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Black-Owned Businesses: CURLē Beauty Launches Love Your Roots Campaign!

By January 26th, 2022No Comments
Black-owned businesses - Meet Mona El-Gharby, founder of CURLē Beauty - Black owned beard products - Black owned - How to find black owned business - Black owned natural hair care products

Black-owned businesses: Meet Mona El-Gharby, founder of CURLē Beauty

Black-Owned Businesses: CURLē Beauty Launches Love Your Roots Campaign!

By Jacqueline Samaroo

Meet Mona El-Gharby, founder of CURLē Beauty, a small black-owned hair products company that offers custom curly hair products. Mona and CURLē are on a mission to “reframe natural hair as elegant and luxurious in ALL contexts.”

Keep reading to find out about Mona and CURLē as well as CURLē’s Love Your Roots campaign with its focus on:

  • Sharing curly hair stories.
  • Empowering those who have faced hair discrimination.
  • Advocating for the Crown Act.


Black-Owned Businesses: A bit about Mona

Mona is an Egyptian American raised in Dallas, Texas. She is also a proud graduate of Southern Methodist University (SMU).

Mona’s curl journey actually began while she was still in middle school. She describes her naturally curly hair as “one of my biggest insecurities growing up.” She admits that she was raised to embrace naturally curly hair as beautiful and unique.

This, she soon discovered, was in sharp contrast to the way it was often perceived and represented in the wider society. There, naturally curly hair was side-lined as “exotic” “wild” or “crazy,” rarely being embraced as “elegant” or “sophisticated.”

It was as a teen that her own quest to find the right products and hair care routine for her hair led her to learn about hair and scalp health.

Mona ended up formulating her own products made of premium ingredients to use on her hair. This fuelled her desire to create a Black-owned hair products company with a focus on “the empowerment of natural hair and changing the narrative” about our natural hair.

While at SMU, Mona triple-majored in Biochemistry, Business, and Human Rights – three subjects she is passionate about. She put all that passion and knowledge into founding CURLē and now being its Chief Executive Officer.

Find out more about Mona in her own words:

Black-Owned Businesses: CURLē Beauty

Mona started CURLē Beauty at the end of 2020.

CURLē caters to all natural hair textures, be they waves, curls, or coils. Its collection is made up of handmade, organic, and vegan formulations. Along with its NO BS guarantee, CURLē’ also assures you that its products are

  • Curly Girl Approved
  • Free of harsh chemicals, such as sulfates, parabens, silicones, and phthalates

Check out the CURLē line of styling cream, hair oil, and deep conditioner. And, hey, if you are looking for Black-owned beard products, CURLē’s got you covered too with the CURLē’ Beard Oil. It’s a blend of argan oil, grapeseed oil, and castor seed oil – all skin-loving and hair-loving oils!

Get the facts about the goodness of grapeseed oil  – Ingredients 101: The Benefits of Grapeseed Oil for Hair Growth.

According to its website, CURLē’s products are “customized using artificial intelligence and proven scientific research – specifically for natural hair types.” Be sure to take the CURLē hair quiz for help assessing your hair’s unique needs, then place your order accordingly.

The website also offers chic branded wearables like its midnight-black, oversized satin scrunchie for styling and protecting your curls.

Black-owned businesses - CURLē Beauty Collection - Black owned beard products - Black owned - How to find black owned business - Black owned natural hair care products

Black-owned businesses - CURLē Beauty Merchandise - Black owned beard products - Black owned - How to find black owned business - Black owned natural hair care products - How to support black

Do you love styling and protecting your hair with twists and twist outs? Great! Read 12 Tips to Keep Twist Outs Looking Awesome Overnight and Longer!

For other protective styling ideas and info:

The Love Your Roots campaign by CURLē Beauty

(#LoveYourRoots and #MyCurleMyWay)

The mission of Love Your Roots is to embrace curly hair stories and cultural roots while advocating for the CROWN Act. It aims to emphasize the empowering nature of natural hair because, as we all know, natural Black hair is more than hair.

The campaign officially kicks off on 24 January 2022 and will launch primarily through social media channels. It will feature Instagram Reels and TikToks, giving individuals the opportunity to share how their curly hair and cultural background has affected them and their life.

During its Love Your Roots campaign, CURLē Beauty will also host roundtable discussions on hair-based discrimination in the workplace, at school, and in the wider society. Participants will also be sharing the ways in which they show self-love to counter this.

Plus, there are giveaways!!!!

Get a chance to grab free samples of CURLē’s styling cream and deep conditioner on the company’s Instagram page: @curlebeauty.

Heads-up: In order to qualify, you must

  • Follow @curlebeauty
  • Tag 3 friends in 1 comment for 1 submission (multiple submissions allowed – yay!)
  • Submit a video for 2 submissions

What’s more, CURLē’s curl-flaunting ambassadors and influencers will be offering promo codes as part of the countdown to the main event day (code expires on event day and is valid until 2/1 11:59 pm).

About the Crown Act

 “The CROWN Act, which stands for “Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair,” is a law that prohibits race-based hair discrimination, which is the denial of employment and educational opportunities because of hair texture or protective hairstyles including braids, locs, twists or bantu knots.”

Starting with California in 2019, more than a dozen states are already on board, signing the Act into law. The founders and leaders of the CROWN Act are dedicated to continuing until the movement achieves its goals of ending hair discrimination, nationwide.

What are your thoughts on Black-owned businesses and Black-owned natural hair care products in particular? Share!

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