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Natural Hair Styles: 27 Stunning Tapers and Fades

By September 20th, 2021No Comments

natural hair styles tapered hair @thebaldbaddie

IG @thebaldbaddie #shavedandslayed

Natural Hair Styles: 27 Stunning Tapers and Fades

By Jacqueline Samaroo

Tapers are among the most versatile of natural hair styles. You decide how much length to retain on top, as well as where the hair tapers at the sides and back. From TWAs to frohawks, with or without designs, tapers and fades let you rock your natural hair and show off your distinctive style!

Thinking of embracing a tapered fro? Here are 27 IG tapers and fades pics each loaded with lots of inspo!

Tapers and Fades for All Types of Hair

We begin with four tapers that prove this natural hairstyle works with any type of hair – curls, coils, waves, and kinks!

natural tapers and fades @erthtonez

Perfectly formed curls – high in the front and on top, lower on the sides, and lowest in the back. Beautiful!                                                                                                                         IG @erthtonez #taperedhaircut






natural tapers and fades @naturalforareason

This frohawk shows one way to get two natural hairstyles out of one. It’s a lovely high mohawk that tapers and fades at the sides and in the back.


IG @naturalforareason #frohawk




natural tapers and fades @shyslane_serra

Here’s a beautiful wavy version of the taper on type 2 hair. Loving the highlights, too!


IG @shyslane_serra #onduladas





natural tapers and fades @kendrakenshay
This taper retains lots of height on top and in the front without the sides going too low. Pretty awesome how defined these curls are!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    IG @kendrakenshay #taperednaturalhair





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Tapered Fades with Designs

Patterned fades are always an opportunity for stylists and barbers to show off their awesome talents! Here are seven examples with varying levels of intricacy.

natural hair styles tapered hair @thephairmacist

A side part and a couple of lines in the back may be all you need to add a bit of edginess to your tapered fade.



IG @thephairmacist #naturalhairstyles




natural hair styles tapered hair @ayahna_the_great

Awesome color on a bundle of curls creates a stylish mohawk. But, that’s just the beginning. Add some clean lines in the faded sides and back and what you have is a real showstopper!



IG @ayahna_the_great #taperednaturalhair




natural hair styles tapered hair @medusadedja


Zigzags are always a good design choice to use in a faded taper.



IG @medusadedja


natural hair styles tapered hair @davinciofficial




Add in some geometric shapes for an even more intricate design.



IG @davinciofficial #taperedfro

natural hair styles tapered hair @hanginw_coop



That icy-blue hair might attract most of the attention, but the patterned fade ups both the edginess and creativity in this natural hairstyle!

IG @hanginw_coop #naturalhair

natural hair styles tapered hair @thebaldbaddie




Beautiful kinks and coils that taper in the back and are faded at the sides to showcase a mesmerizing design!



IG @thebaldbaddie #shavedandslayed

natural hair styles tapered hair @kennybarbeiro




Just loving the heart that graces this tapered fade!



IG @kennybarbeiro #thetaperedlover



Tapers with a Bang!

Bangs can help to accentuate a tapered cut. Here are four “banging” tapers and fades that help to prove that point!

natural hair styles taperedfro @neworleansnaturalhairexpo

Dangling curls in the front and a perfectly shaped taper in the back. It’s what this tapered fro is ALL about!



IG @neworleansnaturalhairexpo #taperedfro




natural hair styles taperedfro @kennybarbeiro

True – this look is quite similar to the one above. But, tighter curls and faded sides with a couple of lines etched into them give the look new dimensions. Versatile afro hair!



IG @kennybarbeiro

natural hair styles taperedfro PNG




Loving the way the curls cascade in the front, as well as the height on top of this tapered haircut.







natural hair styles taperedfro @thephairmacist PNG

Here’s a full, coily bang contrasted with tapered and faded sides.



IG @thephairmacist #taperednaturalhair






Colored Tapered Fros

Adding color to your hair, regardless of the style, can do wonders. Here are six tapers and fades with a burst of color for a truly dynamic effect!

natural hairstyles tapers and fades @elongtress

Color-blocking isn’t just for your clothes. Color-block hairstyles have been hugely popular for a long time. The color on the front only of this taper certainly helps the style to pop!


IG @elongtress #taperedfro





natural hairstyles tapers and fades @laryhill_

We love the warmth that seems to radiate from the color on this tapered fade.


IG @laryhill_






natural hairstyles tapers and fades @rocksnaturalhair

Enjoy the shades of pink in these curls and how the hair layers beautifully into a taper at the back and sides.


IG @rocksnaturalhair





natural hairstyles tapers and fades @vanitybydanit

Feeling inspired by the metallic tones on this tapered fro? We are!


IG @vanitybydanit #coloredtaperedcut







natural hairstyles tapers and fades @vicksenstyles

Curls on fyah!!!

Yes, the glow these curls are giving off has us enchanted. But, it’s the confidence this hair color brings on a tapered fade that is off the charts!


IG @vicksenstyles #afrohair




natural hairstyles tapers and fades @blackbutterflybeautybar

Embracing your gray/silver hair can be so empowering. Give it a tapered cut and feel how liberating it is, as well.

IG @blackbutterflybeautybar #taperedhaircut






Teeny Weeny Afros and Tapered Cuts

Going for the big chop can give you a big confidence boost and totally change up how you feel about your natural hair. Here are six TWAs paired with tapers for a totally bold look.

natural tapered hairstyle @baldgirlsonly

This head-turning tapered and faded TWA gets a style boost from oversized glasses. How would you glam it up?


IG @baldgirlsonly #naturalhairjourney





natural tapered hairstyle @davinciofficial

Professional stylists and barbers know exactly how to shape a tapered fade to best accentuate your face. Here the style gets kicked up a notch with a wavy, zigzag design. Love it!


IG @davinciofficial #taperedfro




natural tapered hairstyles @davinciofficial

When a TWA slays, it SLAYS. See that look in her eyes? She knows it!!


IG @davinciofficial #taperfade






natural tapered hairstyles @stepthebarber

This silver-haired bombshell shows off a taper that’s cut to perfection!


IG @ stepthebarber #undercut






natural tapered hairstyles @baldgirlsonly

Going from a long hairstyle, such as flowing locs, to a TWA can seem like a really big step. Ask the vast majority of women who have done it, however, and they’ll tell you the one question they end up asking themselves: “Why didn’t I do this sooner?!”


IG @baldgirlsonly #teamnatural




natural tapered hairstyle @krewkutz

Here’s another locs-to-TWA taper we know you’ll love. Click here to see her amazing transformation!


IG @krewkutz #bigchop





Can you do a tapered cut in your own natural hair?

It’s highly recommended that you turn to a stylist or barber who is used to doing tapers and fades if you want to try this natural hair style. HOWEVER, there are some persons who can and do create their own gorgeous tapers.

GlamMzMore shows us how it’s done!

What do you think of the tapered fro? Ever tried it? Tell us!

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