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Ayurveda Haircare: Bhringraj Oil for Hair Growth – 5 Wonderful Benefits

By January 14th, 2022No Comments

Bhringraj oil for hair growth - bhringraj powder - bhringraj for hair - bhringraj oil benefits for hair growth

Photo by Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz on Unsplash

Ayurveda Haircare: Bhringraj Oil for Hair Growth – 5 Wonderful Benefits

By Jacqueline Samaroo

Are you looking for more natural ways to care for your hair? If you are, then you’ve probably heard, seen, and read a lot about the goodness of Ayurveda ingredients, such as bhringraj oil, for natural haircare.

Keep reading as we explore bhringraj as a DIY natural haircare ingredient, its uses, and the many benefits of bhringraj oil for hair growth.

Popular YouTuber and natural hair expert EfikZara uses Bhringraj as one of the ingredients in her amazing hair growth oil. Check out her video: Fantastic (and FAST!) Ayurveda Oil for Hair Growth by Zara

What is Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine?

Ayurveda is the traditional system of Indian medicine. Its origins date back to at least 3,000 years ago and it is still the health care system of choice for much of India. Ayurveda is also practiced in much of the rest of Asia. Ayurveda has made its way into Western culture as a preventative and curative form of alternative medicine.

What is bhringraj?

Bhringraj powder - bhringraj oil for hair growth650x365.jpg

Bhringraj powder

Scientific names for the bhringraj plant include Eclipta prostrata and Eclipta alba. In English, it is known as the false daisy.

Bhringraj is a member of the sunflower or daisy family of flowering plants. It is found worldwide but grows most abundantly in moist areas of temperate to tropical regions, such as in India, China, Thailand, and Brazil.

Bhringraj is an edible herb that bears white flowers. Its leaves taste bitter, spicy, and dry. The whole plant has medicinal uses and is used as a part of traditional Ayurveda therapy.

Bhringraj has plenty of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins E and D, as well as iron, magnesium, and calcium. It also has several other beneficial phytochemicals (plant chemicals), with its impressive chemical makeup supporting its use as a medicinal plant as well as the use of bhringraj for hair and skincare.

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What is bhringraj used for in Ayurveda?

In Ayurveda, bhringraj is believed to help with balancing the doshas – three types of internal energy that govern an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional characteristics.

As such, bhringraj oil is taken orally and said to be effective at treating heart and respiratory conditions. It is also used as a treatment for gastrointestinal, liver, and neurological disorders. Another popular Ayurvedic use of bhringraj oil is as a treatment for scalp issues and to promote hair growth.

Care should be taken to only ingest bhringraj oil that is produced for oral use. Also, whether you use bhringraj for oral or topical applications, never exceed the amounts recommended on the product packaging.

What are the health benefits of bhringraj?

Several small scientific studies have revealed that the bhringraj plant has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is also shown to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, as well as being able to help with relaxation, stress relief, and sleep issues when used as a massage oil.

What is bhringraj oil for hair?

Bhringraj oil for hair is an oil made by the infusion process. Either the chopped-up leaves of the plant or the widely available bhringraj powder may be used for the infusion. Chopping the leaves helps them to release their chemicals into the oil.

Making bhringraj oil is fairly simple. The process involves placing bhringraj leaves or bhringraj powder in a carrier oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, or almond oil. The mixture is then heated, allowing the chemicals of the bhringraj to pass into the carrier oil, ready to use on your hair and scalp.

Alma fruit and amla oil for hair growth

Alma fruit and amla oil

Other beneficial ingredients can be added to the oil to increase its effectiveness. Ingredients commonly used with bhringraj include amla, brahmi, fenugreek, and gotu kola.

You can purchase bhringraj oil or you may choose to make your own bhringraj oil for hair growth. Keep in mind that it should be stored at room temperature in a cool, dry place. This helps to stop the oil from becoming rancid and gives it a shelf life of up to two years.

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What are the benefits of bhringraj oil for hair growth?

There are many benefits of bhringraj powder and bhringraj oil for hair growth. These include the oil’s ability to improve the luster of hair, making it appear more healthy-looking.

Here are five other bhringraj oil benefits for hair growth:

  1. Promoting hair growthVitamin E is one of bhringraj’s many phytochemicals. This vitamin has proven antioxidant properties. It helps to prevent and repair the damage free radicals can cause to growing cells, such as those in the scalp and hair follicle.
  2. Reducing dandruff – The antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties of bhringraj oil help in the treatment of dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis), scalp psoriasis. By improving the health of your scalp, bhringraj has a direct effect on the health of the hair that grows from it.
  3. Improving blood circulation – The ability of bhringraj to improve blood circulation means that cells are provided with the oxygen and nutrients they need for growth and proper functioning. It also means toxins and other wastes can be readily carried away from the cells.
  4. Increasing the thickness of hair – This makes your hair look fuller which can be particularly desirable if you have naturally fine hair or are hoping to combat thinning hair.
  5. Preventing graying and darkening gray hairs – This is one of bhringraj oil’s most popular traditional uses in terms of natural haircare. It is said to both prevent and slow the graying process. Some sources do point out that since graying is a genetic process, the more likely explanation for bhringraj’s effects is that it covers or darkens grays, making them much less noticeable.

Do you DIY your own natural hair products? Do you make use of the many bhringraj oil benefits for hair growth? Let us know about it!

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