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7 Amazing Hair Hacks for Natural Long Hair Growth by Zara

By January 11th, 2022No Comments
7 Amazing Hacks for Growing Natural Long Hair by Zara

7 Amazing Hair Hacks for Natural Long Hair Growth by Zara

Zara is back on CurlyNikki! She’s a fabulous naturalista who shares her natural hair journey with her followers. That includes more than 168K subscribers on her EfikZara YouTube channel!

This week she’s revealing the seven hair hacks that have led to her impressive natural long hair growth and length retention. And yes, as Zara explains, what she eats is a BIG part of it. In fact, Eating Properly is her number one tip. Find out what food she loves and what her suggestions are. JUMP TO VIDEO

Hair Hacks -Natural Long Hair - foods

Hair Hack #1 Eat Properly

We won’t spoil the fun by sharing all of Zara’s hair hacks here – you’ll have to watch the video to find out! What we will tell you, however, is that there is one in there that will probably have you going “No way! That’s the opposite of what I want. Why would I do that?!”

But, hear her out as she takes the time to explain why each part of her long hair growth strategy works. Just take a look at the results she achieved for her Type 4 hair!

For CurlyNikki’s look at vitamins for hair growth plus easy recipes for preparing hair-loving meals, check these out:

Apart from giving your hair what it needs on the inside, Zara also stresses nourishing your hair and scalp from the outside too. Find out what she has to say about this hair hack for long hair as she shares her favorite natural haircare ingredients with you.

Get more wonderful information and advice on hair oils and hair butters to nourish your hair and scalp on the outside!

7 Amazing Hair Hacks for Natural Long Hair Growth by Zara 2BTW: Yes, Zara does her own makeup, too!

If you’re thinking her makeup is simply awesome, you might be surprised to find out that Zara is her own makeup artist. She also does makeup tutorials on her channel, along with tricks she uses to achieve that flawless look.

Now, let’s get to that hair growth video!

7 Amazing Hair Hacks for Natural Long Hair Growth by Zara

A young woman of many talents, Zara (popularly known as EfikZara) is a professional violinist and composer. Aside from her primary career, Zara is a cinematographer with more than 17 years of experience. She is also a passionate healthy hair advocate with over 12 years of experience caring for her natural hair and the natural hair of her loved ones.

More than a decade ago, reading the stories of women on inspired her to go natural and now she’s sharing her story with hundreds of thousands of people, around the world!

Get more hair and beauty tips from Zara on CurlyNikki, HERE!

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