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New Growth with Nikki Walton – Ep. 18 – A Glimpse Into Your Spiritual Identity with Stephen Jay

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New Growth with Nikki Walton w/ Steven Jay

New Growth with Nikki Walton Ep. 18

A Glimpse Into Your Spiritual Identity with Stephen Jay

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Author and spiritual teacher, Stephen Jay, joins Nikki to discuss the Infinite Way, Herb Fitch, Joel Goldsmith, and discovering your true identity by remembering who you are.

Stephen Jay is an author and spiritual teacher whose lifework alongside his wife, Lynn Jay, is aimed at sharing the wisdom teachings of transformational 20th century mystic, Herb Fitch. Chosen to carry the Infinite Way teachings lineage started by Joel Goldsmith; Stephen, alongside Lynn, has written three volumes of the Condensed Wisdom of Herb Fitch, and continues to share the deep wisdom encased in discovering one’s spiritual identity.

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Spiritual Journey: From Sense to Soul

Welcoming author and Herb Fitch expert, Stephen Jay, to the podcast, Nikki explains the personal dharmic unfolding which brought her to the teachings of the ‘Infinite Way.’ Outlining the powerful wisdom encoded in Herb’s recorded talks, Nikki was overjoyed to find Stephen and Lynn Jay’s volumes of Condensed Wisdom of Herb Fitch, which, through written word, was able to open her deeper into the Infinite Way and Herb’s transformational teachings.

“Herb Fitch’s teachings are so high. It’s all about the ascension of the soul. That’s what he did for us. He opened up the door for us where we literally flew, and we couldn’t get enough of that. Every time we heard another tape, we were amazed. We drank these spiritual words, ate them, digested them to become bone of our bone. It’s up to each of us. Everyone of us must make this journey from sense to soul. ” – Stephen Jay

The Infinite Way: Joel Goldsmith & Herb Fitch (8:44)

Prompted by Nikki to share the ‘Infinite Way’ teachings through the lens of Joel Goldsmith, and to then to illuminate where Herb Fitch was able to further expand on that wisdom; Stephen explores how we can use the Infinite Way to reach the higher atmosphere of the wisdom of our soul, where we dwell eternally. Through this lens, Stephen invites us to drop our old self, rising from the ashes like a bright phoenix.

“The Infinite Way is a way to reach into the higher atmosphere of the wisdom of your soul. It brings you to a point where you realize that you’re not an appearance of a human being, but you are a living soul, a light being. This is what God has created. This is what lives eternally. This Infinite Way brings you to that point.” – Stephen Jay

“No one knows what the next moment is going to bring, but if we’re connected with our God-self, if we’re walking the path and feel at one with God, whatever we need in our life will come to us, will appear in one way or another, one form or another.” – Stephen Jay

Nikki talks ‘Conversations with God’ with transformational spiritual writer, Neale Donald Walsch, on Ep. 14 of New Growth
True Identity: Remember Who You Are (22:34)

Relaying how ‘remembering who you truly are,’ ‘identifying with your true identity,’ is the most important thing one can do in their lives, Stephen shares how when we can get out of our own way, getting underneath the small self and world-mind, what shines through is the spirit of God. From this perspective, Nikki shares practical methods for keeping truth alive in one’s daily life, before inviting Stephen to share dynamic and life-changing personal Herb Fitch encounters.

“Remember who you are—this is the most important thing that you can do for yourself in your life: Identify with your true identity, and you walk through life in a different atmosphere. You’re lighter in your feelings, you emanate more life, and know things without knowing how you know them. And it’s all by the spirit of God; it’s not anything we do as an appearance of a human being.” – Stephen Jay

New Growth with Nikki Walton Ep. 18

A Glimpse Into Your Spiritual Identity with Stephen Jay

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