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Curly Nikki

Morning Meditation – Stress Happens When You Forget God is Here

By February 20th, 2023No Comments

morning meditation

Morning Meditation – Stress Happens When You Forget God is Here

Stress happens when you forget God is you.

But we’re not forgetting anymore.
We are forever remembering.
From this Holy Instant forward,
we know that-
‘God is here,
and God is me,
and God is being everyone and everything.’

Only Love is here.  and I Love you, I AM you,

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Today’s Quote:   Morning meditation

“The true beginning of prayer is warmth of the heart, which scorches (compulsions and disorders), fills the heart with the joy and delight of unshakable love and strengthens it with sure conviction.” (St. Gregory of Sinai) This state is so deeply blissful and satisfying that the Christian tantric masters say it is one and the same as heaven, a heaven in the heart. ”
Dr. James Hughes Reho, ‘Tantric Jesus’

The gravest error man can make is ‘man on earth and God in heaven. Me here, God there.’ In our lifetime we have all made that error and we perpetuated it in many ways.  Every moment of fear, every doubt, every lack, every limitation comes from ‘me here, God there’… never in the same place.”
-Herb Fitch ‘The Mystical I’ , talk 1

“Shut your eyes and see.” – James Joyce

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