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Curly Nikki

My First Twist Out of 2023 + How I Achieve Bigger Hair

By January 24th, 2023No Comments

curlynikki twist out 2023

This was last night before washing my hair. Remember, this is no styler, just a liquid leave in and the Mielle oil. I could’ve rocked this for a couple of more days. 

My First Twist Out of 2023 + How I Achieve Volume AND Definition


GoOD morning!

That title is a misnomer. It’s not only my first twist-out of the year, it may be my first proper twist-out this decade! Last night, I made not two ‘bare minimum’ flat twists, not four, ‘imma tired momma’ two strand twists, but 15!  15 whole twists! I had a spiritual talk going on my phone, and was practicing my mantra at the same time with the felt-Knowing that ‘this isn’t really happening‘. And the time flew by, just like it does in meditation. Here’s what I did:

  1. Co-washed with Aussie Moist Conditioner (the cheapie champ!)
  2. Rinsed and applied a black tea rinse using a color application bottle focused at the roots (’cause the caffeine keeps the hurr on my head)
  3.  Applied more Aussie on top, because the tea makes my length hard and tangly– adding the conditioner helps lock the tea in near my roots while I shower, and softens and keeps my hair detangled at the same time!
  4. Marinated in the Black Tea Aussie and showered
  5. Rinsed thoroughly and wrung the product-free length as best I could
  6. Warpped hair in a t-shirt, in a low bun to let it dry a bit (like this)
  7. Sat down to meditate on the inner Light and Sound for 30 minutes (about 10pm)
  8. Got up and took off the t-shirt to find my hair 80% dry– wetter than I like, but it was late.

Side note: I’ve mentioned this in years past, but if you have fine hair, there’s no other way to style it natural. Damp (or 90% dry) styling leaves me with volume and the chunky definition that I can’t achieve with wet styling. If your hair is coming out with stringy or piece-y definition, if it’s coming out flat and crunchy, try drying your naked hair in a t-shirt before applying your products with a light hand. Your results will leave you shook! 

9. My rat tooth comb was in parts unknown and it was too late to be creeping around the house waking up them babies, so I used my afro pik to create whack parts. I  made 3 rows across the back, 3 two-strand twists per row. I do this so I don’t get a weird middle part up the back of my head the way I  do when I  only do two chunky twists in the back (one on the left and one on the right– when you put one in the middle, NO PART!), which makes it hard to fluff.

10. I made two, two-strand twists above each ear, placing the part where I’d want it on both sides if I was to rock a side part.

11. And two flat-twists going to the right in the front because I got tired, but also, even though I  twist to the right, I usually untwist and flip to the left– WAY more volume. But since the parts above my ears are even, I can flip the front section back and forth until I love the way it’s hanging!  This is key– twist in one direction to wear the twist out in the other direction for maximum lift! *singing in  John Legend* soooo much I wanna show ya, I’ll take you high 🙂 

john legend curlynikki

12. I applied product to each section of hair before twisting (two spritzes of the Aphogee leave-in and one pump of the LottaBody Foam  into my hand before applying- prayer hands style). I don’t like Lottabody as much as Nairobi (better hold, more volume), but it  does actually feel good on my hair and it’s not drying. If I had something ‘important’ to do, I’d choose the Nairobi… special occasions.

13. I  secured each twist with a bobby pin at the roots so it would hold the pattern of the twist instead of my own natural texture.

14. After all the twists were completed, I did the unthinkable– I prayer handed on some Mielle Oil, from the middle of the length down and dropped some into the parts, especially around my crown and edges (where the women in my family thin out– I’ll make a post soon about the supplements I’m taking to prevent this). To reiterate, as a fine-haired natural, I cannot use oil when I’m wearing out-styles or the style will turn out frizzy, piece-y, and limp. But I took the chance for you… and it worked out!  Hair health + style for the win! twist out twist out twist out 

curlynikki twist out 2023

Might fluff later!

curlynikki twist out 2023

curlynikki twist out 2023

I’ll check back in tomorrow! Listen to today’s episode of GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki, HERE!

I Love you,


Have you done a twist out lately? What products are you using? What should I try next?!

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