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Want to Grow Healthy Hair? Here’s a Fun Quiz and 5 Great Tips

By September 20th, 2021No Comments

Want to Grow Healthy Hair? Here’s a Fun Quiz and 5 Great Tips

5 Fantastic Tips to Help You Grow Healthy Hair

Your efforts to grow healthy hair shouldn’t seem like a chore. They should, instead, be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We’ve put together five tips to give you a helping hand. Kudos to you if you’re already doing some of these!

We’ve also included links to some useful resources – some right here on CurlyNikki. They’ve got more tips, information, and plenty of inspiration to help you make healthy, strong, and glowing hair your reality!

1.      Protect your hair.

There are many stressors that can affect the health of your hair. These include heat from your styling tools; environmental factors, such as dry air and harmful UV rays; and even the harsh fabrics that come into contact with your hair.

You can protect your tresses by using the right technique when you blow-dry your hair and by using a heat protectant every time you use heat-styling tools. Remember, too, that microfiber towels are much gentler on your strands than cotton ones. So, too, are pillowcases, bonnets, scarfs, and scrunchies that are made of silk or polyester satin.

While getting sufficient vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) is important if you want to grow healthy hair, you should still use sunscreen to protect your hair and scalp from the damaging and aging effects of harmful UVA rays.

Also, protective styling, such as cornrows, braids, Bantu knots, and twists, helps to reduce breakage. They are good for tucking away the ends of your strands and in so doing, they help to prevent split ends.

Get some useful protective styling info, here: 7 Tips For Growing Out Your Natural Hair While Rocking a Protective Hair Style.

And, some styling inspo, here: Natural Hair Styles – 25 Badass Bantu Knots Inspiration Pics.

2.      Grow healthy hair by nourishing it from the inside.

A healthy, balanced diet gives your body the nutrients it needs for healthy hair growth. These include vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as minerals, such as zinc and iron. Vitamin A and vitamin E, for instance, directly affect the health of your hair follicles. They and vitamin C are important antioxidants that help to stop the aging effects free radicals can have on your hair and scalp.

There are plenty of tasty, easy-to-prepare recipes that can help you get your vitamins and minerals for hair growth. Check out our recent posts:

Also, be sure to read: 7 Foods to Avoid If You’re Trying to Grow Longer Natural Hair.

3.      Take care of your hair on the outside.

You can nourish the healthy growth of your hair from the outside, as well. If you don’t already do regular deep conditioning of your hair, we hope this quiz is your inspiration to add it to your weekly wash day routine. See our article 7 Best Deep Conditioners for Black Hair for some great choices to help you grow healthy hair.

Keep in mind, too, that curly hair tends to be on the drier side, so read Why Black Hair Needs Hair Oil and 7 of the Best Ones to Use (with Product Examples!) It could provide some useful information for you.

Regular trimming is also a good habit to get into – aim for about every six to eight weeks. It will have to minimize split ends and those annoying little single strand knots textured hair is prone to getting. It’s best to get it done professionally, however, if you doubt your own scissors-wielding skills.

4.      Choose your haircare products wisely.

Avoid bad hair ingredients and get familiar with the ones that are good for your curls. A good idea is to do a patch test with any new product you try. You can use your inner elbow or a section of your hair that is easy to cover as the test site. Also, get product reviews and recommendations from trusted sources, including family members and your curlfriends!

Here are 7 Great Sulfate-Free Shampoos for Your Naturally Curly Hair and 10 Curl Creams for Natural Hair That Really Work, Really!

For many of us, the quest to grow healthy hair means taking full charge of the products we use. So. if you’re into DIYing your haircare products, you can check out:

5.      Keep the current state of your hair in mind.

Transitioning hair, color-treated hair, and processed hair all need special attention if you are looking to grow healthy hair. For instance, did you know that transitioning hair is weakest along the line where your natural hair meets your processed hair? Or, that hair dyes actually weaken the structure of your hair? However, you can combat these issues if you use the right approach.

Also, hair that is damaged needs extra care to repair it and return it to full health. You will also need to put special measures in place if you are experiencing the symptoms of dry scalp or dandruff. Be sure to read:

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