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Lincoln Celebrates Self-Care and Serenity with Serena Williams and the launch of “Rejuvenation Mood Scents” at Art Basel

By December 23rd, 2022No Comments

Lincoln Celebrates Self-Care and Serenity with Serena WilliamsLincoln Celebrates Self-Care and Serenity with Serena Williams and the launch of “Rejuvenation Mood Scents” at Art Basel

When an icon like tennis legend Serena Williams teases something, we perk up. So when she posted about the fragrance, Coastal Mornings by Sanctuary on her Instagram account just before the beginning of Art Basel Miami Beach, we were obviously waiting with bated breath, leaned ALL the way in, to learn more about what she described as, “a new fragrance that will change how you move through the world.” 

Fast forward to the launch of Lincoln’s Rejuvenation Moods scents, including Coastal Mornings, a part of the global debut of the Lincoln Star™  Concept vehicle at Art Week and here we are, moving in Love! 

Lincoln’s Rejuvenation Moods can only be experienced in the Lincoln Star™ Concept vehicle, and each provides a totally immersive sensory experience that includes massage, motion graphics, audio–and yes, even scent–meant to invoke the serenity you need in any given moment. And as you already know (or you wouldn’t even be here!) moments of daily peace are not a luxury, but VITAL to self-care and well being.

Picture this: you’re on a morning walk on the beach at sunrise, meditating to the gentle sounds of the ocean, smelling the thick scent of citrus and salt, basking in the pink glow and orange hues from the rising sun, mind as clear as the sky. This is where you’ll be instantly transported with Coastal Mornings thanks to the dynamic design of this innovative interior cabin. It’s very much giving “soft life vibes”, and “everyday vacay”, and we are so here for it.  

“It smells really amazing. It’s like relaxing; it feels just comforting and calming. I love it,” Serena, a long-time Lincoln brand ambassador and collaborator, said during the event, where she also participated in Lincoln’s fireside chat and panel discussion, “The Intersection of Scent & Sanctuary”. The conversation drove home Lincoln’s commitment to self-care, simplicity, and sanctuary and the importance of scent in tying it all together. 

Lincoln Celebrates Self-Care and Serenity with Serena Williams Chizi Duru, Jenee’ Naylor, Symphani Soto, and Claire Sulmers were on site to experience all the tingles of the live brand activation, which also included an auction for a chance at hand-blown glass scent bottles of Coastal Mornings, signed by Serena herself. 

Each of the women left inspired by the experience, inspired by Serena and feeling really rooted in their ideas of sanctuary: 

Chizi Duru

Chizi is inspired by Serena. She shared, “she’s a big inspiration to me for going against the grain, and going after what she wanted in life, and being successful; and also just her ability to evolve and really accepting her evolution. I think it’s really inspiring.”

To her, sanctuary is her home- “feeling safe, relaxed, calm and centered.”

Symphani Soto

On Serena she commented, “She’s amazing! She’s just a stunning woman in general but she gave great insight on the thought process and what this means to her and it was just really cool to experience it.”

For her, sanctuary means, ‘calmness, peace and just finding your center.”

Claire Summers

On the meaning of sanctuary and her experience of the Coastal Mornings scent, Claire shared, “it’s a place where you can relax, refresh and release from all the stress and worries of the world. The scent for me evokes cool and calm, kind of like the sea at dawn. It’s really beautiful, nice and refreshing.”

Jenee’ Naylor

Jenee is moved by scent and shared that it helps her define the mood she’s in.  She shared, “if I’m feeling calm, if I need something before bed and I want to feel relaxed; or if I’m goin out and I want something lively and fun.”

What’s Next

The Lincoln Star™ Concept is an evolution in the next design phase for the automaker: electric vehicles. The brand is reimagining what a vehicle can be and exploring the “Power of Sanctuary” in the process. And while Coastal Mornings is definitely a whole mood, the Lincoln Star™  Concept includes other Rejuvenation Moods, all designed around the body’s natural circadian rhythm, or what we often hear referred to as our “internal clock”.  

Mindful Vitality is meant to be energizing for the senses and compatible with daytime serenity, while Evening Chill helps you to wind down into an evening of relaxation. 

Lincoln Celebrates Self-Care and Serenity with Serena WilliamsRejuvenation Moods provide an in-cabin sanctuary experience like no other. Are you ready to discover the Power of Sanctuary in your car? 

*Lincoln Concept vehicle. Not available for purchase.

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