love. You can find her on IG: @akilahpeynado and on her website


  • Karen P. says:

    Sis go get yours! If the individual is aware of what’s going on with the senseless killing of black and brown bodies and and want to see a positive change in the dynamics and state of our country then go 👏🏾get 👏🏾your 👏🏾man 👏🏾sis lol

  • Jen says:

    Ha!! Akilah I so love your response. We all wanted to be kept posted now!

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