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Best Tips for Improving Your Body Image as a Woman

By August 1st, 2022No Comments

Tips for Improving Your Body Image as a Woman

Best Tips for Improving Your Body Image as a Woman

According to a survey by the Center for Change, as many as 86 percent of women feel dissatisfied with their bodies. Those kinds of numbers can be discouraging to those of us trying to fight our way to better self-esteem. But fear not. You are beautiful, and our tips for improving your body image as a woman will help you see that too.

Identify Your Insecurities

Body image issues look different for every woman. Women may feel dissatisfied with their appearance for being too heavy, not heavy enough, their skin color, hair texture, or anything in between. The first step to fighting our insecurities is knowing where our insecurities lie. Identify what about your appearance bothers you and what lie you believe about it.

When you find the lies, write them down, then write down the truth. No body part is inherently ugly, and you shouldn’t base your worth on what you look like.

Practice Positivity

You shouldn’t see the phrase “practice positivity” as passive. There’s a reason we’re using the term “practice,” after all. And just like you have to practice to learn to play the piano or throw a football, you need to practice to learn how to see yourself as beautiful.

Try taking time to look at yourself in the mirror for an extended period. Instead of picking at things you wish looked different, find things about yourself that you like. Tell yourself things like, “Wow, when I smile, it lights up my face” or “I love my figure.” Remember, practice takes time, so be gentle with yourself if this is hard to do at first.

Have Responses to Criticism Ready

One of our biggest worries when going out is the thought of what other people say about us. Instead of fearing it, it can be helpful to imagine ourselves in that scenario—someone insulting our appearance—and think about what we’d say in response.

Imagine you’re suffering from hair loss and are self-conscious about wearing a wig in public. It’s sometimes helpful to imagine someone asking that dreaded question—“Is that your real hair?”—and how we would respond. If you can imagine yourself reacting to someone else with confidence and self-affirmation, it’ll help you respond to yourself with it.

Treat Your Body Like Treasure

One of the best ways to battle self-image issues as a woman is to treat your body like it’s something precious, whether you feel pretty or not.

This is different than trying to hide your imperfections with pretty things. This means taking care of your body like it’s worth protecting, whether that means eating wholesome food or using skin-care products. It means dressing in things that make you feel amazing. These aren’t things we do because they’ll make others like us better. It’s because your body is one of the most valuable things you own, and it’s worth your love.

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