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Curly Nikki

BeHerSummit Presents: BeHer Talks (sponsored by Comcast RISE)

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BeHerSummit Presents: BeHer Talks (sponsored by Comcast RISE)BeHerSummit Presents: BeHer Talks

(sponsored by Comcast RISE)

by Kim M. Barfield

We invite you to clear your calendar, and make space for a series of impactful conversations, geared specifically toward you and your business! BeHer Summit is back, and we want you to sit down with us, and a new lineup of accomplished women of color, as they share how they’ve pivoted through challenges, including COVID-19, and found success on the other side. So grab your coffee, water, candles, journal, or whatever you need to set the mood for a healthy serving of entrepreneurial inspiration. 

BeHerSummit Presents: BeHer Talks, sponsored by Comcast RISE, is a series of virtual conversations between women of color entrepreneurs and how they’ve been able to navigate success, in spite of many challenges along the way.


BeHerSummit Presents: BeHer Talks (sponsored by Comcast RISE) for WOC Entrepreneurs

You Can Do It Too: Navigating Entrepreneurship While Working A Full-Time Job 

  • Angela Yee w/ Curly Nikki
    • Tuesday 3/29/22 at 3 p.m. PT / 6 p.m. ET 

Navigating entrepreneurship while working a full-time job is not for the faint of heart. Learn tips, systems, processes, and mindset practices to help you maximize your time and show up fully for both roles. 

Angela Yee is an award-winning co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show, The Breakfast Club; an entrepreneur having co-founded both a juice bar and a coffee shop in Brooklyn, NY; as well as a philanthropist, serving on the board and as an ambassador for multiple organizations.  Learn more @angelayee.

BeHerSummit Presents: BeHer Talks (sponsored by Comcast RISE)

Becoming Her: Balancing Your Mental & Physical Wellness As A Full-Time Entrepreneur 

  • Bri Monee w/ Sheila Marmon 
    • Tuesday 4/5/22

Your business can’t be its best if you aren’t able to give it your best. Learn how to pace yourself, care for your mental and physical well-being, and avoid burnout while working full time as an entrepreneur. 

Bri Monee (Briana Thompson) is a health & wellness advocate and Founder of Spiked Spin. She is committed to developing a wellness framework and infrastructure that caters to improving the health of those living in marginalized communities. Since the launch of her boutique cycling company in 2016, Bri has cultivated a community of over 4,000 riders in New York City. Learn more @bri.monee.

Bri will be interviewed by Sheila Marmon (@marmoncita ), Founder and CEO of Mirror Digital, an interactive media, and advertising company, that helps Fortune 500 brands tap into the fastest-growing U.S. consumer segment – the multicultural market. Mirror Digital has executed over 700 digital campaigns in this space for clients including Amazon, AT&T, Comcast, Disney, Ford, General Motors, Target, Procter & Gamble, Universal Pictures, and other brands and advertising agencies.

BeHerSummit Presents: BeHer Talks (sponsored by Comcast RISE)

Planting Seeds: How This Entrepreneur Grew A Physical Plant Studio During COVID-19

  • Angelica Varela w/ I B Majekodunmi 
    • Tuesday 4/12/22

The ultimate lesson in listening to your inner voice, and turning a challenge into the change you want to see in your own life, and in your community. 

Angelica Varela is the founder of Semillas Plant Studio, a Chicago-based nursery and gardening store. “Semillas,” meaning seeds in Spanish, is both a nod to creating a business rooted in her heritage and to her mission to give back to the community. Learn more @sincerelyanngee.

IB Majekodunmi is the founder of Refine Collective. Launched in May 2020, Refine Collective is a community that makes it easy to identify, and support minority and women-owned businesses with a mission to funnel purchasing power into the hands of the underrepresented.

Outside of her work with Refine Collective, IB is a freelance project manager, a self-proclaimed bibliophile, and a retired-yet-thriving dancer. She is extremely passionate about all-things Chicago and all-things community, so most of her free time is spent gallivanting around the city with her loved ones!


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BeHerSummit is a virtual conference that focuses on developing the inner and outer beauty of the multicultural, millennial woman who is choosing, in every moment, to be the best version of herself, her whole Self, now.  The becoming is in the Being.

Comcast RISE is a multi-year, multi-faceted initiative launched in October 2020 to help strengthen small businesses hard hit by COVID-19.  Qualifying businesses can apply to receive consulting, media, and creative production services from Effectv, the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable, or technology upgrades from Comcast Business. Comcast RISE is now accepting applications from people of color-owned or women-owned, small businesses, like yours. We encourage you to apply at

Find out about the history of the BeHer Summit and what BeHer embodies!

BeHerSummit Presents: BeHer Talks (sponsored by Comcast RISE) for WOC Entrepreneurs

BeHerSummit Presents: BeHer Talks

(sponsored by Comcast RISE)

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