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Beauty Newbie: 6 Makeup Application Tips for Beginners

By October 6th, 2022No Comments

Beauty Newbie: Makeup Application Tips for Beginners

Even the most talented makeup artists or at-home beauty gurus began their journeys somewhere. As a beauty newbie, there is so much to learn about makeup. Create beautiful looks by following these makeup application tips for beginners.

Apply Foundation in Downward Strokes

There are thin strands of hair on your face. Typically, they’re unnoticeable. However, applying face products like foundation and concealer can “highlight” the peach fuzz on your face. To achieve a flawless look, always apply foundation in downward strokes. This avoids making the hair standout. To further “calm” the hairs, use a beauty blender to blot down the strands.

Mix Foundations for Perfect Color

Black women’s skin tones are unique, and there’s no single color that works for every black woman. In fact, you may have a variation of colors on your face. That’s why it’s challenging to the right match. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Create a foundation that’s as unique as you by mixing products. Grabbing light and dark shades lets you concoct the perfect color. Before you apply, swipe the shade on your cheek to ensure that it matches your skin tone.

Exfoliate Lips Before Wearing Lipstick

Applying lip products on rough lips is frustrating. No one wants cracked and dry skin ruining their beautiful look. To ensure a smooth and soft canvas, exfoliate your lips before wearing lipstick and other lip products. The best part is that you can make your own DIY lip scrub with simple ingredients. Here are some combinations:

  • Honey and sugar
  • Coconut oil, sugar, and cinnamon
  • Ground oats and honey
  • Finely ground coffee, olive oil, and brown sugar
  • Coco powder, agave, and raw sugar

Melt Eye and Lip Pencil Liner

Melting your eye and lip pencil liner is a great makeup application tip for beginners. Pencil liners tend to tug on your eye and lip, creating a chalky or rough appearance. Before using either pencil, melt the tip with a lighter for a few seconds. Then, apply the pencil to the desired area. You can easily glide the tool across your eye and lip, and it also creates a “creamy appearance.”

Pro tip: After melting the pencil, glide the product across your hand to ensure that it’s not too hot for your eye or lip.

Never Skip Topcoat Polish

Nail polish is a big part of a beautiful look, and you can complete cute at-home manicures. However, the durability and appearance of your nails depends on the topcoat polish. Skipping a topcoat is a common nail polish application mistake to avoid because it affects the manicure’s durability. The topcoat seals your manicure with a glossy and hard finish. It also prevents chipping!

Select Warm and Natural Tone Makeup

Neutral shades aren’t all the same. Depending on the product’s undertone, makeup can appear gray and ashy on darker skin tones. Complement brown skin with warm and natural cosmetic products. Gold, terracotta, caramel, and metallic bronze are excellent choices. Don’t be afraid to find colors and products that enhance your skin tone!

We hope our makeup tips help you create gorgeous looks. Remember, makeup just enhances your natural beauty. Whether you have a full-face makeup look or all natural, make your melanin pop and stride with confidence any day of the week.

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What advice would you give to a beauty newbie?!

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