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Do These 3 THINGS If Your Natural 4c Hair REFUSES to Grow for 1-inch MONTHLY | EfikZara

By May 31st, 2022No Comments

Zara’s strategies for growing her natural 4C hair

You don’t have to have natural 4C hair like Zara does to apply her three hair growth strategies. They are so basic that they apply to all types of hair.

Scalp health

If you’ve been following Zara, you know scalp health is something she feels very deeply about. This may be due to the extreme scare she had a few years ago with a scalp fungus. That harrowing experience led her to find out how best to care for her scalp which is now thriving and contributing greatly to the growth she has seen in her natural 4C hair.

Check out the video to see what tips she has for us!

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Haircare regimen

Do These 3 THINGS If Your Natural 4c Hair REFUSES to Grow for 1-inch MONTHLY EfikZara 2

Developing a workable haircare regimen is key to seeing maximum hair growth. It took our girl Zara quite a while to pinpoint the routine and regimen that worked for her natural 4C hair.

She learned a lot about hair growth and the science of hair along the way and shares that knowledge in very tangible ways with her viewers.

In this video, Zara offers some help with building the right natural hair regimen and hair routine. It comes in the form of her

  1. Recipe Bible
  2. Hair Growth Calendar
  3. Haircare Planner

She explains how she developed each one and how each can be used to help you find a routine and regimen that work for you.

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Plus, Zara has a new short video on how to moisturize your hair for 7 to 10 days without the need to remoisturize. Click here to see it!

Health issues

Internal health plays a HUGE role in hair growth. As Zara points out, certain illnesses, medical conditions, and nutrient deficiencies can affect the rate at which hair grows. Plus, apart from stunting hair growth, some of these might actually lead to hair loss.

Find out what Zara has to say about seeking medical advice, supplementation, and exercise.

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It’s time for the video!

A young woman of many talents, Zara (popularly known as EfikZara) is a professional violinist and composer. Aside from her primary career, Zara is a cinematographer with more than 17 years of experience. She is also a passionate healthy hair advocate with over 12 years of experience caring for her natural hair and the natural hair of her loved ones.

More than a decade ago, reading the stories of women on inspired her to go natural and now she’s sharing her story with hundreds of thousands of people, around the world!

Get more hair and beauty tips from Zara on CurlyNikki, HERE!

Are you hitting plateaus in your hair growth goals? Does seeing Zara’s natural 4C hair journey help? Let us know!

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