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6 Exciting Benefits of Moringa Oil for Hair Growth (with Product Suggestions!)

By April 4th, 2022No Comments

6 Exciting Benefits of Moringa Oil for Hair Growth - Moringa oil for natural hair growth

Photo by Austin Wilcox on Unsplash

6 Exciting Benefits of Moringa Oil for Hair Growth

(with Product Suggestions!)

By Jacqueline Samaroo

Ready to find out all about the benefits of moringa oil for hair growth? Read on!

Oils are an important part of Black hair care for a reason – Black hair needs oils. That’s because its lovely textures (coils, curls, kinks, and waves) slow down the progress of sebum, the scalp’s natural oils, from root to tip of the strands. This leaves your hair dry, brittle, and prone to breakage, robbing you of length retention and making it seem like your hair simply is not growing.

It’s why many Black hair products feature oils in their formulation. It’s also why many naturalistas embrace the task of DIYing oil blends as a part of their natural haircare routine.

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Moringa oil has hair-loving properties that make it a popular oil for use in Black hair products, on its own and in oil blends to help take care of natural hair.

Here’s a look at this multi-use, beneficial oil.

What is moringa oil?

Moringa oil is an oil extracted from the seeds of the moringa oleifera tree that is native to India. About 40% of the moringa seed is oil and about 70% of that oil is made up of fatty acids.

Moringa oil is a rich, thick oil with a pale yellow color, a mild earthy, peanuty scent, and a pleasant taste. It has quite a long shelf life, meaning it will not go rancid easily – one of the reasons for its popularity.

The relatively small moringa oleifera tree produces much more than oil. It is drought-resistant and all parts of it are put to use as food, traditional herbal medicine, or as a source of biofuel, and even as a fertilizer and in water purification.

The tree’s range of uses earns it the nickname “miracle tree.” It also goes by other names, such as drumstick tree and horseradish tree. It is also called the ben oil tree because of the large quantities of behenic acid found in seed oil.

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How is moringa oil used?

Moringa oil has a long history and has been used for thousands of years in the regions where it grows naturally. It often gets used as cooking oil as well as in skincare and hair care.

Products formulated with moringa oil include:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Massage oil
  • Skin toner
  • Soap
  • Liquid cleanser

Moringa oil is also manufactured as a lubricant for machinery, so be sure to check the intended use of any bottled moringa oil you purchase. Cold-pressed, food-grade moringa oil should be your choice if you want it to be a part of your skin and haircare routines.

Health benefits of moringa oil

Moringa oil has large quantities of oleic acid along with palmitic, stearic, and linoleic acids – all of which are fatty acids. It also has several other phytochemicals (bioactive plant compounds) including antioxidants and moderate amounts of vitamins B2, B6, and C, as well as iron and magnesium.

Moringa oil can help balance hydration in the skin. It also helps to protect the skin from damage and fights signs of aging thanks to its antioxidants. The anti-inflammatory properties of moringa oil help it to reduce and soothe skin breakouts.

Benefits of moringa oil for hair

Moringa oil benefits all hair types and can be used as a part of any haircare routine but it is especially beneficial if you have dry, brittle hair or if your hair is chemically processed or color-treated.

1.    Moringa oil moisturizes your hair and scalp.

The fatty acid content of moringa oil helps it act as a support for maintaining the skin barrier and sealing in hydration. Your strands remain plump and your scalp remains moisturized and supple.

2.    Moringa oil protects against sun damage.

The antioxidants in moringa oil contribute to its ability to protect your scalp cells against environmental damage, such as from UV sun rays and internal damage, as from free radicals.

3.    Moringa oil smooths, shines, and improves elasticity.

This highly lubricating oil helps to do the job of sebum, adding shine and smoothing your strands for reduced frizzing. It also makes your hair more elastic, meaning you will see springier curls and your hair will be better able to resist breakage during regular styling.

4.    Moringa oil strengthens your strands.

The proteins in moringa oil can help to add structure to your strands which are, in fact, made up mostly of proteins. This can contribute to maintaining your hair’s protein-moisture balance.

5.    Moringa oil promotes hair growth.

Your hair and scalp need several different nutrients in order to thrive. The fatty acids, iron, magnesium, and vitamins found in moringa oil can help to nourish your hair and scalp, leading to healthier, stronger hair and better length retention. As a result, you should see improved hair growth.

6.    Moringa oil soothes scalp inflammation.

It does this because of those moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties we mentioned earlier. Moringa oil also works as an antimicrobial, helping to prevent scalp infections.

Three moringa oil products for natural haircare

1. Mother Nature Organics Cold-Pressed Unrefined Moringa Oil

Moringa oil for hair growth - Mother Nature Organics

This food-grade moringa oil is USDA-certified organic. It can be used in cooking as well as in both hair and skin care. It is 100% pure and a good choice for creating your own oil blends or for adding to your natural haircare products to boost their effectiveness.

2. CHI Argan plus Moringa Oil

Moringa oil for hair growth - what is moringa oil - CHI Moringa and Argan oil blend

Fortified with vitamin E, this is a lightweight oil blend for natural hair made with argan and moringa oils. It is readily absorbed by the hair and scalp, helping to improve shine and bounce as well as protecting against sun damage.

3. THE MANE CHOICE Tropical Moringa Oil & Honey Daily Moisturizer & Sealing Cream

Moringa oil for hair growth - what is moringa oil - moringa oil for natural hair - The Mane Choice moisturizing cream

Formulated with moringa oil, honey, biotin, and vitamin D, this moisturizer and sealing cream is designed to assist with growth and length retention. It can be used on all types of hair but is especially good for hair that is damaged, dry, and breaking.

What are your thoughts on moringa oil? Is it already a part of your natural haircare routine? Tell us!

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