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Thinking of Using a Wig as A Protective Style? Here Are 7 Awesome Reasons to Go for It!

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Thinking of Using a Wig as A Protective Style?

Here Are 7 Awesome Reasons to Go for It!

By Jacqueline Samaroo

There are some definite upsides to using a wig as a protective style. They are super cute, easy to use, and help to keep your natural hair safe from damage. If you’ve been considering using wigs to mix up your style now and then, but you’re not sure wigs are the right choice for you, keep reading. This post looks at some of the ways in which deciding to wear a wig can be a really good idea for you and for your hair!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What does protective styling do for natural hair?

  • It protects hair from over-manipulation. Constant combing, brushing, and styling roughs up your strands and leaves your hair drier, brittle, and breaking. A protective style drastically reduces the amount of manipulation your hair is subjected to.
  • It protects hair from environmental elements. From sun damage to pollution to dry, moisture-sucking air, the environment can really wreak havoc on your tresses. Protective styles help to shield your hair from all these elements.
  • It allows you to switch up your style. There are plenty of protective styles you can choose from to help care for your natural hair. Wigs, braids, cornrows, locs, twists, and Bantu knots are just a few. It is good to keep in mind though that you should always give your natural hair a break as well as some deep-conditioning TLC between protective styling.
  • It is low-maintenance styling. Protective styles can be a genuine time saver and energy saver. They are especially beneficial if you are busy, not too keen on hairstyling, or just need a break from all the work that goes into styling your natural hair. What’s more, with protective styles, you can focus less on styling your hair and more on haircare.
  • It helps with length retention. One of the main functions of protective styling is to tuck away your ends to prevent fraying, breakage, and loss of length.
  • It helps with moisture retention. Your hair and scalp need to be sufficiently hydrated and moisturized to keep them healthy. Deep conditioning and leave-in moisturizers are a good way to achieve this, and a protective style is a great way to lock that moisture in.

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7 Benefits of using a wig as a protective style

Now that you know how protective styles, in general, help to take care of your hair, let’s zero in on how wigs stand out from other protective styles.

1. Wigs are easier to do and undo – compared to other protective styles.

Some protective styles, such as micro braids, can take days to install (literally!). Then you will have to set aside another couple of days to have them removed. Not so with a wig – just slip it on and pull it off. It’s that easy!

2. Wigs come in limitless styles.

Wigs give a wide range of colors, textures, and cuts to choose from. It’s quite okay to have just one that you love and stick to. But, it’s also great to have a few in different styles to match your outfit, the occasion, or your mood.

3. Wigs let you have a good hair day!

Imagine waking up with serious bedhead and no time to fix your hair before jumping into that Zoom meeting. No worries – grab your wig! A wig gives you hair that’s sleek, shiny, and healthy-looking in an instant. Yep, you can banish even the worst bad hair days with good wigs.

4. Wigs work very well with transitioning hair.

Transitioning hair can be difficult to style since it has two completely different textures. Plus the line of demarcation (where your new growth meets your processed hair) is fragile and very susceptible to breakage from manipulation. A wig helps with both of these issues.

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5. Wigs work very well with thinning hair, too.

Thinning hair can be a real blow to your confidence level. A wig can remedy that. Just slip it on and you now have a headful of thick and lovely-looking hair.

6. Wigs can look very natural.

A wig can look very much like it’s your real hair, growing out of your head. That’s especially true if you choose a good-quality human hair wig.

7. Wigs can make you look like a totally different you.

Want to show off your diva alter ego? Want your hair to take center stage? Or, are you into cosplay? Whatever look you are aiming for, a wig can help you to achieve it. Check these out!

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Tips for finding the best wigs for natural hair

Here are two things to keep in mind if you decide to use a wig as a protective style. When shopping for your wig:

√ Choose human hair.

Wigs are either synthetic or made of human hair. The synthetic ones will be cheaper (and you can find some that look really great). But, the best wigs for natural hair are those made of human hair. Yes, a human hair wig will be more expensive – costing you two times or more what a good synthetic wig would. But, it will be more comfortable, look more natural, and move more naturally as you move. Plus, you can usually style it as you would style your own hair.

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√ Choose a full lace or lace front wig.

No matter what, you will want your wig to blend seamlessly into your hairline. You also want the base of the wig to be as invisible as possible. Lace wigs can do both, thanks to how they are made. With a lace wig, you can be more confident that your wig won’t be noticeable as a wig.

Caring for your wig

How you care for your wig to ensure it’s always looking its best will depend on a few factors. Among them is whether it is a wig made of synthetic hair or human hair. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to care for your wig. Keep in mind that how you store your wig is important, too. Brushing it then placing it on a wig stand is always recommended.

Watch as MARIMBA NOLAN shows us how she washes and cares for her human hair curly wig.

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Do you use a wig as a protective style? Share what you like about the best wigs for natural hair with us!

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