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Natural Hair Styles: 18 Simply Beautiful Afros for Your Inspiration

By September 20th, 2021No Comments

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Photo by Marvin Maduro on Unsplash

Natural Hair Styles: 18 Simply Beautiful Afros for Your Inspiration

By Jacqueline Samaroo

For many of us, seeing our natural hair as naturally beautiful is still a challenge. We still get caught up in the mindset that straighter + longer = better. Well, here are 18 afro hair styles that definitely prove that equation wrong! They’re channeling everything from Pam Grier’s big, picked-out, kickass fro to Halle Berry’s curly TWA.

So, go ahead and get inspired as you enjoy gorgeous kinks, curls, and coils in the most iconic of natural hair styles – the afro.

Afro hair products @sheilandinda



Oh, the fro! It’s one of those natural hair styles that fills you up with loads of confidence when you truly own it; when you embrace it as a beautiful part of your beautiful self!



IG @sheilandinda


Afro hair textures @iam_missdzidetei



If anyone doubts its beauty or tries throwing shade your way because of your fro style, then simply blow them a kiss…




IG @iam_missdzidetei #4chair


Afro hair textures @jadenikaylah




… relax, find your calm inner voice, and say a quiet prayer for their lack of appreciation…


IG @jadenikaylah


Natural Hair Styles @cedyacc



… then sit back and let them take all that fro in. Flaunt it, curlfriend!





IG @cedyacc


Afro hair textures @laporcshia



Big or small – the fro don’t mind! It’s quite OK with being your CROWNing glory or a dreamy-looking halo that perfectly frames your face.



IG @laporcshia #healthy_hair_journey


Afro hair textures @meredith_wielingen

Your fro can also be your cheeky way of showing off the length and volume of your natural curly hair.

A good way to achieve the look is to start off your afro as twists or Bantu knots using the right products for afro hair textures.

You can then create your afro hairstyle from a twist out or Bantu knot out.


IG @meredith_wielingen #teamnatural_


Products for afro hair @tolaniav



Are you considering going for the big chop? This Instagrammer did and she chronicled her hair journey on her IG page.

Rocking an afro as you learn about your hair and help it grow back healthy and strong can be an amazing thing.


IG @tolaniav #bigchop


Afro hair textures @joynavon



You can add color to your afro hairstyle, as well.

Don’t you just love how a little color plays on the end of each of these curls, helping them to stand out? Kind of like they’re reaching out to you!



IG @joynavon #afrohairdontcare


Natural Hair Styles @beautyoutspoken



Of course, going for a bold, all-over color works really well, too. 

Color is a great way to get your natural hair styles to pop, Pop, POP!



IG @beautyoutspoken #healthy_hair_journey


Natural Hair Styles @essie__nNow, this Instagrammer helps us show off the versatility of natural Afro hair textures. She gives us two very different versions of the afro. We love them both! Can you pick a favorite?                                                                               Natural Hair Styles @essie__n 2


IG @essie__n #4bhairchicks




Products for afro hair @tayloranise



And, continuing on the theme of the afro with a center part – here is a curlier version for you to gaze upon. Inspo!!



IG @tayloranise



Afro hair products @naturallytemi


Or, if you like your natural hair styles more on the dramatic side, we recommend this fierce do! 





IG @naturallytemi


Afro hair products @offbeatorbit



Yep, an afro can get your day off to a bright start. (Hmm… I wonder what new and exciting adventure my afro and I will have today?)



IG @offbeatorbit


Products for afro hair @honeyinmyheels




WE know THAT look! That’s a confident “I look good and you know it” kind of look. Thank you, curly afro!



IG @honeyinmyheels #naturalhairstyles


Products for afro hair @healthyafrohair



This Instagrammer posted this lovely pic to celebrate World Afro Day. Held September 15 each year, it’s a wonderful way to celebrate the beauty of Afro hair textures!


 IG @healthyafrohair #worldafroday2019


Natural Hair Styles @chiziduru



Knowing you look good from fro to toe is always a great reason to smile – to laugh out loud, even!





IG @chiziduru


Afro hair products @miss_andisa




This pic kind of sums up what we’ve been saying all along – when it comes to eye-catching natural hair styles, nothing beats a confident fro. Nothing.



IG @miss_andisa #WorldAfroDay

How do your natural hair styles make you feel? Share!

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