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Love is Always (T)here to Feel- Ep 4 Go(o)d Mornings with CurlyNikki

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Love is Always (T)here to Feel

Love is Always (T)here to Feel- Go(o)d Mornings with CurlyNikki

Go(o)d Morning, beautiful!

Take a moment to listen to this clip from today’s 13-minute-long check-in and reset from “Go(o)d Mornings with CurlyNikki”!

Today’s Quote: 

“Stop measuring days by degree of productivity and start experiencing them by degree of Presence. “- Unknown via IG

Today’s Practice: 

Just like air is always there to breathe, Love is always (t)here to feel… to Be. Take a conscious breath and know it as Love. Know the air as Love. Fill yourself with Love. Feel Love. Be Love.

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With you in and AS Love,

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Good morning. God morning. How’d you sleep? Yeah, I slept good. It was a good night. Good day. Looking at the sun come up. Always gorgeous. Always grateful.

Today’s quote comes from Instagram. The author is unknown. It says, “Stop measuring days by degree of productivity, and start experiencing them by degree of presence.”

So in this moment right now, are you showing up as you? Enter your name here. Are you showing up as you, or as Love? That’s the question I start with every morning. It’s not even really a question anymore. It’s not really words. It’s just like a feeling habit. I feel into that position.

So tomorrow morning, or now, and now, and now, you can begin with this very simple intention, to stay aware of and as Love in every instant, or as it says in A Course in Miracles, in every holy instant, in every eternal instant. To be Love no matter what that body is up to, no matter what emotion is visiting, no matter where you are or who you are with, to know that only Love is there, only Love is here, only Love is real.

I was trying to explain this to my mom, maybe a few months ago when we were talking about practicing the presence of God. If you have not read Brother Lawrence’s book… He actually didn’t write it. It’s like a collection of letters that he wrote to friends and students over the years compiled into one text. It’s beautiful, and you can bind it for free on Google in a PDF. Just type in, Brother Lawrence, Practicing the Presence of God, and it’ll come right up.

So I’m sharing that with her, what this practice looks like. In the book, he’s telling people that he doesn’t take a step without feeling Love, that he doesn’t pick up a leaf off the ground without becoming aware of the presence of God, that he doesn’t wash a dish, unless he’s aware of God, that he’s actually washing the dishes for God, that he’s doing these things, everything in his life, for God, for Love.

That’s a really, really, really effective way to live. I live with little humans that are very demanding. My four-year-old is very demanding, and I have to remember that when I look at him, and I just sat down to eat, and he’s been chilling and eating for the last 20 minutes, and I just sat down, and he’s like, “Mom, I need some juice.” To feel that that is God as him requesting juice that I, this Love I Am, is getting up for the I Am to get juice, more I Am, because everything is God.

So it’s like God, getting up for God, to get God, to pour God into God. So if you can just like start shifting into recognizing everything in everyone as God and doing everything for God, that it’s God talking to God, God listening to God, God working for God, you approach life in a very different way, in a very grateful way. You can smile when you’re doing those tasks. You can smile when you’re loading the dishwasher, when you’re folding clothes, I hate folding clothes. You can smile with a knowing, a gentle knowing.

I think it was Sadhguru that says like if you’re truly in touch with this place, in touch with Love, your face naturally smiles. It’s not like a facial expression that is forced. It’s a natural way your face is when you’re being your true self, when you’re being this.

My mom, she feels Love, in and out, and we all do that, especially in the beginning. When I told her I’m like, “Let’s just imagine that the air that you’re breathing right now is Love.” So you try that, too. Right now on your next inhale, feel Love, fill your body with air. But imagine that that air is Love, so fill your body with air and Love. Feel Love on the inhale, and feel It on the exhale. You’re literally all day long in Love, sitting in Love, walking through Love, standing in Love.

It’s always just a breath away, and that’s not even true because It’s closer to you than breathing. That’s a quote I’m sure you know. It’s closer to you than hands and feet. It’s closer to you than your breath. But our breath is something that we can consciously become aware of. So right now you’re consciously aware that you’re breathing, and now pretend that the air is Love and see how quickly you shift into Love.

It was right there all the time. It’s always been right there. The next time you are in a moment of weakness, if you’re sad, if you’re frustrated, you can just take that breath. You can close your eyes or keep them open. It does not matter because you are that Love either way. But for many It’s easiest to close your eyes, take that conscious breath and feel Love, know the air to be Love.

And you’re back on your throne, back in the only position of power that you can have on this earth, in this world, because in that position, your eyes see the world, but you feel the Kingdom. You know that you are in heaven, even though your eyes report differently.

The really cool thing is that the more you are aware of this heaven here, right where the earth, the world appears to be, the more that heaven begins to manifest around you and the people that you meet and the new responsibilities that you take on, the service that you’re able to provide and offer to the world. It all unfolds from this, from your recognition that you’re in the Kingdom now. That you’re always in the Kingdom. You just forget. You get distracted, and then you get convinced that this world is very real.

The Hindus call this world, Maya, Maya, and it’s illusory. I think one of my favorite descriptions of Maya comes from Joel Goldsmith of the Infinite Way Teachings. He was a Christian mystic, and he’d say that if you were in the desert and you saw a mirage of water, that in the beginning, you’d be fooled by it, and you try to drink it.

If you saw that, maybe it was a huge body of water, you might try to figure out how to cross it. But once you know that it’s a mirage, that there’s actually no water there, everything is different. You’ll still see it, but you won’t be fooled by it. So it’s not that it disappears.

The other example he gave is that if you look at train tracks, and as they go off into the distance, they seem to come together, like they meet, and it’s an optical illusion. He says that it’s not that once you know that they don’t come together, that they don’t appear to be coming together anymore. They will always appear that way from your perspective, off in the distance, but you know the truth, you know the truth so you’re not fooled.

That’s how we have to move through this life. We have to see the world and the scary headlines. We have to see death, we have to see illness. We have to see lack, and we have to feel the truth. We don’t have to believe in God. We don’t have to believe in anything. We have to know to be still and to know. As my friend said, and I shared in a previous episode, we don’t have to believe. We have to Be Love. That’s it. It’s that simple.

Every time you feel fear, you use it as a trigger to feel the love that’s also there. You don’t have to make yourself feel better. You don’t have to make yourself think positive thoughts. You just have to become aware enough in that moment of fear to turn to Love, to feel Love, too. Even if you can only feel a teeny little bit of It, It’s enough. It gives just enough space for that Love to be the miracle. That recognition, the awareness to be able to turn to Love is the miracle.

Then you’ll watch a real miracle, quote, unquote, the manifestation unfold in your world as solutions, as healings, but you won’t be fooled. You’ll be thankful and grateful, but you’ll know that It’s just the form that the Love took, just the manifestation that this Peace is out here. The harmony within becomes harmony without. That’s how we live and that’s what we practice.

Your practice today is every moment you remember that the air is Love, which means that your Peace, your Love, your good feeling, your God feeling, your good day is just a breath away. You draw that breath in, and you feel Love, feel It now. You do your best to hold It, and remember that Love and to practice that Love. Then you forget. You get an email or you get a text, or your phone pings, it’s a DM, and you forget for a while.

Then you remember, and you take that conscious breath, and you feel Love, and you stay there for a few seconds. Then you forget again. It’s like you go to sleep, and then you wake up, and you go back to sleep, and then you wake up. Then you stay woke, and you stay woke, and you stay woke, and you rarely go back to sleep again.

Anandamayi Ma says, “What was once effortful becomes effortless. And then even that is transcended.” So just like air is always there to breathe, Love is always here to feel, to Be. I love you. Go forth and flourish and have a dope day, a good day, a God morning.

I’m Nikki Walton.

Love is love is Love is love is Love is love is Love is love is Love is love is Love is love is Love is love is Love is love is Love is love is 

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