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Ingredients 101: INSANE HAIR GREASE for Healthy Scalp and Fast Growth | EfikZara

By June 28th, 2022No Comments


A young woman of many talents, Zara (popularly known as EfikZara) is a professional violinist and composer. Aside from her primary career, Zara is a cinematographer with more than 17 years of experience. She is also a passionate healthy hair advocate with over 12 years of experience caring for her natural hair and the natural hair of her loved ones.

More than a decade ago, reading the stories of women on inspired her to go natural and now she’s sharing her story with hundreds of thousands of people, around the world!

Get more hair and beauty tips from Zara on CurlyNikki, HERE!

Do you use hair grease to help you maintain a healthy scalp? Share some tips, please!

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