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How to Meditate to Find Consistent Love

By February 20th, 2023No Comments

how to meditate to find consistent love

How to Meditate to Find Consistent Love

Life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change.*
It gets better by praying in His Name ceaselessly,
by hearing His Silence constantly,
by abiding in (t)His consistent Love.
>>THIS is the consistency you desire. <<
THIS is the consistency you deserve.
The Feeling beyond all feelings that’s singing, ‘I love you, I love you, I love you’ without words.
Without stopping.
Soften into this Feeling, the fullness of your deepest Desire.
It’s time.
You have to be It to see It.

I Love you,

p.s. Ceaselessly praying = ceaselessly feeling (t)His Love. Ceaselessly staying aware of the presence of God- that how to meditate.

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Today’s Quotes:

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”*
-Jim Rohn

“Heaven is here, there’s no other place,
Heaven is now, there’s no other time.”
-A Course in Miracles

“On this journey we often have had to break our Hearts wide open and loose our Minds in order to understand what true Pure Divine Love, the Higher expression of Love, really is.
It doesn’t demand,
it doesn’t wish to change another,
it doesn’t control or manipulate,
it doesn’t use force nor is it afraid,
it isn’t in need to be loved back,
it sees through all illusions of separation and it just loves….”
-Via IG @ramonalappin

“You are in the process of purging while elevating. That’s why it feels heavy and relieving all at once. That’s why it feels like you’re going the right way and the wrong way at the same time. Don’t try to hold on to anything. Relax. Flow.  Trust. Let go. Allow yourself to drift into a higher dimension where the consistency you deserve resides.”
-Via IG @SourceMessages

“It’ll go from taking forever to happening seemingly overnight. That is your shift.”
-Via IG @SourceMessages

“The irony is that in letting go of everything you want; everything you want begins to make its way to you.”
-Via IG @SourceMessages

“Pay no attention to whatever the enemy says to you. As soon as he is about to whisper something in your ear, immediately say, Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me,’ or Save me,’ rapidly and without stopping, and soon you will see that the thought or rather the pressure to accept the thought has weakened, and you will not remember what exactly he was trying to say.”
-Elder Ephraim of Arizona, ‘Counsels from the Holy Mountain.” (pp. 280-28I)

“You’re not responsible for your first thought, but how you respond to it.
Say your first thought is “ew I look awful”, you can let that build and fester or you can say “no I look great”. changing your thought process takes practice.”
-Emmy @happpyyhipppyy

“Quit trying so hard and sit quietly with yourself and you will see that there are no demands within you.”
-Elsa Bailey

“God is saying to you tonight,
“The pain will end.
The tears will stop.
The doors will open.
A season of miracles and blessings are on the horizon.
Don’t give up.”
-IG @est215_

“Why do you fear? Don’t you know me? I am with you!”

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