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IG Natural Hairstyles: 21 High Bun / Top Knot Styles to Rock on Any Occasion

By November 5th, 2023No Comments
natural hairstyles - IG @granrose_touch #briadalhairstyle - natural hairstyle for a wedding

IG @granrose_touch #briadalhairstyle

IG Natural Hairstyles: 21 High Bun / Top Knot Styles to Rock on Any Occasion

By Jacqueline Samaroo

The high bun is one of those natural hairstyles that are so versatile they let you fit into any occasion. Yep, whether it’s a formal to-do (think fancy ball gowns and tuxedos) or a casual get-together in jeans and Ts, the high bun has got you covered!

You can do it as a natural hairstyle with braids or a blowout natural hairstyle. It’s also a great choice when you want to repurpose your twist out! Just gather your hair up in a high bun with lots of interesting texture, thanks to your twist.

Of course, it’s a bridal favorite when it comes to choosing a natural hairstyle for a wedding, ranking right up there with the halo braid hairstyle. That’s not surprising, really, when you consider how flattering the high bun can be.

Upsides to this updo:

  • It focuses attention on your face.
  • It elongates your face – a definite plus if you have a round or square face shape.
  • It pairs very well with high-necked dresses and blouses.
  • It accentuates your neck and nape, especially when paired with tops that are cut low in the back.
  • It goes well with bold makeup looks.
  • It is quite easy to master and do on your own.
  • It is a quick natural hairstyle that can take just a few minutes to accomplish.

High bun words of advice

As wonderful as the high bun hairstyle is, we must point out a couple of precautions to keep in mind.

Avoid making your high bun too tight.

A high bun, top knot, or any hairstyle that’s done too tight can be quite damaging to your hair and scalp. In fact, too-tight hairstyles can lead to a kind of hair loss called traction alopecia.

So, when doing your high bun, try to avoid placing too-much tension on your roots – you know the kind where you can’t smile without your entire face being in excruciating pain? Yeah, that.

Be sure to loosen up your high bun a bit, even if a super sleek, every-hair-in-place look is what you are trying to achieve. It may be much better to use a bit of gel or some other hair product to slick down those errant strands.

Don’t forget to switch up your style.

The high bun does look fantastic and is an easy natural hairstyle to do. But, it is never a wise idea to wear your hair in one style for extended periods of time. It could lead to certain sections of your hair being over-manipulated or constantly subjected to tension and stress.

In the case of the high bun, your hairline is likely the part to suffer and be in need of some serious TLC after a while. (Read: Natural Hair Care: 11 Tips to Regrow Your Hairline)

So, it may be best to save the high bun for once in a while or for special occasions.

21 IG High Bun / Top Knot Pics

Here are 21 high buns and top knots that show why this style is so popular as a natural hairstyle for Black hair. Our IG pic picks range from sleek and coifed to simple and messy but still absolutely gorgeous each time!

1. Beautifully textured high bun hairstyle for natural Black hair.

IG @heatfreehair #highbunstyle - easy natural hairstyle

IG @heatfreehair #highbunstyle

2. Braided high bun in the classic style.

IG @tinokunda_moyo #braidhairstyles - natural hairstyle with braids

IG @tinokunda_moyo #braidhairstyles

3. High bun accentuated by beautifully laid edges.

IG @joialovesu #blackhairstyles - natural hairstyle for Black hair

IG @joialovesu #blackhairstyles

4. Classic high bun in a natural hair hairstyle.

IG @michellelovejones #protectivestyles - natural hairstyle for natural Black hair

IG @michellelovejones #protectivestyles

5. Nice height, slayed edges, and a colorful scrunchie to bring the look together.

IG @billyalex_ #naturalhairjourney - natural easy hairstyle

IG @billyalex_ #naturalhairjourney

6. A side part and bangs add extra dimension to this high bun.

IG @divinehairbynads #sleekhairstyles - natural hairstyles

IG @divinehairbynads #sleekhairstyles

7. A popular way to wear the high bun: half-up-half-down.

C - quick natural hairstyle

IG @divinehairbynads #sleekhairstyles

8. A single braid at the back adds an interesting touch to this braided high bun.

IG @ebonystreasure #blackhairideas - natural hairstyle for a wedding

IG @ebonystreasure #blackhairideas

9. Absolutely loving the color and the way it flows from that top knot!

IG @keda_d #redhair - quick natural hairstyle

IG @keda_d #redhair

10. Artistic cornrows and a two-toned top knot come together in an intriguing design.

IG @moonie_did_it #highbun - natural hairstyle with braids

IG @moonie_did_it #highbun

11. Curly laid edges and a golden top knot – perfection!

IG @hairbypookah #highbun - natural hair hairstyle

IG @hairbypookah #highbun

12. A sleek top knot with a super curly twist at the side – love the look!

IG @themanoreffect #highbun - quick natural hairstyle

IG @themanoreffect #highbun

13. Take command of ALL the attention with this sweet bridal high bun.

IG @granrose_touch #briadalhairstyle - natural hairstyle for a wedding

IG @granrose_touch #briadalhairstyle

14. This messy high bun is giving off serious duchess vibes!

IG @bigbrowngoddess #highbun - blowout natural hairstyle

IG @bigbrowngoddess #highbun

15. A DIY coiled high bun with superbly cut fringe bangs.

You can create this style on your own, too. See how she does it!

IG @beacreative36 #naturalhairstyles - natural hair hairstyle

IG @beacreative36 #naturalhairstyles

16. A ropy top knot with expertly styled fringe bangs.

IG @lucy__do #fringebangs - blowout natural hairstyle

IG @lucy__do #fringebangs

17. A simple hair accessory can help your high bun stand out from the crowd.

IG @hairbyregalo #highbun - blowout natural hairstyle

IG @hairbyregalo #highbun

18. A sleek top knot that’s sure to draw looks of appreciation!

IG @hairmajestyy #topknot - natural easy hairstyle

IG @hairmajestyy #topknot

19. Simply loving the side-swept bang with this coiled top knot.

IG @tayslay_hair_og #highbun - natural hairstyle for Black hair

IG @tayslay_hair_og #highbun

20. A top knot with long curtain bangs helping to frame and accentuate the face.

IG @braids_by_bren #highbun - natural hairstyle for Black hair

IG @braids_by_bren #highbun

21. Beautifully big and bold high bun!

IG @kele_mashazi #highbun - hairstyle for natural Black hair

IG @kele_mashazi #highbun

What’s your favorite natural hairstyle for the holiday season? Tell us!



To keep from having to refresh or restyle your high bun for at least a night or two, use shea butter and a little rose wateron your edges before tying them down with satin scarf and sleeping on a satin pillow case! 

Originally published Nov 29, 2021- updated for content and clarity. 

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