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What Does Curl Cream Do + 7 Hot Tips On How to Use Curl Cream

By December 8th, 2021No Comments

what does curl cream do

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What Does Curl Cream Do + 7 Hot Tips On How to Use Curl Cream

By Jacqueline Samaroo

There’s a big difference between dry, limp curls and curls that are soft with an enviable bounce to them – big, BIG difference! It’s why curl creams are held in such high esteem among natural hair products. Love to know more?

Let’s deep dive into curl creams! What does curl cream do is the focus of this article. We’ll also share some tips on how to use curl cream to ensure you are making the most of this much-loved natural hair product.

To see our pick of curl creams that are best for different types of hair, read our recent article: 10 Curl Creams for Natural Hair That Really Work, Really!

What Does Curl Cream Do?

Curl creams fall within the category of styling products and, in particular, styling creams. Their main job is to define your curls, letting your hair take on its natural curl pattern. They do this by hydrating and moisturizing your strands, usually with a blend of beneficial oils, such as coconut, shea butter, argan, and olive oils. The pumped-up moisture also helps hair to be more elastic and springy – Hello, bounce!!

Here are a few other answers to the question, “What does curl cream do?”

Curl creams banish frizz.

A curl cream forms a thin coat on each strand of hair. It helps to smooth down your cuticles (the outer layer of the strands) so they lay flat. When this happens, hair tends to be less frizzy and the strands are better able to glide past each other without tangling.

Curl creams give hair the right amount of hold.

Curl creams also provide a soft hold, helping your style to last for more than just a couple of hours without your curls going all limp and lifeless on you – we know how it is! While they do provide some hold, curling creams won’t leave your hair stiff, crunchy, or prone to flakiness as some styling gels are known to do.

The best curl creams work overtime.

The best curl creams bring together the nourishing goodness of a leave-in conditioner and the definition of a curl enhancer. They also give you a big assist with taming frizz, hydrating dry curls, and adding slip for gentle detangling of your curls.

Curl creams are good for transitioning hair, too.

Transitioning your hair from permed to its beautiful natural state can be stressful on both you and your hair. The nourishing formula of many curl creams works to strengthen your strands. They can protect against breakage at the delicate point where processed hair meets natural hair.

Curl creams work with your hair type and hair issues.

Just like many other natural hair products, curl creams are often formulated to meet the needs of specific types of hair. You can find the curl cream best for your hair both in terms of type (2A to 4C) and for any hair concerns you have.

For instance, you can find a curl cream for 4C hair, a curl cream for wavy hair, a curl cream for fine hair, a curl cream for damaged hair… you get the picture! Remember to click on that article link we gave you at the top, to help guide your choice.

7 Tips On How to Use Curl Cream

Finding the right curl cream for your hair will take some experimenting. But, as all natural curlies know, trial and error is necessary when trying to identify your go-to natural hair products for textured hair.

You can get to your curl cream happy place quicker by keeping these 7 tips on how to use curl cream in mind.

1.      Clean hair works best.

Use on freshly washed and conditioned hair. This will give you the very best results.

2.      Use on damp hair.

Apply to damp, towel- dried hair. A microfiber towel is a good choice for removing the excess water from your hair and leaving it damp enough for styling with your curl cream.

Find out why so many curly naturals swear by microfiber towels by reading 10 Great Benefits of Microfiber Towels for Curly Hair. Then, head on over to 10 of the Best Microfiber Towels for Curly Hair to find a great microfiber towel for you.

3.      Go from roots to ends.

Work the curl cream into your hair from just above the roots to the ends of your curls, paying extra attention to those ends. Going from roots to ends helps to ensure you get maximum volume as you style your curls.

4.      Go from back to front.

Start at the back of your head and work in sections as you move toward the front, using just a small amount of curl cream for each section. This is another trick to minimize the risk of you squashing down your curls. It will also give you control over how much product you add to your hair.

5.      Test a small section of your hair first.

As we mentioned above – curl creams are often formulated to match different types of hair and hair needs. A great curl cream for your curlfriend might not be such a winner for you. You’ll feel less of a letdown if you do a small-section test first, instead of using it all over your head.

6.      Experiment with a curl cream-styling gel mix.

It IS possible to get the best of both worlds – bounce-inducing moisture from your curl cream AND maximum, long-lasting hold from your styling gel. However, your favorite curl cream might not go so well with your favorite styling gel. So, pick one, then play around with different versions of the other one until you find a combo that works great for you!

7.      Match your curl cream to the weather.

what does curl cream do Cantuwhat does curl cream do Ouidad

Use a curl cream with more moisturizing and frizz-fighting power, like Cantu Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream,  in colder, dry-air weather. Switch to a light curl cream, like Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Featherlight Styling Cream, in warmer, more humid weather.  It has to do with how much moisture is in the air and, hence, how much faster your hair is likely to dry out.


Your turn! Let us know any tips you have on how to use curl cream for natural hair. Share!

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