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2022 Beauty Trends You Can Create With Pigment Powder

By August 30th, 2022No Comments

2022 Beauty Trends You Can Create With Pigment Powder

2022 Beauty Trends You Can Create With Pigment Powder

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As we enter the fall of 2022, we can look back on all the beauty trends that have skyrocketed during the year. Earthy eyeshadows, nature-inspired nail polish, and bold eyeliner have taken the US by storm and show no signs of slowing down. You can find these beauty trends in almost every store.

However, your skin will appreciate it if you create custom versions of these trends, as this allows you to focus on natural ingredients that best suit your complexion. Pigment powder is the key to doing that. Keep reading to learn more about the 2022 beauty trends you can create with pigment powder.

Earthy Eyeshadows

Natural makeup with earthy tones has become one of the popular makeup trends of 2022, and one of the best ways to show off those earthy colors is with eyeshadow. While you can go to the store and buy almost any shade of eyeshadow you want, making eyeshadow yourself gives you the opportunity to customize the shade for your skin and control the ingredients.

For a loose powder eyeshadow, all you need is the pigment powder of your choice and a makeup brush for application. Pressed powders require the powder of your choice, some kind of binder to hold it together, a container for storage, and something to press the powder down with so that it doesn’t stay loose. Crème eyeshadow requires powder, beeswax, shea butter, skin-safe oil, and glycerin. No matter which kind you choose to make, you can customize the color and use ingredients that you want on your skin, unlike all the chemical ingredients you’ll see in eyeshadow at the store.

Nature-Inspired Nail Polish

Eyeshadow isn’t the only beauty product taking inspiration from the earth. Nature-inspired nail art has taken the US by storm. Base coat colors now come with names like “autumn rose,” and the most popular nail art details are natural elements, like stars.

If you don’t want to waste time finding the right color for your nail art, then you can make it yourself. All you’ll need is an empty nail polish bottle, some lacquer base, the pigment powder of your choice, and a toothpick. Pour the lacquer into the bottle, add a pinch of pigment powder, mix, and you’re good to go. You can create any nature-inspired look with your own custom colors.

Bold Eyeliner

One of the trends you’ve probably seen all over social media this year is bold eyeliner. With the right color and a thin brush, you can create dramatic graphic looks that will help you show off your personal style and stand out from the crowd. While you can find almost any color of eyeliner in the store, it’s healthier to make your own, and it gives you the option to customize the color.

To create your own eyeliner, you just need eyeshadow and either eyedrops or clear mascara. You can make your own eyeshadow, then add a drop of eyedrops or some clear mascara to the loose powder. Mix it with a brush, then apply it to your eyelid in any design you want.

The best 2022 beauty trends you can create with pigment powder are earthy eyeshadows, nature-inspired nail polish, and bold eyeliner. Making these beauty products gives you the opportunity to customize these beauty trends to fit your needs.

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