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How To Maintain Your Natural Hair While Wearing Wigs

By November 5th, 2023No Comments


How To Maintain Your Natural Hair While Wearing Wigs
By Sabrina Perkins of
Aside from being an easy way to switch up your style, wigs have the tendency to be utilized the most when you’re not in the mood to do your hair. Using wigs as a way to leave your house looking more presentable and neglecting to care for your own hair is something that many women fall victim to and, as a result, their hair winds up suffering the most. 
Just recently we have been hearing more about black women suffering from hair loss because of wearing too-tight hairstyles, but neglectfulness of our own tresses while wearing extensions and wigs are also to blame. 

The process of keeping your hair healthy underneath your wig is not a difficult one, but it is definitely necessary, especially if you’re wearing wigs as a protective style. Here are a few tips on how to care for your natural hair while wearing wigs:
Wash Your Hair Regularly
This may seem like a no-brainer, but keeping your own hair and scalp clean while wearing wigs is very important. Since your scalp is covered for the majority of the day, there’s a chance that sweat has been accumulating, which can cause an unpleasant smell. Co-wash your hair weekly in order to rid the scalp of any sweat and dead skin that has started to build up even if you choose not to wash with shampoo that often. 
Moisturize, Moisturize, & Moisture Some More!
Wig caps can suck the moisture right out of your hair, so remembering to moisturize the hair multiple times per week is very important. Once you finally get home, take the wig cap off, lightly spritz your hair with some water or a liquid leave-in and pat it into the hair. Don’t wet the hair too much; just spritz enough water to replenish some moisture into your strands. Make sure to NEVER place a wig on damp or wet hair!
Detangle and braid up the hair
If your hair is long enough to get tangled, you need to make sure it is detangled and braided down before applying your wig cap. Not only does this reduce the look of bumps under your wig, but it will prevent the hair from becoming matted from the friction against the wig cap. 
Massage & Care For Your Scalp
Neglecting your scalp while wearing a wig is the worst thing you can do. Dry scalp and severe dandruff are two side effects of regular wig-wearing that is the easiest to contract. Apply anti-fungal oils such as tea tree mixed with carrier oils for scalp massages. 
This helps to keep the scalp stimulated and keep nutrients to get to your hair for healthy hair growth. These recipes also keep your scalp healthy and deter any harmful bacteria from growing on your scalp
Let your hair and scalp breathe
Although you more than likely take the wig off at the end of the day, it is important to have a few days where you don’t wear the wig at all. Your scalp and hair strands need oxygen to thrive and keeping them tucked away underneath a wig and wig cap can cause the scalp to smell sour.   
Do you rock wigs regularly Naturals?


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