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How to Choose the Perfect Wig Cap

By January 18th, 2023No Comments

What To Consider When Choosing a Wig Cap Construction

How to Choose the Perfect Wig Cap

Choosing the right wig is about more than just appearance. You also want to think about cap construction, which is the part of the wig that fits your scalp. There are a few significant elements you’ll want to keep in mind as you select the right cap for you. Here’s what to consider when choosing a wig cap construction.


The first thing you’ll want to consider when choosing a wig cap construction is size. Wig caps come in various sizes, so you’ll want to start by taking accurate measurements of your head. If your wig is too big or too small, it will likely be uncomfortable to wear. Therefore, getting the correct size is a necessity.

Knowing how to measure your head for a wig properly will help with this process. You’ll need to measure the following areas:

  • Ear to ear across the forehead
  • Ear to ear over the top of the head
  • Temple to temple around the back of the head
  • Front of the head to the nape of the neck


Comfort is another essential element to keep in mind. You want your wig to be as comfortable on your head as possible because you’ll likely wear it for an extended period. Each individual will find different types of cap constructions most comfortable. Therefore, it’s up to you which material you prefer.

Many people think hand-tied wig caps are the most comfortable because they are soft and flexible. In contrast, monofilament wig caps may be uncomfortable for individuals with sensitive skin. Opinions vary, so trying out different options for yourself is helpful.


You also want to assess breathability when selecting a cap construction. Breathability is how much a fabric allows for airflow. The more breathable the wig cap, the less hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable you will be while wearing it. Wefted wig caps, also called open-cap wigs, tend to be the most breathable cap construction. These types of wig caps allow for more airflow and circulation throughout the material, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day. Lace front cap constructions are one of the more breathable options. It’s important to note that human hair wigs are likely to provide more circulation than synthetic wigs, which can affect your cap choice.


Naturalness is the fourth thing to look for in wig cap constructions. Your wig’s hairline and part are two major factors that impact how natural or realistic the wig looks, and cap construction plays a large part in these areas. Monofilament cap constructions provide one of the most realistic parts, as the hair appears to be growing directly from your scalp. Meanwhile, lace front cap constructions offer one of the most natural-looking hairlines. It can be beneficial to try different cap styles on to see how they look before selecting the right fit.

Now that you know what to look for in wig cap constructions, you can find the most suitable option for your needs. Don’t be afraid to try a few different styles before settling on the perfect one.

What’s your favorite type of wig cap?

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