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3 Simple Steps to Clean and Care for Eyelash Extensions at Home

By January 22nd, 2023No Comments

How To Clean Your eyelash Extensions at Home

3 Simple Steps to Clean and Care for Eyelash Extensions at Home

What’s not to love about lash extensions? They give you stunning, low-maintenance lashes that last for weeks. While extensions are, for the most part, low maintenance, you need to clean them daily if you want to keep them in prime condition. If you’ve never cleaned extensions before or need a refresher course, here’s how you can clean your lash extensions at home.

Gather Your Tools

To clean your extensions, you need a few tools. Fortunately, you don’t need a whole arsenal of cleansers and brushes—just three inexpensive products you can easily find at your local drug or beauty store. Here’s the list:

  • A gentle cleanser
  • A spoolie or clean mascara brush
  • A towel or mini fan for drying (optional)

Your cleanser should be gentle and oil-free. Harsh or oil-containing cleansers can weaken the lash glue’s bond and cause your extensions to fall out. Ideally, your cleanser should be specially formulated for cleaning lash extensions, but you can also safely use general cleansers like micellar water. And if you don’t already have towels and mascara brushes at home, they are cheap and widely available.

Clean & Rinse

Now that you have your tools ready, you can start the cleaning process. Start by wetting your extensions with lukewarm water. Once damp, take your cleanser of choice and gently work it into your extensions and over your eyelids. You can use your fingers or a specialty cleansing brush for this. After you work the cleanser in, rinse off your extensions again with lukewarm water.

Let Your Lashes Dry

Now you want to let your lashes dry. It’s best to let them dry naturally, but if you don’t want to wait, there are a few things you can do to make them dry faster. For example, you can pat them with a soft microfiber towel or blast them with cool air using a mini fan or your hair dryer on a low setting.

Brush Your Lashes

Brushing is an essential part of any extension cleaning routine. But why brush your eyelash extensions? For one, brushing breaks up clumps and makes them look neat and tidy. Secondly, brushing removes pollen, dust, makeup, and other contaminants that build up on extensions. This prevents irritation and eye infections.

Just grab a clean spoolie, position it in the middle of your extension, and brush gently downward to the tip of the lash. Repeat with the other extension. This should only take you a few minutes, and you only need to do it once per day. But make sure your extensions are fully dry before you move on to this step; otherwise, you risk damaging them.

Cleaning your extensions is critical if you want them to last. Cleaning also helps protect you from painful eye infections. Using these tips for cleaning your lash extensions at home, wash and brush your extensions at least once per day. It’s an extra step to your beauty routine, but you’ll be glad you did it!

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