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Thinking “It’s Time to Change My Hairstyle”? 4 Wonderful Benefits of A Fresh Look!

By January 18th, 2022No Comments

Change my hairstyle - App to change your hair color - Change of hairstyle - Change in hairstyle -

Photo by Josue Ladoo Pelegrin on Unsplash

Thinking “It’s Time to Change My Hairstyle”? 4 Wonderful Benefits of A Fresh Look!

By Jacqueline Samaroo

Are you thinking “It’s time to change my hairstyle” but you are stuck on actually doing it? Maybe you have a totally different look in mind but you’re afraid of taking the plunge. Or, are you just unsure of what change in hairstyle you should go for?

Whichever it is, keep reading! We’ll share four of the many upsides of a change in hairstyle, plus give you some no-commitment or low-commitment ideas you might like to try. Like, how about using an app to change your hair color or doing a faux fade with cornrows. Ready? Jump right in!

What are four benefits if I decide to change my hairstyle?

A new hairstyle can do plenty more than transform your physical appearance. It can have emotional and psychological effects, too.

1. A change in hairstyle can help you celebrate a milestone.

Hairstyles are great for marking milestones in your life – whether it’s a birthday, joining the ranks of the Great Resignation, or the (thankful) end or joyous beginning of a relationship. Changing your hairstyle tends to give you the feeling of a new beginning, of making a change for the better.

2. A change in hairstyle can give you a confidence boost.

Ever notice how we all seem to smile a lot brighter when we flaunt a new do? A new hairstyle can be very empowering. It shows off your ability to switch up your look and totally slay while doing it. It’s proof that you’re not stuck in a rut and that you are okay with mixing things up every now and then.

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3. A change in hairstyle can change your outlook on life.

A new hairdo can serve as a wonderful pick-me-up. It helps you to see that things and people can change – and they do change – often for the better. Embracing this change in yourself and how you present yourself to the world can go a long way in helping you accept the differences in others, too.

4. A change in hairstyle is a chance to express self-care.

As clichéd as it might sound, you really can’t take care of the people you love without first caring for and loving yourself. So, no matter what your other responsibilities are, taking care of yourself is always important. It should be your number one priority. A new look that celebrates you, gives you a boost in confidence, and improves your outlook on life is a wonderful expression of self-love.

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How can apps help me change my style?

Ever wondered what you’d look like with hot pink curls? Wonder no more! There are apps for that! Use an app to change your hair color or the cut. They can give you a pretty good idea of what you would like if you were to actually try the style. Plus, these hairstyle-changing apps are fun to play around with even if you love your hair just the way it is!

Check out a selection of hair makeover apps, here!

They are perfect for those of us who want to approach a change of style with extreme caution. No hair dyes, no scissors, no extensions you install then rush to remove before the week is out. Yes, we’ve been there, too!

Some of these hairstyle-changing apps use preloaded models while others will let you use your own photo. What’s more, many of them are free – so, what’s not to try?!

What are some tips if I decide to change my hairstyle?

Change my hairstyle - App to change your hair color - Change of hairstyle - Change in hairstyle - 3

Tip 1: Go with no-commitment styles if you are unsure about making a change.

Is there a new hairstyle to try without cutting? That faux fade we mentioned earlier is a good idea. So, too, are faux bangs you can create by putting your curls in a pineapple style and pulling some of the ends over your forehead.

Change my hairstyle - App to change your hair color - Change of hairstyle - Change in hairstyle - 4

Tip 2: Use natural, temporary colors to change up your look.

Permanent hair dyes can be damaging to your hair. And, they’re permanent! Aside from using an app to change your hair color, another really good move is using a natural hair dye for a temporary change. They usually wash right out after a few shampoos and your hair is safely back to its natural color.

Here are a few options for you: 6 Natural Ways to Color Natural Hair.

Change my hairstyle - App to change your hair color - Change of hairstyle - Change in hairstyle 2-

Tip 3: Try hair extensions or a wig.

Both clip-ins and braids are awesome for instant length and a totally new look. Using a wig as a protective style is another option that gives instant new-you results. Either way, they give you a new hairstyle to try for a while and the peace of mind of knowing you can go back to your old look without too much fuss.

Tip 4: Remember, it’s hair – it will grow back!

Thinking of going the route of a big chop, teeny weeny afro, or to shave it all off! No worries! Many women who do are timid about it at first but then love the sense of empowerment a new short haircut invariably brings. Cutting your hair short also gives you the chance to instantly join the natural hair movement. You instantly transition to your natural hair if your hair was chemically processed before. You also get to nurture your hair and learn how to take of it from scratch – literally – as it grows back.

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Are you thinking of a change in hairstyle? What will you go for? Share!

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