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Curly Hair Gift Guide: 25 Best Holiday Gifts for Friends and Family

By December 17th, 2021No Comments
Curly Hair Gift Guide 25 Best Holiday Gifts for Friends and Family

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

Curly Hair Gift Guide: 25 Best Holiday Gifts for Friends and Family

By Jacqueline Samaroo

The holidays are fast approaching. It’s time to start thinking of how you’d like to show your curly-haired family and friends all the love and appreciation they deserve. One way to do that is with Black hair products that will both pamper and nurture their beautiful textures.

Not sure what to get? No worries! The CurlyNikki gift guide is here to help you find the very best gifts for friends and family this holiday season. Here are 25 awesome curly hair gift ideas to choose from or to be inspired by. Enjoy!

Kitsch Pro Scrunchies and Spiral Hair Ties

Christmas gifts for good friends - Kitsch Pro - scrunchies and ties

This Kitsch Pro set comes with five “softer than silk” scrunchies made of charmeuse satin. These are great for sleeping in as the material and elastic are very gentle on hair. It also features two super-soft microfiber scrunchies your curlfriend can wear when her hair is slightly damp or wet. The set includes eight telephone cord spiral scrunchies, as well, that hold hair securely without leaving an annoying dent. It makes a great protecting and styling gift for curly hair.

Beautifully Warm Oversized Satin-Lined Slouchy Beanie (2 Pk)

Christmas gifts for friends cheap - Beautifully Warm - oversized beanie

This is one of the best holiday gifts for friends and family! The temperature is falling, you need to bundle up, keep warm, and still be stylin’ and profilin’. There are several color options to choose from and each Beautifully Warm beanie is lined with soft satin, so you know the fabric won’t tug on and damage your strands. Plus, it comes in a pack of two – so, it could make a gift for two curlfriends OR you could just keep one of these cuties for yourself!

Taliah Waajid Green Apple & Aloe with Coconut 5 pcs Combo Set

Christmas gifts for good friends - Taliah Waajid - 5 pc combo set

Give your curly-haired friend a big assist in her natural haircare routine with this five-product set from Taliah Waajid. In this thoughtful curly hair gift set, your bestie gets a leave-in conditioner, shampoo, hair gel, curl elixir, and curl definer all in an amazing green apple and aloe combination. Her curls will reap the healthy hair benefits these two ingredients provide and she’ll love the refreshing scent each product leaves in her hair.

Drybar Hold Me Hair Clips

Christmas gifts for friends and family - Drybar - hair clips

Textured hair needs to be treated gently as it tends to be more delicate than other types of hair. A part of caring for curls, waves, coils, and kinks is working with the hair in sections. These Drybar clips can help! They hold the other sections of your hair firmly as you blow-dry, add products to, or style one section of your hair. This curly hair gift will be a big help to your friend as she does her twists, Bantu knots, and braids. The clips can be used on both wet and dry hair and will securely hold both large and small sections of hair.

My Big Curly Hair Apparel T-Shirt

Holiday gifts for friends - My Big Curly Hair - shirt

Do you have a curlfriend who takes on life like a boss? Or, is she just a jumble of to-do sticky notes and cheerful smiles? This is the perfect gift for her in either case! Help her flaunt her love of her natural curls and her love of being on the go in this cotton/cotton blend t-shirt. These shirts make really good gifts for friends and family. Select from five color options and sizes ranging from small to 3XL in “women,” “men,” and “youth” fit.

DevaCurl Rich & Decadent Trio

Christmas gifts for close friends - DevaCurl - shampoo, conditioner, and defining gel

This curly hair products gift set features mini sizes of DevaCurls’ No-Poo Decadence non-lathering shampoo and One Condition Decadence moisture-packed conditioner. You also get its non-crunchy, non-flaky Ultra Defining Gel. Each one is dermatologist-developed for coarse waves, curls, and coils. They are meant to be gentle while leaving dry, coarse hair softer and more manageable – your curlfriend will LOVE that!

Motique Accessories Wide Satin Hard Headband

Gift for curly hair - Motique Accessories - headband

Headbands are IN! Treat a curlfriend or two to a stylish headband she is sure to wear again and again. It’s two inches wide at the top to hold even the unruliest curls in place. Plus, it’s made of smooth satin in a no-teeth design so you know it won’t be tugging and ripping out her hair. This headband from Motique Accessories comes in 15 different solid and vibrant colors that would make wonderful Christmas gifts for close friends.

Sephora Collection Silicone Scalp Massager

Christmas gifts for close friends - Sephora Collection - scalp massager

Scalp care is a big part of natural haircare. A healthy scalp is one way to help ensure strong and healthy hair growth. A scalp massage, especially when done with beneficial hair oils, improves blood circulation in the skin of the scalp. This helps to bring oxygen and nutrients to the growing cells of the hair follicles. Give this scalp massager from the Sephora Collection to a curly bestie so she can enjoy its relaxing AND stimulating benefits.

Bumble and bumble The Curl-Loving Collection

Christmas gifts for close friends - Bumble and Bumble - shampoo, conditioner, defining cream, and curl reactivator

Looking for a gift with the “Wow Factor”? This Curl-Loving Collection from Bumble and bumble is the thing. It’s one of the best holiday gifts for friends and family to help them pamper their naturally textured hair in the hectic holiday season and beyond. The set comes with a shampoo, conditioner, curl-defining cream, and curl reactivator. They are made with an oil and butter blend that nourishes hair and has a maximum moisturizing effect.

Isoken Enofe Ankara Fabric Headwrap

Christmas gifts for friends and family - Isoken Enofe - headwrap

Help your curly-haired friend slay the stylin’ and profilin’ game anywhere she goes during the holidays. This Ankara print headwrap from Isoken Enofe is 54 x 18 inches – a good size for transforming it into several different styles to match whatever she is wearing and any occasion. The print shown here is just one of almost 20 that you can choose from. It’s the type of accessory you can use as gifts for friends and family without them feeling like you got them all the same thing – really smart!

Tangle Teezer Detangling Hairbrush

Best holiday gifts for friends - Tangle Teaser - detangler

Coils, curls, and kinks have a natural tendency to tangle and knot. They need gentle detangling to prevent breakage and to retain length. The Tangle Teezer is designed to quickly and gently detangle wet or dry hair. It fits snugly in your palm so there is no risk of it slipping and tugging out your strands – ouch! This brush makes a great gift for curly hair care for young and old alike. It comes in over a dozen color options, a few of which are printed in kid-friendly designs.

Curlsmith Transition Kit

Curly hair gift - Curlsmith - transitioning hair kit

Transitioning your hair from processed to natural is a journey of patience. But, it’s one in which you get to really learn about your own hair type and curl pattern and what’s best for them. Do you have a friend on her journey to natural hair? Show her some loving support with this transition kit from Curlsmith. It’s packed as a curly hair products gift set, featuring a cleansing conditioner, moisturizing hair mask, style balm, and style fixer.

Camryn’s BFF Gentle Edges Brush

Holiday gifts for best friends - Camryn's BFF- edge brush

Give your baby hairs the TLC they deserve with this edge brush and comb combo from Camryn’s BFF. It has soft 100% boar bristles for styling the hairline of all types of hair. It’s definitely not an expensive gift but it’s one of those thoughtful holiday gifts for best friends and family members who love laying and slaying their edges.

Black Sista Girl Natural Wood Earrings

Best holiday gifts for friends - BlackSistaGirl - earrings

Sometimes it can be very difficult to find the right Christmas gifts for close friends. You want something that says “I know you and I know what you really like” and these earrings do just that! They are made of natural wood so the coloring of each pair is unique – just like your curlfriend! They give off a proud, confident, and strong vibe to match the powerful way we all feel about our naturally textured hair. Plus, this Etsy shop sells matching necklaces – a great way to bump up the impact you’ll make with this gift.

Carol’s Daughter Monoi Strengthening Set

Holiday gifts for friends - Carol's Daughter - shampoo, conditioner, hair mask

Carol’s Daughter is one of the best-known names in natural Black hair care. Reviewers are constantly raving about how good their Black hair products are. If your bestie isn’t already a fan of the brand, she’ll probably become one when you give her this curly hair gift set! It includes a shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask, each one featuring a rich, thick formula with the repairing and strengthening benefits of monoi oil.

SLIP Pure Silk Pillowcase, Sleep Mask, and Scrunchies Bundle

Christmas gifts for friends cheap - SLIP - pillow, mask, and scrunchie

Does your curlfriend go all-out when it comes to caring for and protecting her curly tresses? If she does, she likely already knows the benefits silk brings to any curly haircare routine. SLIP is among the most popular brands when it comes to silk pillowcases and scrunchies to gently caress hair without sucking it dry. This pack comes with a pillowcase, sleep mask, and scrunchies all made of soft and durable 22 momme silk. They make awesome gifts for friends and family any time of the year!

Oslove Organics Butters, Oils, and Wax DIY Deluxe Pack

Holiday gifts for best friends - Oslove - hair butters, oils, and wax

Natural hair tends to thrive best with natural hair care products. Any curly girl with a DIY spirit will simply be head over heels happy when she opens this curly hair gift set from Oslove Organics. It includes unrefined murumuru and tamanu butters, as well as an olive emulsifying wax. She also gets pure cranberry seed and marula oils, along with vitamin E oil and an organic face and body oil. She’ll LOVE it and she’s sure to share some of her homemade hair product creations with you!

The Wrap Life Ribbed Stretch Bandie

Christmas gifts for good friends - The Wrap Life - stretch bandie

Holiday gifts for best friends should be something they will love using long after the holiday season is over. That’s what makes this ribbed stretch bandie from The Wrap Life such a wonderful gift to give. Your curlfriend or family member will love wearing it time and time again. Its rich and vibrant skin tone color pairs well with practically everything. Plus, it’s super easy to use – no special knot tying skills required!

Pattern On-The-Go Hair Care Kit

Curly hair gift - Pattern - travel pack

Traveling for the holidays can be stressful for both you and your curls. Help your bestie take some of the stress out of holiday travel with the Pattern On-The-Go kit. She gets a shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner that are specially formulated for tight curls, coils, and kinks. It’s one of those Christmas gifts for close friends that says, “Hey, I got your back!” She’ll know you’re thinking of her not freaking out about the state of her hair once the holidays have passed.

Messen 121PCS Hair Jewelry

Christmas gifts for friends and family - Messen - braid jewelry

Pamper the fashionista in your naturalista curlfriend with this amazing hair jewelry set from Messen. She gets an array of beads, cuffs, clips, and pendants to style her locs and braids anyhow she wants. Maybe she’ll wear just one or a few at a time but we’re pretty sure you can imagine your bestie going all-out stylin’ with these. Plus, you could buy the set and use it to make several awesome curly hair Christmas gifts for good friends – young and old!

AQUIS Microfiber Hair Towel

Gift for curly hair - Aquis - microfiber towel

There are many benefits to swapping out your cotton terrycloth hair towels for microfiber ones. Microfiber is much softer and smoother. It won’t snag your strands and it absorbs water so well that there is no need for rubbing. It’s pretty safe to say the recipient will appreciate all those wonderful features of this curly hair gift. She can also rest assured that AQUIS is a leading name when it comes to microfiber towels, turbans, and body towels.

Mielle Organics Type 3 Slay Bundle

Christmas gifts for friends cheap - Mielle - mousse, leave in conditioner, styling gel, hair butter, and edge gel

Here’s a set of hair care products specifically formulated for your curlfriends with type 3 hair. It’s a 5-piece bundle that features a mousse made with a blend of Brazilian hair oil; a leave-in conditioner with white peony to tackle flyaways and offer heat protection; a ginger and avocado oil non-flaking gel; and a rosemary mint edge gel. Now, that pretty much covers all of a curly girl’s styling needs in one box! Be sure to check Mielle Organics for plenty of other holiday gifts for best friends and family.

Red Pro Hair Therapy 2-in-1 Hair & Facial Steamer

Holiday gifts for best friends - Red Pro - hair steamer

If she’s a really good friend then you are looking for a really great gift for her. One that will show her how much you appreciate her friendship and that she’s well worth splurging on in the gift-giving season. This hair and facial steamer from Red Pro can help you do that. It combines scalp care, hair care, and a facial in one very handy tool. It’s one of the best holiday gifts for best friends who understand each other’s unique needs.

Pattern Tools Bundle

Gift for curly hair - Pattern -hair tools

Now, here’s another of those holiday gifts for friends and family with textured hair that will show you are truly thinking of them. It’s a haircare tool set that includes a shower brush, hair clip, microfiber towel, mist/spray bottle, hair pick, wide-tooth comb, and an edge tool. These are just the things needed by “curlies, coiles, and tight textures” to help make natural hair care a lot less daunting. Thank you, Pattern!

Oribe Gold Lust Collection

Best holiday gifts for friends - Oribe - dry styling collection

The very fancy-looking Oribe Gold Lust Collection is sure to make an impressive gift even before your curlfriend dives in and starts using the products. Beautifully packaged with a lovely artistic design, this limited edition set features Repair and Restore shampoo and conditioner, as well as a nourishing travel-sized hair oil. It works for all types of hair, fighting dryness while offering heat protection during styling.

See any items you’d put on your own holiday gift wish list? Which one? Tell us!

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