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The Best Essential Oil Blends for Springtime – 3 Easy DIY Recipes

By May 3rd, 2022No Comments
The Best Essential Oil Blends for Springtime - 3 Easy DIY Recipes

The Best Essential Oil Blends for Springtime

3 Easy DIY Recipes

Spring is finally here! If you want to reduce stress and reap the benefits of a healthy home, consider picking up an essential oils diffuser. People use the countless blends of essential oils for many purposes. In this guide, you’ll learn about the three best essential oil blends for springtime and what purposes they serve.

Determine the best places to put an essential oils diffuser in your home and then dive into our guide to see which blends will suit you best!

Sweet Springtime Renewal Blend

The Best Essential Oil Blends for Springtime - 3 Easy DIY Recipes


When you combine grapefruit, ylang-ylang, and lavender oils, you create a blend that’s romantic, clean, and relaxing. Spring is when the flowers bloom and other types of foliage experience a rebirth – and so should you!

With this Sweet Springtime Renewal blend, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting in touch with your heart and finding your authentic self this spring.

Put three drops of each oil into your diffuser, and the result will be a unique aroma that creates an uplifting, mood-boosting experience.

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Raindrops on Rosemary Blend

The Best Essential Oil Blends for Springtime - 3 Easy DIY Recipes


For an herbaceous blend that will make your entire home feel fresh, you can create the Raindrops on Rosemary blend. This blend calls for one drop of spearmint oil, two drops of tangerine oil, two drops of purification oil, and three drops of rosemary oil.

The spearmint and purification drops give this blend a bold, earthy aroma, while the rosemary gives it a vibrant freshness. The tangerine adds a pinch of tang to this blend, a welcome surprise that makes the whole mix just a bit sweeter.

This mix is great for inspiring creativity because it will keep you grounded while your head is in the clouds, allowing your thoughts to wander without any hesitation.

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Spring Blossom Blend

The Best Essential Oil Blends for Springtime - 3 Easy DIY Recipes


The effect of this blend is, in some ways, a combination of the last two mixes. For the Spring Blossom blend, you’ll put four drops of jasmine, two drops of peppermint, and three drops of Eucalyptus globulus oil into your diffuser.

The Spring Blossom blend is the perfect aroma for rejuvenation after a long winter. If you wake up early on a foggy spring morning when the dew is still wet, you can put this mix in your diffuser for a refreshing scent that will start your day right.

Aromatherapy benefits of the best essential oil blends

Pause a moment and consider all the wonderful aromatherapy benefits you and your family could reap from having an essential oil diffuser in your home this spring. Here are a few of the top benefits of the best essential oil blends. Of course, there will be various other benefits depending on the specific oils you use.

An essential oil blend may help to:

  • Induce feelings of calm and give your mood a boost.
  • Improve your mental focus, along with your ability to think clearly and problem solve.
  • Lessen stress and tension, as well as agitation and anxiety.
  • Make breathing easier by helping to clear airways.
  • Relieve aches and pains, including soothing sore joints and alleviating headaches.
  • Ease you off to sleep and improve the quality of your sleep.

Spring is a fantastic season because nature begins its rebirth and the weather isn’t too hot or too cold. Now that you know the three best essential oil blends for springtime, you can make the most of the season and improve your mental health and physical well-being.

Do you use essential oil blends for aromatherapy? Tell us about your favorites!

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