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10 Best Silk Hair Scrunchies for Curly Hair

By August 26th, 2021No Comments

best silk hair scrunchies

10 Best Silk Hair Scrunchies for Curly Hair

By Jacqueline Samaroo

Scrunchies are really cute hair accessories that can help bring many an outfit together. But, did you know scrunchies can also help to keep your hair healthy? Yes, they can – especially when they are made of silk!

That’s because silk hair scrunchies don’t have a drying effect on your hair. Silk won’t absorb oils and moisture from your hair like scrunchies made of most other types of material tend to do. Also, silk scrunchies made with a satin weave are extras smooth and soft. They don’t rough up your strands and lead to breakage.

Having a silk scrunchie for sleeping in is one of the ways you can protect your hair at night. And, because silk is so good to your strands, silk pillowcases and silk hair bonnets are also recommended.

Keep scrolling to see our pick of the best silk hair scrunchies for curly hair. They are all soft, strong, and super cute!

1.      No More Kinks Silk Hair Scrunchies

Best silk scrunchie for hair No More Kinks

One pet peeve many of us have with scrunchies is that annoying dent some of them leave in your hair after you take them out. Not this one! No More Kinks is so soft and gentle on your hair that it often gets highlighted as one of the best silk scrunchies for thin hair.

They also work really well in hair that has been chemically treated or was previously damaged.

More about them:

6-pack with 3 neutral colors; Comes in either small or large; Oeko-Tex Certified; Made of 100% pure mulberry silk; Grade 6A, 22 momme silk.

2.      Mulberry Park Silks Scrunchies for Hair

best silk scrunchies for hair Mulberry Park

These scrunchies deserve to be on every curly girl’s wish list! They have super strong hold but are still so soft and gentle. They won’t rip out your hair, make it dry and frizzy, or leave you with unsightly dents.

Their basic colors make it easy for you to pair these 100% silk scrunchies with just about any outfit.

More about them:

3-pack with 3 neutral colors; For all hair types; Comes in either small or large; Oeko-Tex Certified; Made of 100% pure mulberry silk; Grade 6A silk; 19 and 22 momme silk.

3.      CELESTIAL SILK Pure Silk Scrunchies

best silk hair scrunchies Celestial Silk

Celestial Silks’ offers an impressive assortment of solid colors and prints with its mulberry silk scrunchies.

Want to preserve the volume of your hairstyle while you sleep? These silk hair ties will definitely help. Use them to throw your curls up in a pineapple or a few small buns, if you have shorter hair. No creasing, no pulling, and very reasonably priced.

More about them:

3-pack with a wide selection of solids and prints; For normal hair; Comes in either small or large; Oeko-Tex Certified; Made of 100% pure mulberry silk.

4.      Mommesilk Silk Scrunchie Set

best silk scrunchie for sleeping Mommesilk

These large silk scrunchies are great for thick, curly hair.  They are also the ideal silk scrunchies for sleeping AND caring for your curls at the same time!

We feature the 5-pack with its handy storage pouch, here. The colors you get are randomly selected but we doubt you’ll be disappointed – they are all rich and vibrant.

More about them:

Sold as single, 2-, 5-, and 10-pack; For curly hair types;  Made of 100% pure mulberry silk; Grade 6A silk.

5.      LilySilk 100% Silk Hair Scrunchies

best hair scrunchies Lily silk hair scrunchie

LilySilk hair scrunchies are made of soft, breathable silk. They are some of the best silk scrunchies for thin hair. They gently hold your hair in place with just a couple of twists and you can count on them to stay in place.

Plus, if you’re always worried about scrunchies ripping out strands of your hair as you remove them, these LilySilk hair scrunchies help to put that fear to rest!

More about them:

Sold as single, 2-, 5-, and 15-pack; Charmeuse weave; Random colors; For all hair types;  Made of 100% pure mulberry silk; Grade 6A silk.

6.      Slip SlipsilkTM Skinnies – Small Scrunchies for Hair

Slip silk scrunchie skinnies

Silk hair scrunchies can be on the pricier side and these skinny silk scrunchies from Slip are even pricier than most. If they can fit into your budget, we suggest going for it! They are made with Slip’s proprietary Slipsilk fabric and are both soft and strong.

In fact, Slip silk scrunchie skinnies were one of Allure Magazine’s 2019 Best of Beauty Award Winners. These skinny scrunchies just might be the best hair ties for running in or for thin hair.

More about them:

3- and 6-pack in 3 colors; Random colors; For all hair types;  Made of 100% pure mulberry silk; Grade 6A, 22 momme silk.

Here are two other silk scrunchies from Slip that we would like to give a shoutout to.

Slip SlipsilkTM Scrunchies – Large

Slip silk scrunchie large

Same great quality as their skinny silk scrunchies but much bigger for thicker curls.


Slip SlipsilkTM Scrunchies – Medium

Slip pure silk hair scrunchie medium

Works just as well as the large and small sizes at holding your hair in place without producing any kinks.


Continuing our roundup of the best silk hair scrunchies for curly hair, we have a couple of cottage industry versions. They feature exceptional quality and are handmade in the USA. They are great choices if you like to support small businesses and entrepreneurs.

7.      MalionneHair Skinny Silk Scrunchies

best hair ties for running MalionnelHair

First up is MalionneHair, an Etsy Bestseller. These skinny silk scrunchies are made from a blend of charmeuse and satin woven fabric. They are strong and can stand up to heavy use. They are done in earth tones that go very well with a wide variety of styles.

Be sure to check out other skinny and large scrunchies in the MalionneHair shop.


8.      RaieAtelier Oversized Silk Scrunchies for Hair

100% silk scrunchie RaieAtelier

At the other end of the size spectrum are these large, 16 momme, 100% silk scrunchies from RaieAtelier – a Black-owned company.

These pink and blue floral scrunchies get very good reviews for how pretty and elegant they look. They have also received Etsy’s Pick designation from Etsy’s style and trend editors.

There are plenty of other gorgeous oversized scrunchies you can order from the RaieAtelier shop. You can also customize your order with your choice of color for your mulberry silk scrunchies.

9.      Kitsch Pro Satin Scrunchies

best silk scrunchies for thin hair Kitsch silk scrunchies

Are you looking for silk hair scrunchies to keep your hair in place while you’re active AND protect your hair while you sleep? These Kitsch silk scrunchies could be just the thing – but there’s a catch. They’re not actually silk!

So why are they so popular? Why do 78% of  11,000 reviewers on Amazon give it a 5-star rating?

These scrunchies are just plain good and, as Kitsch puts it, “softer than silk.” They are very gentle on your hair, won’t tug at your strands, nor leave your hair with creases in it after you take them out. And, we know you’ll LOVE the price!

More about them:

5-pack in solid colors and stripes; For dry hair;  Made of 100% pure mulberry silk; Grade 6A, 22 momme silk.

Kitsch makes a wide range of products to help you maintain the health of your hair. They are featured in our recent blog post: The 10 Best Polyester Satin Pillowcases for Curly Hair. Kitsch also makes microfiber scrunchies to help dry wet hair. They come as a 2-pack in solid colors or printed. Check them out below!

best microfiber scrunchies for curly hair Kitsch

Kitsch Ultra Soft Microfiber Hair Drying Scrunchies

Microfiber absorbs excess water from wet hair without the need for rubbing or squeezing. It reduces the chance of frizziness and breakage, as well as the length of time your hair is exposed to heat as you blow-dry your hair.

10.      HARLOW Designer Silk Scrunchies for Hair

Mulberry silk scrunchie Harlow

As one Amazon reviewer noted, these scrunchies are so soft that they are “forgettable when wearing in hair.” The colors are also very vibrant and very reminiscent of the scrunchies that first came out (wayyy) back in the 80s and 90s.

So, if you love all things “old school” AND want really good hair scrunchies, then this set from Harlow is for you!

More about them:

6-pack in a wide assortment of colors; Choose either satin or velvet weave Charmeuse weave; For all hair types.

Do you use silk hair scrunchies? Tell us about it!


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