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Twist Out Natural Hair Styles: 21 Beautiful IG Twist Out Pics

By November 5th, 2023One Comment
twist out natural hair style 2

Photo by Josepha Mafubo on Unsplash

Twist Out Natural Hair Styles: 21 Beautiful IG Twist Out Pics

By Jacqueline Samaroo

Rocking your natural hair can be a beautiful and empowering experience. Especially, that is, if you know how to do a range of natural hair styles – like twists and twist outs. We’ve put together 21 IG pics that are sure to give you some inspiration for doing twist outs on your natural textured hair. Enjoy!!

Plus, if you do twist outs on your own hair, be sure to read our recent post 12 Tips to Keep Twist Outs Looking Awesome Overnight and Longer!

Let’s do the twist out!

Before we head into the actual styles, here’s a good look at the twist-out process. You could choose to do your twists on dry hair but wet or towel-dried damp hair gives better definition once your curls are separated and fluffed.

twist out @hearttashh

IG@naturallyhers #teamcurly

If you would like to see the twist out in action, here are two awesome tutorials that show how it’s done. You can click the links here or scroll on down to the end of this article and watch the videos.

  1. Chev B does a twist out Super CUTE Hairstyle For SHORT/AWKWARD Length Natural Hair.
  2. Watch Slim Reshae twist, untwist, and stretch her beautiful tresses for THE PERFECT TWIST OUT on Natural Hair.

Before and After twist outs

twist out @qhemetbiologics

Here are two more quick peeks at twists being transformed into gorgeous twist-out styles.

You could totally rock your twist as a protective style for a few days then BAM!! Unravel them for show-stopping twist-out action.


IG@qhemetbiologics #twostrandtwistout



Twist-out updo

twist out @nyabryanna

Gather those curls up and let them spill over like an enchanting twist-out waterfall. Turn the style up a notch by adding some twist-out bangs and twist-out tendrils falling by your cheeks. Lovely!


IG@nyabryanna #naturalhairrocks





Wedding day twist out

twist out @afuaasantewaagh

There are twist-out natural hairstyles to match every occasion work, a night out with curlfriends, first dates, your special day, you name it!

Now, we’re not sure that it’s actually her wedding day but she’s sure giving off sweet blushing bride vibes in this pic.


IG@afuaasantewaagh #naturalhair




Twist-out volume

twist out @arleevia

When you dial the volume up to 11 ‘cause you know deep down that VOLUME is EVERYTHING!!


IG@arleevia #amazingnaturalhair





Juicy, chunky twist out

twist out @rajeeyahsweetnaturals

We just LOVE chunky twists and when they are this juicy, no one can resist. How juicy are these curls? Mmm… juicy enough to call everyone at work for an impromptu ZOOM meeting, for sure!!


IG@rajeeyahsweetnaturals #juicytwistout




There’s no denying the beauty and versatility of the twist out. But, it’s just one of a bunch of natural hairstyles you can choose from. See 27 Really Gorgeous No-Heat Natural Hair Styles for more inspo!!

Soft and curly twist out

twist out @bellezaenrizos

When it comes to your final twist-out look, a lot of it has to do with the technique you used on the twists themselves. Twisting small sections of your hair will give you lovely tight and curly ringlets as shown here.


IG@bellezaenrizos #3CHair




Soft and wavy twist out

twist out @bossiekopk

For the wavier twist-out curls shown here, do twists on larger sections of your hair. Twisting on dry, instead of wet or damp hair, could give you similar results, as well.


IG@bossiekopk #naturalhairstyles





Playful two-toned twist out

twist out @curls_n_tings

Expect to get a few of those “May I touch your hair?” requests when you sport a cute twist-out style with the level of confidence this curly girl is showing right here!


IG@curls_n_tings #twistoutresults





Thick and full twist out

twist out @dr.karinab

This twist-out diva look needs no words from me. So, imma STFU and let you enjoy it!


IG@dr.karinab #healthy_hair_journey






Short and sweet twist out

twist out @iammissfaye

The true versatility of twist-out natural hair styles is that they can be done on hair of almost any length with stunning results. Case in point – this pic!


IG@iammissfaye #twistout





Short-haired tapered twist out

twist out @gadgetgirl2

As we were saying just now about twist outs working with hair of any length… They also go with other natural hair styles, like the tapered cut shown here.



IG@gadgetgirl2 #teamnatural






Long-haired twist out from mini twists

twist out @brandirell

When you’re describing twist-out curls like these, you know the word “luscious” has got to be in there somewhere. Simply… luscious curls!



IG@brandirell #twistoutresults






Twist out from chunky twists

twist out @cocobellah

And, of course, we’ve got more chunky twist outs for you. ‘Cause you can never get enough of chunky twist-out styles!



IG@cocobellah #twistout






Twist out with minimum separation

twist out @xpressionsofyou

It’s totally up to you how much separation and fluffing you do on your curls once you undo your twists.

As you can see from this pic, minimum separation helps you to keep the definition of the individual strands of a two-strand twist-out style.



IG@xpressionsofyou #twostrandtwistout


Separated and still defined twist out

twist out @baelikejasmine

Separating your twists may take a bit of practice but you can do it! Just go slowly at first until you get the hang of it.



IG@ baelikejasmine #naturalhairstyles




Fully separated twist out

twist out @jadaadriel

Full separation of your twist is another twist-out style option to consider. It gives more volume without having each strand of your two-strand twists being too defined.


IG@jadaadriel #curlyhairstyles





Light pink twist out

twist out @aphairdiary

We just love it when gorgeous pink hair just don’t care! The shades in this style are giving off more than twist-out inspo – I can feel a bodacious dye job coming on!



IG@aphairdiary #blackgirlhairstyles




Blue twist out

twist out @izzy_andromeda


When you’re REAL serious about Stylin’ and Profilin’, this is one natural hairstyle and color combination you have to try!



IG@izzy_andromeda #TwoStrandTwistOut



Shades of blonde twist out

twist out @funkycold504

To get different types of twist-out curls in different sections of your hair try:

  • Doing small twists in some sections and larger twists in others.
  • Separating sections to different degrees.
  • Flat twists in some sections of your hair.



IG@funkycold504 #haircolor



Twist out on a sew-in

twist out @hallehair.nunailsbynell

Protective styles are an important part of a good natural hair care routine. Twists and sew-in weaves are just two options.

Protective styles keep your hair safe from over-manipulation and external stress factors. When done right, protective styles can help you grow longer, healthier hair.


IG@hallehair.nunailsbynell #protectivestyles



Now, here are those videos we promised you earlier. Enjoy!!

Super CUTE Hairstyle For SHORT/AWKWARD Length Natural Hair by Chev B

THE PERFECT TWIST OUT on Natural Hair by Slim Reshae .

Achieving Stunning Twist-Outs even on fine natural hair – this is what Nikki does to give the look of full curls even though hers are fine!

Want more? Natural Hair Styles – 25 Badass Bantu Knots Inspiration Pics serves up more hot natural hair styles for you to choose from.

Originally published in July 2021- updated for clarity, grammar, and content. 

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