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Cleaning Out My Closet-YOU Benefit!

By Curly Nikki 13 Comments

Hello, my name is Nikki. N-I-K-K-I, and I’m a Product Junkie…… Well, actually I’m a recovering PJ…relapses are always right around the corner, but I’ve been doing good for the past month or so ;0) Lately, I’ve been sorting through my ridiculously cluttered bathroom closet. It is spilling over with full and mostly full jars of high quality products that…

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About Me

By Curly Nikki 254 Comments

“If You’re Not Feeling Your Hair, You’re Not Feeling Yourself…” was created to serve as an online “hair therapy session” for those struggling to embrace their naturally curly hair. It not only serves as an educational tool, but as a platform for each of you to share your experiences, frustrations, and triumphs of being Naturally Glamorous. *IMDB bio* Press…

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Please Subscribe to CurlyNikki!

By Curly Nikki No Comments

Hi ladies! Thank you for all of the support and love you’ve shown me in only 24 hours!!! Please don’t forget to subscribe to if you’re enjoying the content of the blog. Email updates will be sent to you when I publish new posts :0) Which I promise will be often! Take care and thanks a million! ~CN~

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Vitamins and Minerals

By Curly Nikki 34 Comments

People are always asking me if I take vitamins and mineral supplements to achieve growth. Well, I do. I’m not really into ‘length’ as much as I’m in to BIG HAIR. But obviously, big hair comes with more length. So, I’ve been popping pills since March 2008, and I hate swallowing pills. My dream hair: I love her length, fullness…

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My Products

By Curly Nikki 11 Comments

Since March of this year, I’ve only used conditioners and all natural butters for moisture and styling. In years past, I’ve used everything from Sebastian Potion 9 to Fantasia IC to ‘define’ my hair, but it seemed that I was sacrificing health for beauty. My hair never grew past shoulder length, and my ends were snapping and popping all over…

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Top 10 Tips for Fine Haired Curlies

By Curly Nikki 7 Comments

I started wearing my hair in its natural state in 2004 or ’05. Although I’ve never had a relaxer, I always wore it straight (blow dryer+ pressing comb or flat iron). It’s now 2008 and I’m just now experiencing healthy hair. I use to have to do search-n-destroy missions (seek out splits and cut them off) 2-3 times a month….

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Battle of the Slip

By Curly Nikki 12 Comments

Last week I conducted a little experiment with my 4 detangling co-wash conditioners. Three trials were conducted :) In each trial, I got in the shower, wet my hair and divided it into two sections. I applied one conditioner to the right, and another to the left, and slightly wet the hair again (this helps to activate the conditioner and…

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My Ever Changing Routine

By Curly Nikki 10 Comments

I’ve been rocking what I’ve designated the ‘Twist-n-Curl’ (or T-n-C) for several months now. Not only is it a cute style, it has helped me to retain length as well. I love this style so much that I chose to wear a T-n-C on my wedding day! Routine as of April 2008: Every other day, or every three days, I…

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My Hair Pics

By Curly Nikki 6 Comments

All of my new pics and updates will be posted right here! Check back for updates :D For older and current pics see: Enjoy :D Fall 2008 These pics are of a Day 3 T-n-C that I turned into a puff, and 1 day old T-n-C:

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