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3 Simple Noninvasive Cosmetic Treatments To Consider

By June 10th, 2022No Comments
Noninvasive Cosmetic Treatments To Consider

3 Simple Noninvasive Cosmetic Treatments To Consider

Those sweet moments when you’re asked for your ID at a restaurant or mistaken for your child’s older sibling are always refreshing. However, your complexion doesn’t stay looking fresh on its own. Here are some noninvasive cosmetic treatments to consider if you’re looking for a bit of an upgrade to your usual beauty routine.

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1. Microneedling

First up is a treatment that walks the fine line between noninvasive and invasive. Microneedling is considered a minimally invasive skin procedure that creates micro-injuries on the skin. This might sound scary, but the idea is to entice your skin into producing elastin and collagen, which softens any signs of aging that may be showing on the surface of your skin.

The technique revitalizes your appearance and fades acne scars. People often describe the experience as a warm scratching feeling as the tool carefully moves along the face. You can expect minor pain in the areas closer to your bones, but it’s a tolerable procedure with great benefits.

2. Laser Resurfacing

3 Simple Noninvasive Cosmetic Treatments To Consider

One of the best methods for removing damaged skin, laser resurfacing concentrates small beams of heat on your skin to trigger the production of the same fibers that microneedling produces, elastin and collagen.

The difference lies in the results: laser resurfacing not only smooths your scars but also erases unwanted dark spots and wrinkles while improving elasticity. Laser resurfacing usually involves your skin-care specialist numbing the areas to be treated and carefully aiming the laser in each area.

Recipients of this procedure usually describe it as feeling like having a mild sunburn for a short period of time. You can expect some redness and swelling for a few days before your skin settles into its new glow.

Both elastin and collagen are proteins needed for healthy hair growth, too. They, along with keratin and several other proteins, help to ensure your hair and scalp are strong, supple, and resistant to manipulation. Read more about protein and hair in these popular CurlyNikki posts:

3. Microblading

3 Simple Noninvasive Cosmetic Treatments To Consider 2

Microblading seems a bit intimidating, but it’s simply a high-tech method of creating semipermanent eyebrows to save time on your daily makeup routine. This procedure is similar to cosmetically tattooing eyebrows to serve as a base that doesn’t get messy.

A popular method that lasts up to three years, microblading is capable of creating a natural-looking brow due to its modern technology. Though more painful than the previous procedures, microblading lasts for quite a while, and it’s great for cutting down on your cosmetics routines before you head out each day.

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If you’re someone who regularly partakes in popular med-spa treatments but who’s looking to up their beauty game, these are the procedures to try out. However, these are only a few noninvasive cosmetic treatments to consider; there are many more to explore, depending on your skin goals. Take it easy on your skin and avoid the hassle of surgery by opting for these simple methods.

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