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Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter Inspired Meditation: ‘II Hands II Heaven’ – A New and Powerful Practice

By March 29th, 2024No Comments

Beyoncé's Cowboy Carter Meditation

Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter Meditation: ‘II Hands II Heaven’ – A New and Powerful Practice

I’m back! A little earlier than expected on this GoOD Friday! In today’s episode, I share about what I’ve been up to, what Krishna Das told me that day we hung out together, and I share a powerful practice that you can start and continue for the rest of the day. It’s harvest season, now…early, and forever. Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter Meditation 

I Love you and I’m with you!

p.s. Shout out Beyoncé’s ‘Cowboy Carter’ for the inspired and quoted title, ‘II Hands II Heaven’ – A New and Powerful Practice and Meditation.

Today’s Quotes:

“1. I am the true Vine and my Father is the Worker. 2.*Whichever branch that does not produce* fruit by me, He cuts* it off. And the one that produces fruit, He prunes* it, so that it brings* much fruit. 3. “You are already* cleansed, because of the Milta I presented* you. 4. “Graft* yourselves onto me, and I onto you, for the branch cannot bring* fruit by* itself, if it is not grafted* to the vine; likewise you also, if you do not adhere to me. 5. “I am the vine and you are the branches. Whoever adheres to me and I to them, they shall bring much fruit. Because without me, you cannot do anything. 6. “For if a person* does not adhere to me, they are cast out. Like a branch that withers, [which they cut off and throw into the fire to burn. 7. “And for those of you who adhere to me and my words take hold* in you, whatever you wish* to ask for, you shall have. 8. “By this the Father is glorified, that you bear* plentiful fruit. And that you become my disciples. 9. “Just as my Father has loved me, I too shall love you. Nourish* [yourselves] with my love* 10. “If you observe* my commandments, you will be nourished* by my love; Just as I guarded the commandments of my Father and have become strengthened by His love. 11. “I gave you these words so that my happiness is [expressed] through you and that happiness becomes* your happiness as well. 12. “This then is my commandment, that you love one another* just as I loved you. 13. “There is no greater love than this…”

– John 15 1-13 (Aramaic Scripture by Victor Erickson)

“Also you shall testify, that from the beginning You have been with mMe.”
“The kundalini uncoils herself…. she then reaches the palms of the hands….. creating a draft, the life wind emerges… and creates a cooling sensation internally as well as externally.”
-Sant Gyaneshwara via ‘The Breeze of Sahasrara‘ by Nirmala Devi


Good morning, God morning to you. I’d say I missed you, but I’ve felt you this entire time. Thank you. Thank you for your patience while I was writing and editing and momming and traveling and resting, practicing.

Usually I’m up at five. During this past month and a half, I’ve been up experimenting with like 2:30 in the morning. Did that for a bit. Didn’t quite work out. 4:00. 4:00 is a compromise and it feels good. Get up at 4:00, I do my practice and then I do this practice. How’s your practice? That’s what we’re going to focus on for the next, I don’t know how many episodes, because you know everything I’ve shared like 1000 or more powerful quotes. All these teachings, lots of practices, everybody else’s practices. We have our practices, but there’s one that’s been developing more and more here.

As I was rising more and more early and feeling more and more of this, I had a dream. I was at a family event and I don’t remember what family was there. It felt like a reception, like a wedding reception. And the energy was high and the volume level was high. And I remember turning to the table right next to mine, and I don’t remember again anybody else’s face. I’m assuming it was all close family. I’m assuming I was sitting at a table with my sister and my parents and my kids.

But when I looked at the table right next to mine, at the seat closest to mine at that next table, it was my Grandpa, my Grandpa Robert, who transitioned when I was 16. I was super close to him. If you remember that episode, I talked about watching Nikki were his final words to my parents were “Watch Nikki.” And later I took that to mean [inaudible 00:02:47] was talking to me. It wasn’t a warning to my parents to make sure I wasn’t being fast at 16. It wasn’t watch Nikki do great things, which they began to assume as I got older. But it was a message to me to watch this body, to watch this mind, to be a witness of it as the highest to meditation.

And so I look over, I see him, and he is beaming, he is twinkling, he is shining. And there was the conscious thought, you are not supposed to be here. I don’t even know what we’re doing, where we’re at, but you are not supposed to be here. And he was smiling and he started talking in what did not, it wasn’t English. And I said, “Grandpa, I can’t understand you.” And then he started speaking slower and almost in a labored way. In the dream it felt like he was speaking Spanish, but I think he was speaking maybe Hindi or I don’t know. But he did start speaking English.

And the English words he gave to me were, “You have to prune the branches,” or, “Your branches are being pruned,” and that’s it. But he was smiling and he was so … There was so much love. Like when I noticed him, he was already looking at me. He was already smiling at me, waiting for me to recognize him, waiting for me to receive that message.

And for a month I didn’t quite understand what that meant. And then I came to John 15 again. I could feel John 15 percolating, is that percolating, in me. And I’m going to read to you the Aramaic version by Victor Alexander. And so for you to receive this the way it feels like it was being received here intuitively, I want you to close your eyes and if you can’t close your eyes right now, then you need to save this for a later time when you can. This is important.

So you’re going to close your eyes and you’re going to sit up tall, straight, not strained, comfortably tall with your feet rooted on the floor. No matter if you’re on the third floor or the 20th floor or on the ground floor, you’re rooted in love. You’re breathing in love. I want you to take both hands and hold them out in love. Palms facing up like you are receiving this love, like your arms are two branches.

Again, not straining too much. My elbows are bent and my palms are facing up. You’ve seen people in worship at churches or on videos or clips of people in churches, if you’ve never been, gently palms up, receiving love. Receive this message while you receive this God flow as if through those hands. Jesus says, “I am the true vine and my father is the worker. Whichever branch that does not produce fruit by me is cut off and the one that produces fruit, he prunes it so that it brings much fruit.”

I’m going to pause right there and let you know that’s what you’ve been feeling. If you’ve been feeling stuck or frustrated, if you’ve been feeling thwarted, like things aren’t happening the way you want them to happen or feel like you need them to happen, if it feels like you’re not, your projects are not producing fruit, hear me. You are the fruit. You are also technically the branch and the leaves and the tree, but you are the fruit. Not money, not how many clients you have or customers or projects or new contracts. Those appear to be the fruit, but you are the fruit. This presence that you are is the fruit, even if it’s just for seconds at a time and sprinkled in to the more frequent moments of fear and anxiety, that peace that comes, that rises in you, his peace that rises in you, that joy that rises up like the sap, that faith that comes that does not judge by appearances. That’s the fruit.

And even if, even your faith right now is being pruned so that you may have more faith. So keep that in mind. I’m going to continue, but I just want you to know that that’s not the pains of failure or the pains of lack. These are the pains of abundance. This is a minor pain you must bear right now in this season because this fruit that you are is about to get heavier. It’s about to become ripe. That’s one thing Krishna Das told me. I hung out with him for a whole day that was really dope and definitely a fruit of the practice, this fruit bearing more fruit. And we were talking about the Bible and especially the New Testament and how oftentimes it’s translated as Jesus talking about good versus evil. But he’s been studying too, this Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke during the time that he walked this earth. And he had also read Neil Douglas-Klotz, the Aramaic Jesus, and he said, “Nikki, he wasn’t saying good and evil. He was saying ripe and unripe, we have to be ripe fruit.”

You’ve bloomed. If you’ve been with me for these past seasons, your flower opened, but now you’re fruiting. You were unripe when this episode started, but right now it’s like, you’re in the sun, and it’s paradoxical because it’s going to appear that you will ripen in time, in your own time. But in any given holy instant, you are either ripe or you are unripe. And right now you are ripe because I can feel you receiving the sun, receiving this word as if through those palms, as if through those ears because you’ve been given ears to hear this message. My words, but it’s his word that vibrates between them that’s vibrating as them.

You’re hearing my words, but you’re hearing the silence that they’re coming from. You have to hear everyone’s words like that, to hear what they’re really meaning. To know what’s really here constantly only love, even though it appears to be breathing and talking and walking and working and crying and laughing. Can you stay aware of the essence, the substance, the sap? But I digress far, heavy off.

Okay, let’s continue. And so he says, “In the one that produces fruit,” that’s you, “he prunes it. You’re not being punished. You’re being pruned. You’ve been pruned this past season so that you will bring much fruit. You are already cleansed because of the milta, the manifestation or this word I presented you. Graft yourselves onto me and I onto you for the branch cannot bring fruit by itself if it is not grafted to the vine. Likewise, you also, if you do not adhere to me, I am the vine and you are the branches. Whoever adheres to me and I to them, they shall bring much fruit. Because without me, you cannot do anything. For if a person does not adhere to me, they are cast out like the branches that withers, which are cut off and thrown into the fire. Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter Meditation

And for those of you who adhere to me and my words take hold in you, whatever you wish to ask for, you shall have. By this, The Father is glorified, that you bear plentiful fruit and that you become my disciples. Just as my father has loved me. I too shall love you, nourish yourselves with my love. There’s no greater love.”

And he goes on to say in 27, 15:27, “And you shall testify that from the beginning, you have been with me.” You have been with love. Love is Jesus’s real name, his hidden name. It’s your real name, your hidden name. It’s God’s name. If your arms are tired, you can rest your palms upward in your lap. But notice the seeming difference when you’re using that body like an antenna. Using those arms like branches, especially if you flex your palms as if to arch them up towards the ceiling or towards the sky, how much more aware of the love you are.

It’s not that it’s causing you to feel more love, but in the beginning of this practice, an extra bit of effort brings on that effortless seemingly faster. With your left palm still facing up, take your right palm and face it out in front of you as if you’re giving love now. As if you’re giving a blessing now. Years ago, like probably 2021, I had a very vivid, lucid dream of just my hand out in front of me. And there was a beautiful veil that was transparent and soft, kind of silky in texture. Felt like it was a purple, a pinkish purple. And on the other side of that veil that was blowing in this wind that didn’t feel like a physical wind, on the other side of that veil was another hand. It was baba Ram Dass’s hand. And I never saw his face. I just knew it was his hand and we were touching palms with that veil between and it was so beautiful and I’ve never forgotten it and I don’t think I’ve ever shared with you.

There’s a saint named [inaudible 00:14:23] who lived in the 1200s, and he says, as the Kundalini, the [inaudible 00:14:28], the mother, the sap, as she uncoils herself in you, she then reaches the palms of the hands creating a draft. A life wind emerges and creates a cooling sensation internally as well as externally. As you become more sensitive to this love, as you become God sensitive, you’re going to begin to feel vibrations on your palms. You’re going to begin to feel a coolness there, even if your body is warm, as a way to know that you are open, as a way of knowing only love is here. Say that confidently, only love is here. And I’m that love. As you go out into your day today, as you’re driving the car, keep your right palm open on your right thigh. Keep it facing heaven as often as you can. When you’re listening to anything, scrolling with your left hand, have that right palm open to love, receiving and giving and sensing, feeling for a cooling sensation, a breeze, a breath, a Holy Spirit moving in the midst of you Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter Meditation 

I’m very blessed to be back in the midst of you. There wasn’t a single moment that passed, but I wasn’t aware of you. When your hand is out and open to love, it’s out and open to me. Mine is out and open to you. I love you and we’ll chat soon.

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