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Curly Nikki

“I love it when we’re cruisin’ together”- Multigenerational Milestone Trip Sponsored by Mad Hippie

By July 19th, 20232 Comments
“I love it when we’re cruisin’ together”- Multigenerational Milestone Trip Sponsored by Mad Hippie
multigenerational milestone tripfilter & make-up free save for Mad Hippie’s Cheek and Lip Tint in Fig

“I love it when we’re cruisin’ together”- Smokey!!!

Multigenerational Milestone Trip Sponsored by Mad Hippie

GoOD Mornings with CurlyNikki’ is on hiatus through August 7th, as I cruise the Mediterranean (Italy and Greece) with my mom, Elaine, sister, Syl, Grandma Louise, and Aunt Joan! Mom turned 60 this year and this body turned 40, and between all 5 of us, we’re celebrating 281 years of life and Love!

I took mom to Brazil a few years ago, but Grandma has never been out of the country so the excitement for this trip is through the roof—they’ve talked every day, all day, about this cruise since Christmas when Syl and I surprised them with it! Syl, my younger sis and international travel buddy is a BOSS. If it wasn’t for her, there’d be no trip, no meticulous plans, no BIG fun. She’s that friend that got us out the group chat!

Everyone flew to me and Mom here in Clearwater Beach and from here, we’ll fly to Atlanta, and from there to Venice (all of our seats next to each other!), and from there to the ship (3 hours away)! Keep up with us via IG and look out for my Mad Hippie Natural Skin Care Giveaway! If you’ve followed my skin care posts over the years, you know it’s been mostly Mad Hippie to the rescue. You already know how much I care about what I feed my body (lots of raw juice f(e)asts this year!), but what I put on it matters a lot to me, too! Mad Hippie products are vegan (like me), cruelty-free, sustainably packaged, and full of naturally-effective ingredients you’ll recognize without a chemistry degree!

I’m giving away two gift baskets overflowing with my faves x 2, like the Vitamin C serum, Vitamin A serum, and the Corrective Peptide Serum!

We’re all packed up and ready to go!

I love you and I’m with you! #CruiseWithUs


curlynikki mad hippie
#CruiseWithUs Giveaway Box (each box will contain the items/quantities below):
Vitamin C Serum x 2
Vitamin A Serum x 2
Corrective Peptide Serum x 2
Jelly Cleanser x 2
Microderm x 2
Antioxidant Facial Oil x 2
Luminizing SPF x 2
Daily Protective Serum x 2
I’m excited about this whole basket but if I was taking a trip ;) and could only bring one product, it would be the Corrective Peptide Serum! My new fave leaves me with taught, yet moisturized and clear, line-free skin. The Vitamin A serum would be a close second because whenever I feel a cystic/hormonal situation erupting, if I catch it early enough, it won’t even come to a head! I’ll be giving away two boxes in the coming days! Stay tuned!


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