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Scalp Care: Detox/Unclog Your Scalp for Extreme Growth and Volume | EfikZara

By March 14th, 2022No Comments
Scalp Care Detox Unclog Your Scalp for Extreme Growth and Volume EfikZara

Scalp Care: Detox/Unclog Your Scalp

for Extreme Growth and Volume | EfikZara

Zara is back on CurlyNikki! She’s a fabulous naturalista who shares her natural hair journey with her followers. That includes more than 170K subscribers (aka ZeeStarz) on her EfikZara YouTube channel!

Watch as Zara opens up about her dedication to scalp care as a vital part of her natural haircare routine. She takes her characteristic scientific yet easy-to-understand approach as she explains the structure of scalp skin, issues that can affect the scalp, and the best ways to care for your scalp if it tends to be either oily or dry.

Keep scrolling and reading as we highlight a few scalp facts and some benefits of scalp care OR feel free to JUMP TO THE VIDEO!

Five Scalp Facts

The skin of the scalp is very much like the skin found on other areas of the body but it does have its own unique properties. Here are five good-to-know facts about the scalp as you embark on taking the best care of your scalp.

  1. Bacteria and other microorganisms naturally live on human skin, including the skin of the scalp. Collectively, they are called your skin flora or skin microbiota.
  2. Your skin flora usually causes no harm, instead, they either have no effect on you or are actually beneficial for your skin and your general health.
  3. Scalp skin flora is generally not as diverse as the range of microorganisms found on other parts of the skin.
  4. Microorganisms on the scalp can be the cause of some scalp conditions. Take dandruff and its more severe form (seborrhoeic dermatitis), for example. They have been shown to be the result of increased activity of a specific type of fungus on the scalp.
  5. The scalp is actually more than just skin. The skin of the scalp is just one of five layers that make up the scalp.

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Benefits of Scalp Care

When we think of a healthy scalp, it is the benefits it brings for hair growth that usually come to mind. Here are some ways in which your hair thrives when your scalp is in great condition:

  • A clean scalp has anti-aging effects. It promotes cell turnover, getting rid of older cells and allowing newer ones to thrive at the surface.
  • A healthy scalp is better able to ward off infection, keeping the microbiota of the scalp at optimal levels.
  • A healthy scalp is more resistant to wear and tear. It is also better able to heal itself in case of damage.
  • A clean and healthy scalp is less susceptible to becoming overly dry or oily. This helps to ensure that the hair growing from the scalp is sufficiently lubricated and that the hair follicles have sufficient nutrients.
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Hey, if you’re loving Zara’s skin and makeup as much as we are, be sure to check out her channel. She also has a bunch of videos where she shares beauty and makeup tips, tricks, and techniques!

Now, let’s get to that scalp detox video!

Scalp Care: Detox/Unclog Your Scalp for Extreme Growth and Volume

A young woman of many talents, Zara (popularly known as EfikZara) is a professional violinist and composer. Aside from her primary career, Zara is a cinematographer with more than 17 years of experience. She is also a passionate healthy hair advocate with over 12 years of experience caring for her natural hair and the natural hair of her loved ones.

More than a decade ago, reading the stories of women on inspired her to go natural and now she’s sharing her story with hundreds of thousands of people, around the world!

Get more hair and beauty tips from Zara on CurlyNikki, HERE!

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