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5 Amazing Benefits of Zinc for Hair Growth You NEED to Know!

By December 7th, 2021No Comments
benefits of zinc for hair growth

Photo by Philipe Cavalcante on Unsplash

5 Amazing Benefits of Zinc for Hair Growth You NEED to Know!

By Jacqueline Samaroo

Who doesn’t want to have healthy, lustrous, thick hair? From investing in expensive shampoos to trying out different natural haircare regimens, we do it all.

But, sometimes it seems like it’s all for nothing.

You might still be experiencing excess hair fall, split ends, and stunted hair growth despite all that you do to help your hair grow. But, more than treatments and products, often it is important dietary nutrients that can help: zinc, for example.

There are plenty of benefits of zinc for hair growth, and you can find out about some of them right here!

5 Fantastic Benefits of Zinc for Hair Growth

1. Zinc reduces the growth of steroids

There are certain steroids that can lead to male pattern baldness in many male bodies, and female pattern baldness in women. Having enough zinc in your body will curb the production of these steroids and will keep your scalp filled with thick hair.

However, boosting zinc levels may still not be able to block DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) which may also cause hair loss. Enough zinc in your body will, however, slow down and reduce such hair loss.

2. Zinc promotes the healthy reproduction of cells.

You must already know that in order for hair to grow, the cells should be able to replenish and reproduce regularly. Well, luckily this is what zinc comes in use for. When the zinc levels in your system are balanced, it boosts hair cell reproduction, leading to healthy hair growth. This is because zinc helps raise the production of DNA and RNA in hair follicles.

Zinc, in fact, forms a powerful combination when used with selenium- they both also foster hormone production. This is why taking selenium and zinc for hair growth is a great option.

3. Zinc boosts protein levels.

Hair fall is often caused by the weakening of hair strands, which in turn traces back to protein deficiency. When your body is deficient in zinc, it is also deficient in hair protein, and this leads to hair breakage.

One of the many benefits of zinc for hair growth is that it builds up protein strands and in turn, strengthens hair from the roots. Furthermore, protein, in general, is much needed by the human body to keep up energy levels and strength. So, you can’t go wrong by having enough zinc in your body for that added protein advantage!

4. Zinc repairs and regenerates.

Zinc, which is only needed in small quantities in the body (11 mg for adult males and 8 mg for adult females daily), is excellent for repairing hair tissue. Hair tissue can get damaged and weakened over time due to factors like pollution, stress, and other health concerns. But one of the main benefits of zinc for hair growth is that it repairs, nourishes, and gives resilience to hair tissue. Even if you don’t notice distinct hair growth in a few months of zinc supplement usage, you will observe reduced hair fall.

5. Zinc maintains healthy functioning of oil glands around follicles.

pyrithione zinc for hair growth - pyrithione zinc shampoo and conditioner

Ever noticed that your scalp is either too oily or too flakey and itchy? That may be due to zinc imbalance and can cause severe hair fall if left unchecked. Among the benefits of zinc for hair growth is its ability to maintain scalp oil balance and treat seborrheic dermatitis. If you’re going through a scalp condition like that, try pyrithione zinc for hair growth. Pyrithione zinc shampoos and conditioners are readily available to help you solve this sort of issue.

While we are all wowed by the many benefits of zinc for hair, do remember to adhere to the recommended dosage of daily zinc intake. Too much of anything can be harmful to the body, and the same applies to zinc as well. Consuming too much zinc can cause harm to the immune system and further lead to aggravation of problems such as hair fall, acne, etc.

selenium and zinc for hair growth - shrimp

To reap the benefits of zinc for hair growth, always check with your physician before taking zinc supplements, or any supplements actually. A simple and safe way to boost zinc levels in your body is to include enough zinc in your diet. You can add foods like shrimp, red meat, egg, and soy to your daily diet for natural zinc intake.

So now that you know exactly why and how zinc can help promote hair growth, go ahead and include it in your life. Luxurious locks of hair are awaiting you!

Do you use a zinc pyrithione shampoo and conditioner? What’s it like? Tell us!

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