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Conversations with God with Dr. Michael Beckwith – New Growth With Nikki Walton ep 16

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Conversations with God with Dr Michael Beckwith

Conversations with God with Dr. Michael Beckwith – New Growth With Nikki Walton ep 16

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Dr. Michael Beckwith joins Nikki to discuss manifestation, abundance, formlessness, receptivity to grace, cultivating spiritual faculty, emotional alchemy, and being an ambassador of the invisible.

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith is a meditation teacher, author, speaker, and the Founder and Spiritual Director of Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angelos. He has addressed audiences at the United Nations, TEDx, and Oprah’s SuperSoul Sessions. As co-founder and president of the Association for Global New Thought, Dr. Beckwith has hosted His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and presented to Nelson Mandela the Gandhi King Award. Check out his new book, Prosperity, Plentitude, and Infinite Possibilitiesamong others, like the award winning Life Visioning and Spiritual LiberationHis new app, Beckwith Inspires, much like his weekly Instagram series, features essential spiritual tools, technologies, and practices to help shift perceptions and transform lives. Tune into his Sunday Services & Meditations at For more info, visit

Grace: The Light is Carrying You

Welcoming Dr. Michael Beckwith to New Growth, Nikki recounts their first meeting in the auspicious setting of South Africa in December of 2018, where Dr. Beckwith was able to relay key transformative advice which helped open new perspectives in Nikki’s life and offerings. Speaking to the spiritual notion that ‘we are always being carried,’ Dr. Beckwith offers insight on how we can purely open ourselves to be carried by the source essence of grace, love, joy, abundance, and presence.

“You think that you’re carrying this light, but the light is carrying you.” – Dr. Michael Beckwith

Ambassador of the Invisible: Cultivating Your Spiritual Faculty (12:01)

Illuminating the formless nature of presence, of awareness, Nikki and Dr. Beckwith share on how our sense organs, like our eyes and ears, act as prosthetics or crutches, allowing us to maneuver in the 3D realm, but are red herrings away from the name of the awareness game: cultivating our spiritual faculty. Welcoming us into the spiritual realm behind our senses, Dr. Beckwith invites us to become an ‘ambassador of the invisible’ in time and space.

“People try to see the presence with their eyes. It’s invisible and it’s formless, so you can’t see it with your eyes, you can’t hear it with your ears. You’re actually seeing with your awareness, the awareness that created the eyes, that created the ears. So when you meditate, pray, or surrender, you are activating a spiritual faculty that allows you to see the invisible and hear the inaudible.” – Dr. Michael Beckwith

“If you look at it really close with your consciousness, you see that a flower is how God is smiling at you.” – Dr. Michael Beckwith

Muscles of Manifestation: Abundance, Life Visioning, & Receptivity (24:58)

Trading stories highlighting the seeming dichotomy, yet inherent connection between manifestation and enlightenment, Nikki and Dr. Beckwith note the fine line between a spiritual practice and it’s fruits. Offering imaginal techniques and tips for manifesting personal abundance, Dr. Beckwith shares how we can use visualization, envisioning, and life visioning as a way to go beyond our present paradigm, both as separate individuals and as spiritual entities surrendering into God.

“The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. Presence is not an absence. It’s everywhere. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s absent. It’s here and it’s going to flow through you according to your receptivity, availability, frequency, vibrations. It’s always flowing. God doesn’t go on and off. You don’t have to pray to God to be God. You’re praying in order to be receptive to what God is: presence, love, beauty, intelligence, life itself.” – Dr. Michael Beckwith

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