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10 Pretty Satin and Silk Head Scarves Natural Hair Divas Will Love!

By December 17th, 2021No Comments
10 Pretty Satin and Silk Head Scarves Natural Hair Divas Will Love!

Photo by Tamarcus Brown on Unsplash

10 Pretty Satin and Silk Head Scarves Natural Hair Divas Will Love!

By Jacqueline Samaroo

The holidays are upon us and that means being busy most of the time.  Here are ten satin and silk head scarves natural hair ladies can wear with confidence while running around for the holidays. They keep your curls protected and in place while adding to your own natural style. You and your curls can be on the go and still look awesome!

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10 Satin and Silk Head Scarves for Curly Hair

1. Evolve Wrap Scarf – Tribal Print MULTI-COLORED

silk scarf - best silk scarf for curly hair - Evolve

This gorgeous tribal print satin headscarf from Evolve is long enough to be tied in a variety of ways. The box actually shows you four variations  – twisted bun, top knot, turban, and headband. And, we’re pretty sure you can do a few more of your own!

2. Mulberry Park Pure Silk Head Scarf

silk scarf - silk head scarf for natural hair - Mulberry Park

This pure silk head scarf from Mulberry Park Silks is made of 19 momme, grade 6A silk. It’s a 36-inch square that comes in either black or pink. It makes a great choice for sleeping in as it will protect your strands from friction, as well as from getting dried out. It is also stylish enough for daytime wear, keeping your hair protected as you go about your chores.

3. Corciova Pink Stain Silk Head Scarf

silk head scarf - silk headscarf for sleeping - Corciova

At 35 x 35 inches, this satin headscarf is large enough to protect your hair while you sleep or to be worn as a daytime accessory. Use this satin option from Corciova as a chic headscarf, neck scarf, or drape it over a shoulder! It’s a great curly hair gift for a special curlfriend that we are pretty sure she will love!

4. Corciova Real Silk Twill Hair Wrap

which is better for hair silk or satin - silk scarf square - Corciova

Here is a 100% 14 momme silk headscarf that’s also from Corciova. It is a square scarf made of a silk twill weave and it measures 35 x35 inches. It comes in 19 different prints, so you are sure to find one (or a few) you like.  Thanks to all the color options and the gift wrap presentation, you can get several for your favorite curly-haired friends.

5. Square Silk-Like Head Scarf by Vimate

silk head scarf - which is better for hair silk or satin - Vimate

This beautiful satin scarf comes in 20 different prints. Plus, there are several mixed 2-pack options to choose from, too. It’s made of 100% polyester with a soft silky feel. It’s a multipurpose scarf that you can use as a head wrap but also as an accessory for your wrist, handbag, neck, shoulder waist… you get the picture!

6. Aqueena Silk Scarf for Hair

best silk scarf for curly hair - silk scarf for women - Aqueena

We LOVE all 19 of the wonderful prints featured on this pure silk scarf. It is only printed on one side, which may be a dealbreaker for some, but we think it’s still worth a shoutout. This mulberry silk head scarf is a 35-inch square, so it can be folded and styled to suit your taste.

7. AWAYTR Satin Large Square Head Scarves – 4PCS

silk headscarf - real silk head scarf - AWAYTR

Here are four beautifully designed polyester satin head scarves in one package. It is a great curly hair gift set to give to one very good friend or, you can share it among a group of your besties! There are 14 design options to choose from but whichever you go with, these 35-inch square scarves are sure to be a hit with whomever you gift them to!

8. Women’s Mulberry Long Silk Scarf by Smi&Love

silk scarf for hair - silk headscarf for curly hair - Smi&Love

67 x 21 inches makes this the kind of silk head scarf you can really play around with and wear in so many different ways. It is a 100% pure mulberry silk head scarf that comes in 24 different prints – and we think you’ll have a really hard time deciding which of these beauties to select!

9. Medium Square Satin Head Scarf by FONYVE

silk scarf for hair - mulberry silk head scarf - FONYVE

This chic polyester satin scarf is available in 45 different prints. It’s a 27.5-inch square that comes in a gorgeous presentation box. It is soft and smooth enough to make a protective headwrap, but feel free to wear and flaunt it in any way you choose!

10. 100% Mulberry Long Silk Scarf by Andantino

silk headscarf - Silk Head Scarves Natural Hair - Andantino

This is 70 x 21 inches of pure mulberry silk. Select from the 26 print options that are available. And, if you plan on using it as a curly hair gift, you and your recipient will love the smart-looking little gift packaging it arrives in. Plus, you won’t have to break the bank if you’d like to give more than one of these as a holiday gift!

See any of our satin or silk scarves you like? Or, do you already have a favorite you’d like to tell us about? Share!

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